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yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

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  1. With yt-dlp can you specify the max number of videos to download? For example, let’s say a YouTube channel has 50 videos. I want to download a max of 10 videos, and then exit. It should not count previously downloaded videos in the current run of the job. So if I were to run the script 5 times I would have all the videos downloaded from that channel.

    The use case for this is I want to download from hundreds of channels but in a round-robin fashion. Because some channels are huge and it can take several days to download them. I would rather download 10 videos from each channel, and do it in a loop until all the videos are downloaded.

    EDIT: I think this might be the option that does it: **–max-downloads NUMBER Abort after downloading NUMBER files**

  2. so, lets say github decides to remove this repository from its site (knock on wood)

    What are the official mirror sites in case that happens?

  3. this thread is a goldmine. thank you everyone, love you nerds!

  4. Great program. I used normal youtube-dl for a long time on both Windows and Linux and now that it stopped development, this is an excellent new “replacement.” I also really love the merging of feature’s with animelover’s NND compatible fork since I download videos with subtitles off NND fairly regularly.

    Also, integrating chapters into downloads is wonderful. It might not seem like a big deal, but I was able to replace my old archives of some of Action Button’s reviews with ones with chapters because they add to the experience of the video imo. Especially 3hr+ videos lol

  5. what are people’s go to commands for this? i normally only run two each time but not sure if they’re the best or if there’s better ways to do it

    `yt-dlp —list-formats [url]`

    `yt-dlp -f 137+bestaudio —merge-output-format mkv [url]`

    137 tends to be 1920×1080

  6. Sounds awesome. To download a whole channel, I only have to use the channel URL as input?

  7. Can anyone pleas help me get to know how to use it? I use YouTube-dl, but si don’t understand whatbI have to do to change & use yet-dlp

  8. I’ll chip in about my favorite feature of yt-dlp that was missing in youtube-dl – it’s `–split-chapters`. It lets you extract individual mp3s per track out of video uploads of whole audio albums, such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQHWpvHauo0

    An example command to try it out yourself:

    yt-dlp –split-chapters –extract-audio –audio-format mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQHWpvHauo0

  9. Anyone have a good configuration for use with pluralsight?

  10. can it get around the europe “verify age” crap while downloading from europe?

  11. I made a script to automate pulling videos and converting the names to something reasonable lol

  12. yt-dlp seems *slower* than youtube-dl for some reason for me. I am not a power user, but when I feed a URL to yt-dlp, it often takes several second or up to a minute before the download begins. With youtube-dl, the download begins instantly.

    Not sure why this is the case, and it seems to happen with any youtube link.

  13. I’ve been using yt-dlp for months now. I love the fact that it can get comments, and I helped kick start an error handler for the comment downloader so the download won’t outright fail when it encounters a hiccup 600,000 comments (30 minutes) in! Now it retries at the position it encountered a hiccup and has never failed for me since as a result.

    For anyone turned off by this not being GUI, I’ve made a few AutoHotKey macros that makes it so you don’t need to do any CLI trickery once you set up your script. It will literally only be a matter of copying the url of what you want to download, and pressing the assigned hotkey (the i key in my script, which I suggest changing to a key less often used if you’re not using a separate macro keyboard)

    i:: ;Run Recent Unique Youtube-dl yt-dlp on clipboard url
    path := “D:ARecent ScriptsUnique”
    file := “‘Unique (AHK Clipboard).ps1′”
    If ((InStr(Clipboard, “https://www.youtube.com/watch?”) || InStr(Clipboard, “https://youtu.be/”)) && StrLen(Clipboard) <= 43){
    SetWorkingDir, D:ARecent ScriptsUnique
    FileDelete,D:ARecent ScriptsUniqueSource – Unique (AHK Clipboard).txt
    NewClip := regexreplace(clipboard, “^s+”)
    Fileappend,%NewClip%,D:ARecent ScriptsUniqueSource – Unique (AHK Clipboard).txt
    ;Run, “D:ARecent ScriptsUniqueUnique (AHK Clipboard).bat”
    Run, % “PowerShell.exe -Command .” file, % path
    SoundBeep, 2000, 200

