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Youtube has disabled comments on Auto-generated Music Videos

Sorry if this is off-topic but just like that Youtube has completely incinerated years’ worth of comments of people coming together to talk about their favorite obscure band/artist. It is so frustrating to see. I want to know why Youtube would do such a thing.

And I think Google still hasn’t deleted those comments from their servers so if you want to preserve a comment of yours, I would recommend using Google Takeout.

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21 Yorumları

  1. this upset me a lot because now I can’t view comments on enormous PP song anymore.

  2. The comments is how I discover similar/sampled/inspired songs. This is a very foolish move. I’m sure there will be some sort of browser extension that will this be overcome.

    Shame on them. This may have something to do with why IMDB also took down their comments.

  3. I realised this with the new *The Mandalorian* auto-generated tracks on YouTube.

  4. On the list of content we should preserve, youtube comments on autogenerated videos feels like it might be pretty far down. In general, YT is such a cesspool. I’m not saying useful knowledge have not been imparted there, I have just never seen it.

  5. How do Auto-Generated Music Videos work ?

    I was on a Biggie Smalls binge a few days ago and noticed comments were disabled, so not sure how or why

  6. how will bands know that people want them to come to Brazil?

  7. I’m going to miss it.

    For me, it was, in someways, a forum solely for one song.

    I noticed the typical trolling comments began to dry up over the past year or so. For the most part, it was people back-slapping each other for enjoying the song/band.

    Some comment threads were deep dives on the music itself. The history of how it was recorded, what inspired the musician’s and how they approached the recording process.

    I don’t comment on many things, even though I spend a number of hours a day listing to music on Youtube. Sometimes I’d comment to show appreciation for the artiest, thinking they’re so obscure that they’re going to check out their own topic video eventually.

    Other times, I’d comment to share a dream or a memory related to a song. A number I wouldn’t be able to recall otherwise.

  8. who cares? youtube comments are complete trash and those videos are literally from bot accounts. comments hold 0 value and they’re even worse on auto generated videos because they don’t inspire any discussion so instead the comments are full of tired memes from users who are probably too young to use the platform. youtube is doing those children a favor by disabling comments.

  9. Honestly I am so frustrated with how Youtube Comments work I almost don’t think it matters anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love comments, I love seeing what people think, have some discussions laughing a jokes people make etc.. but YouTube comments are so badly implemented, whenever I make a comment I feel like I am literately shouting into the void. If you make a comment or reply to another comment odds are you will never see that comment again. As far as I can tell it is just kind of whatever the algorithm is feeling what order comments come up in by default.

    I am most disappointed in the reply to a comment feature. Maybe I am just spoiled by Reddit but damn is it frustrating to try and follow a comment thread.

  10. I haven’t seen YouTube comments in years thanks to a browser extension.

  11. I welcome anything that curbs the shitshow that is YouTube comments

  12. Queue the generic copy-pasted comments “we need a YouTube competitor”.

    Yeah. We know. But no company or individual has a few billion dollars lying around monthly to make a video distribution service work like this on anywhere as near a scale. Setting aside the requirements for a global, full-time, highly-trained staff of data science professionals and engineers on-call in dozens of state-of-the-art datacenters around the world 24/7, there’s a hundred-thousand-dollar-a-month electricity bill and even more in building maintenance fees waiting for the next competitor, in addition to global coordination, content delivery, and about six hundred other things that literal PhDs have been written about. Not to mention a userbase that encompasses over half of the world’s population, so you’ll need the architecture and framework to support that. Oh, and you can’t charge for it, so make the service free.

    YouTube is a massive accomplishment in our history – a platform where anybody can upload anything they want, for free. It’s not a sustainable model, and the only reason for its continued existence is because the world’s biggest advertising firm have the incentive, know-how, and resources to continually dump money and innovation into it.

    It’s just annoying to see these types of replies to every single YouTube controversy. “*oh we need another player on the field*”.

    No other company wants to play in a game where the only thing they lose is money and the only thing they gain are lawsuits over copyright.

  13. Controversial opinion, but I think this makes sense. On Spotify, or any music platform you can’t comment on a track, or even share your public stance (like/dislikes) to the track itself. YouTube was really the only one. I can see them disabled by default, and allowing publishers to enable manually/in-bulk.

    Surprised they left the likes/dislike count still visible. I’d assume it makes more sense for them to let people rate, so it can help search/trends/etc, but disable the actual count on the page unless the publisher enables it.

  14. It’s just a preemptive measure against the wave of references for whatever music is featured in the next installment of *Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure*

    Overkill? Probably. Necessary? *Absolutely*.

    ^^But ^^seriously ^^this ^^actually ^^kinda ^^sucks ^^:(

  15. I personally don’t really care, since those “artist – topic” channels are of little to no value. They just exist, i guess to try and counteract piracy. Either that, or to help publicize the pieces of music.

    It’d be a whole other thing if the actual music video channels started deleting/disabling their comments.

  16. I assume it’s because they were largely unmoderated

  17. Then how can I announce how old I am and which year it is now?

  18. What is an auto-generated music video? I did some googling, and still am not totally clear on what this is covering. Do you have an example link or two?