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YouTube is making it much harder to find old / specific videos

Just wanted to point this out as it’s something that’s been bothering me the last couple days. I spend a lot of time hoarding old videos of live performances. Some of these videos can be very difficult to find, so I’ve always utilized many of YouTube’s search filter functions. Unfortunately, it looks like YouTube is trying to make these functions less and less useful and it’s making it so much harder to find the videos I’m looking for.

For one, the filter no longer definitively filters out all the videos you don’t wanna see. It merely acts as a suggestion. Go ahead and try to filter by 4K. You’ll still get results as low as 360p. This applies to all the filters. It looks like the YouTube algorithm is taking precedence over your filter options. It’s infuriating, quite frankly, as the filters used to be the one part of YouTube where I wasn’t at the mercy of the algorithm, but it seems that this is no longer the case.

Second, you can longer search for specific videos on a channel without the algorithm, once again, taking precedence. Similar to the filter issue, you can search for videos on a channel, but YouTube will show you upwards of 20 videos chosen by the algorithm before showing you videos from the channel you actually want to see.

Anyways, just wanted to make it known that this is happening because I don’t see anyone else talking about it online. There are probably more changes that I have yet to notice but these are the ones which are affecting me directly.

EDIT: Posted this in a comment below but I figured I’d add it here because it’s kind of related:

This is just a theory of mine, but I think YouTube is even cutting off search results based on how many videos you choose to watch in the list. It’s not that they run out of results, they just run out of results that they *think* you’ll be interested in. I also think the types of videos you are shown will change depending on which videos you choose to watch in that list. I say it’s just a theory, but honestly, I’ve run a few tests of my own, and I’m convinced that this is what’s happening.

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  1. Have you tried running a google search with `site:https://youtube.com/watch` and `before:YYYY-MM-DD` operators? It’s not perfect but it’s light years better than youtube’s own search.

  2. Youtube is totally fucked. It’s not even so much Google itself which has fucked it so thoroughly beyond reproach, but the US abundance of dark age era advocacy groups which are not only very well funded but constantly putting immense pressure on Google to bend YouTube to their whims. They’ve wrecked the fucking site thoroughly.

  3. And there are other videos [like this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2khAmMTAjI) that straight up can’t be found unless you have the link because has been intentionally suppressed by the algorithm. (Thanks CIA).

  4. Don’t recommend channel doesn’t work at all. They are going to recommend same video later that evening or few days later.

    YouTube has turned into a shitshow. If you change to South Asian countries, the amount of videos recommended with sexual innuendos is huge.

  5. I’ve definitely noticed channel search returning weird results.. kind of figured it may be including videos the channel has liked. Very frustrating though.. the advanced search should be getting more and more advanced if anything..

    They also dumbed down image search recently, to the point you have to poke about in advanced to return images of a certain minimum size..

  6. How I find old videos is I go to a old unpopular video published from 2005-2008 and hasn’t been recommended by YouTube or some video that has no more than 99,000 view count from that year range I go to the oldest comment I find on that video and click on that persons profile and go to there favorite videos playlist *if they have one that is* then scroll right down the rabbit hole I found a lot of lost youtube videos from 2005 2006 by doing this and can be very helpful I got a playlist of videos I find published pre 2008 I’ve got about 250 videos rn

  7. Sounds like Amazon’s approach to search: it doesn’t look for what you want, it force feeds you want it wants you to see.

    Try searching for ECC RAM on Amazon. Next to impossible. You will be fed every kind of RAM you’re not interested in. You have to be incredibly lucky to find what you’re looking for. Even searching Google is more efficient at finding something you might actually need on Amazon.

  8. I for one applaud Google’s recent attempts to make Youtube as bad as possible with degraded features and significantly more ads. It is very generous of them to encourage users to move to other platforms like Peertube and LBRY.

  9. SUGGESTED VIDEOS FOR YOU! I hate that those show up when i SEARCH FOR A TERM even though my term is not in them at all. Stop suggestion things for me. I know what I am looking for.

  10. I made one video on an account probably 15 years ago. It was the only video I posted. I tried searching for it by the username but could not find it. I don’t recall the title of it. I wondered if they just got rid of it or??

  11. More and more I’m getting the feeling that in a few years we will have experienced a modern version of the burning of the Library of Alexandria; when Youtube either gets taken down for breaking the law, or they decide on their own that tons of videos are no longer worthy of being stored, or even just simply they’ll have to close the doors because they made too many bad decisions and couldn’t keep the lights on anymore.

  12. I’ve also noticed that more useful comments (eg. Recording of a full live performance and someone left a comment with timestamps of all the songs) are going further and further down the comments list too.

    There’s also no rhyme nor reason to the sorting, it’s not sorted by date or apparent popularity. It’s not very useful.