    +i:: ;Adds additional url to text file without clearing the file
    If ((InStr(Clipboard, “https://www.youtube.com/watch?”) || InStr(Clipboard, “https://youtu.be/”)) && StrLen(Clipboard) <= 43){
    NewClip := regexreplace(clipboard, “^s+”)
    Fileappend,`n%NewClip%,D:ARecent ScriptsUniqueSource – Unique (AHK Clipboard).txt
    SoundBeep, 5000, 100
    SoundBeep, 1000, 200

    !i:: ;Run Recent Unique Youtube-dl yt-dlp
    path := “D:ARecent ScriptsUnique”
    file := “‘Unique (AHK Clipboard).ps1′”
    SetWorkingDir, D:ARecent ScriptsUnique
    Run, % “PowerShell.exe -Command .” file, % path

    Run, D:ARecent ScriptsUnique

    Obviously you need to change the paths to where your scripts are and where you want your working directory to be (usually with the scripts).

    Here’s the list of keys AHK uses so you can remap these macros to use keys you want (the parts with `i::` etc.) https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm

    As well, here is the script I use these macros on:

    # sonicrings4’s yt-dlp script, ideal for use with AHK

    yt-dlp –external-downloader aria2c –external-downloader-args ‘-j 16 -x 16 -s 16 -k 1M’ –format “(bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=4320][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=4320][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=4320][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=4320][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=4320][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=4320]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=4320]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=4320]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=4320]/bestvideo[height>=4320]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=2880][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=2880][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=2880][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=2880][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=2880][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=2880]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=2880]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=2880]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=2880]/bestvideo[height>=2880]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=2160][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=2160][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=2160][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=2160][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=2160][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=2160]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=2160]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=2160]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=2160]/bestvideo[height>=2160]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=1440][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=1440][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=1440][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=1440][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=1440][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=1440]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=1440]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=1440]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=1440]/bestvideo[height>=1440]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=1080][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=1080][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=1080][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=1080][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=1080][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=1080]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=1080]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=1080]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=1080]/bestvideo[height>=1080]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=720][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=720][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=720][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=720][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=720][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=720]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=720]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=720]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=720]/bestvideo[height>=720]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=480][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=480][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=480][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=480][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=480][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=480]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=480]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=480]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=480]/bestvideo[height>=480]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=360][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=360][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=360][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=360][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=360][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=360]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=360]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=360]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=360]/bestvideo[height>=360]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=240][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=240][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=240][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=240][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=240][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=240]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=240]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=240]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=240]/bestvideo[height>=240]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=144][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=144][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=144][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=144][fps>30]/bestvideo[height>=144][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=avc1][height>=144]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=144]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9.2][height>=144]/bestvideo[vcodec^=vp9][height>=144]/bestvideo[height>=144]/bestvideo)+(bestaudio[acodec^=opus]/bestaudio)/best” –verbose –force-ipv4 –sleep-interval 5 –max-sleep-interval 30 –ignore-errors –no-continue –no-overwrites –download-archive archive.log –add-metadata –write-description –write-info-json –write-annotations –write-thumbnail –embed-thumbnail –all-subs –sub-format “srt” –embed-subs –match-filter “!is_live & !live” –output “%(upload_date)s – %(uploader)s – %(title)s/%(title).40s [%(id)s].%(ext)s” –merge-output-format “mkv” –batch-file “Source – Unique (AHK Clipboard).txt” –extractor-retries 20 –cookies cookies.txt

    yt-dlp –write-comments –skip-download –download-archive archive-comments.log –force-write-archive –verbose –force-ipv4 –sleep-interval 5 –max-sleep-interval 30 –ignore-errors –no-continue –output “%(upload_date)s – %(uploader)s – %(title)s/%(title).40s [%(id)s].%(ext)s” –batch-file “Source – Unique (AHK Clipboard).txt” –extractor-retries 20 –cookies cookies.txt

    My yt-dlp script is for Windows but can also work on Linux. It truncates the redundant title from the filename to 40 characters so as to not hit the Windows path limit (the subfolder name already includes the full title). To avoid hitting the Windows path limit, also be sure you save it in no deeper than `D:ARecent ScriptsUnique`since any longer path names will just make you hit the path limit unless you truncate the title to eg. 30 chars instead of 40.