  13. It sucks! I don’t Datahoard™ but this same thing is slowly killing my hobby of searching random keywords and hitting “sort by” “upload date” to find crazy people. It’s my favorite pastime! Google is going too far on this one.

  14. Yeah, google search has been nothing but a “suggestion” rather than actual searching for years.

    As above, so below.

    Literally need to use bing sometimes to find shit. GG google, you fucked up that badly.

  15. Not sure if y’all are interested, but I set up a cronjob on my machine that uses youtube-dl to download playlists.

    That way, I can just add videos I like to playlists with the YouTube app and they’ll get downloaded even without even needing a YouTube premium subscription.

  16. I have noticed that the sort by drop down menu no longer appears on “music” channels. It was a great was to see an artists first songs or their most popular. It sucks that they would remove features for seamingly no reason.

  17. Youtube is getting worse when trying to find anything related videos seem to be less and less related with what your even looking for

  18. Its not just youtube but also the google search engine, a decade ago googling was much easier, today it feels as if google wants me to click the stuff they suggest instead of letting me find what i directly search. Its really frustrating.

  19. YouTube went to hell about the same time that Google searches turned to garbage. The internet is circling the drain, and yet just another marvelous wonder destroyed by human hands.

  20. Someone should make a meta search engine with alternative algorithms just for searching youtube videos.

  21. I noticed this today! I searched for a video with the filter of last 24 hours, and it was showing me all kinds of crap from years ago. We are living in the book 1984. History is being re-written before our eyes. Keep hoarding! I hope someone is making a hash of original videos and putting it on a public blockchain like bitcoin’s so we have a linear oracle of truth.

  22. the youtube api used to work a lot better for this, but it seems to also be controlled a lot more these days. somewhat related, but I find that a lot of my playlists I’ve made have dropped/deleted/pulled videos and what sucks is that the titles, description, etc are also absent, so it can be really hard to remember what it was that was added. way back machine can help sometimes

  23. Did you try and compare the result on a “Incognito” session?

  24. Depending on what bands and the years you are looking for, I’d recommend also checking out private torrent sites that specialize in “bootleg” or unofficial recordings.

  25. Been noticing such stuff especially with Google search for many years now.

    Can never find anything anymore these days. Yandex seems better sometimes.

    Is there a subreddit to discuss such stuff? Especially on “search”.

  26. I tried to find a short film from the 2000s that a somewhat famous spanish youtuber did, its imposible to find right now :c

  27. This may sound weird but use bing. Their video search actually works.

  28. This has been going on for awhile, but it seems to get worse every year. Even Google is terrible now, for example if you search certain words, it will ignore one or two of them and serve you content only for the one it “thinks” you’re looking for. Highly annoying.

  29. I’ve started archiving this way to just save videos and the meta info about them. Find it easier than a directory full if .mp4 files https://www.reddit.com/r/youtubedl/comments/k20kfi/i_made_a_web_app_to_download_and_view_videos

  30. Google and Youtube are censorship engines not search engines, i wrote my own scraper engine for youtube which trawls thru millions of videos and extracts every word on the page it can, i then search thru my local database based on the words found (from the tags/titles/descriptions/comments etc) and the results are astoundingly accurate and relevant, comparing to youtube own ‘search’ feature the difference in relevance/quality is hilarious.

    The same is true for page search, write your own scraper and you will quickly remember how search is supposed to work! google usually drops atleast one of my search terms by the second result! (despicable dumbing down)

    Just like television the internet should be an imformative and empowering tool for the masses, but greedy local governments, bussiness and ‘news’ agencies pervert it into a weapon used against us the people.

    There’s a peaceful, plentiful world out there guys, and you are unique and powerful parts of it! don’t ever let them make you forget!

    Edit: (reponding to requests) I can’t publicly share search engine technology (for obvious reasons) but here’s a few screenshots of my youtube scraper (for anyone curious about making their own) it shows the results after being launched and scraping for just a few seconds:


    The buttons: (Stream) launches VLC, (Download) launches youtube-dl, (Good) increase score of associated words, (seen) tags video as seen so it stops showing in the explore window, (Shit) decreases score of associated words, clicking the videos image shows the highest resolution thumbnail and clicking on the text/title of the video launches the page in your browser (for leaving comments etc), the channels are basically seperate tabs which let you reuse the same scraped video database but while buildign a differing set of word preferences for when you want to watch only certain kinds of content it’s a really important feature which is entirely missing from youtube.com

    All videos are ordered by the sum of their associated words scores which can be positive or nagative and which come naturally to match your preferences.

  31. I’ve noticed. Not so much as looking for older videos, necessarily, but that the filters are not acting accordingly. It’s infuriating.

    Fuck youtube. I really wish there were a legitimate alternative.