    It downloads all videos from the batch text file in the max possible quality, and then goes through the same videos and downloads their comments. (You can delete the second line if you don’t want comments).

    As well, this is designed for single videos, not entire channels. If you want my script for entire channels, let me know. It just changes the way the videos are organized, download settings and comments remain the same. (It literally just makes a subfolder per channel named after the channel name and doesn’t include the channel name in the video subfolders).


    Obviously install yt-dlp

    Install autohotkey. Then, save the first block of code into a file named whatever you want, eg. `yt-dlp ahk script.ahk`

    Copy the second block of code into a file called `Unique (AHK Clipboard).ps1`

    The way the script is set up, it works with my secondary keyboard. Obviously you’ll want to change the hotkeys to something you actually want to use on your main keyboard.

    The hotkeys in my script currently are:

    i – runs the script by giving it the youtube link you’ve copied to your clipboard

    shift+i – pastes the url you’ve copied in your clipboard to the batch text file (named `Source – Unique (AHK Clipboard).txt)`)

    alt+i – simply runs the script (for use after you’ve populated your batch text file using shift+i)

    ctrl+i – opens the working directory

    #If you need help adapting this code to your own environment, I’ll do my best to help you do that


    If the url in your clipboard isn’t working with the AHK script, it might be because it’s not a direct video url, or it includes a timestamp. The script checks the length of the url to ensure it only runs on youtube video urls, so simply delete the timestamp from the url or copy a url without timestamp (or change the 43 in `&& StrLen(Clipboard) <= 43` to something longer like 53)

  14. Any project for an Android port? I’d like to see it integrated in DVD on f-droid.

  15. Why is this being posted, isn’t it already in the wiki? Lol

    Love using this for getting comments along with videos.

  16. If anyone knows of a docker image that’ll run a web GUI for this, that’d be great. Makes it a lot easier when finding stuff on your phone that you want to save…

    Update: I found [this](https://github.com/alexta69/metube) docker image that provides a web interface for yt-dlp, which the creator just switched to. I tested it really quickly before getting off the computer for the day.

    The good news is it downloaded a YouTube video without any issues and the web interface looks great on desktop.

    The not so good news is that some videos from *other* websites failed to download, and the web interface gets a bit cramped when using a mobile device in portrait mode. That being said, I haven’t tested running yt-dlp from the command line on my own device to see if the initial issue was with the docker image or with yt-dlp itself.

    Whatever the case, I figured I’d share this link in the hopes that others find it useful.

  17. Looks terrific. A bit of a learning curve for me, but that’s not bad.

    I’ve been thinking of downloading all (or maybe just the first several years) of Ryan’s Hope, which I was obsessed with as a little queer boy. That’s why I love Kate Mulgrew so much. It’s all on youtube, but taped from broadcasts including the commercials. I’d be thrilled to find a way to strip the ads back out without having to do each one individually.

  18. This comment is incorrect. You cannot download videos with FFmpeg, it turns out I’m an idiot and have been using youtube-dl this entire time.

    Ffmpeg can download any video and convert it already, why use YouTube-dl does it just streamline the process?

    Top comment from HN
    >integrates with sponskrub to call into the SponsorBlock database and with the right options will strip the sponsor segments from downloaded videos.

    Wtf that’s awesome

  19. Not quite sure if allowed but I spotted this over on [hacker news](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28319624) and thought some of y’all might benefit from it.