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YouTube-dl’s repository has been restored

YouTube-dl’s repository has been restored

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  1. I just got email from github, that my repo can be restores if i make proper changes, or I can just reform the upstream.

    Good job GitHub.

  2. The real question is what is git-hub doing to prevent this from happening again. It seems the RIAA has proven that it’s not a trustworthy partner. There should be policies to safeguard projects from over-zealous RIAA takedown requests. All takedown requests generated by the RIAA should no longer be acted upon until a full analysis of the project has been completed. Yes YouTube-dl is backup but the work is not over.

  3. this is a fight for open speech and freedom
    no one can take our voice down

  4. Too bad I used up my award, I would’ve gifted one to OP.

  5. Maybe 2020 will end with a good note, but fork it anyway, boiz. Big Tech might attack again.

  6. While this is amazing, (I’m shocked it was reinstated, but very pleased), it sadly highlights the dangers of what can happen. I’m wondering how possible it is to mirror full sites like github to avoid this in the future. No open source code should be in danger of disappearing at a moment’s notice.

  7. Now Google need to remove their takedown on the Widevine Video Decryption Module on Github which allows downloading of DRM content.


  8. Did -U earlier today and was surprised with an update. Thanks EFF.

  9. Hopefully stays up, though I did run “-U” as soon as possible

  10. >Going forward, we are overhauling our 1201 claim review process to ensure that the following steps are completed before any takedown claim is processed:
    >Every single credible 1201 takedown claim will be reviewed by technical experts, including when appropriate independent specialists retained by GitHub, to ensure that the project actually circumvents a technical protection measure as described in the claim.
    >The claim will also be carefully scrutinized by legal experts to ensure that unwarranted claims or claims that extend beyond the boundaries of the DMCA are rejected.
    >In the case where the claim is ambiguous, we will err on the side of the developer, and leave up the repository unless there is clear evidence of illegal circumvention.
    >In the event that the claim is found to be complete, legal, and technically legitimate by our experts, we will contact the repository owner and give them a chance to respond to the claim or make changes to the repo to avoid a takedown. If they don’t respond, we will attempt to contact the repository owner again before taking any further steps.
    >Only once these steps have been completed will a repository be taken down.
    >After a repository is taken down due to what appears to be a valid and legitimate 1201 claim, we will continue to reach out to the repository owner if they have not already responded to us, in order to provide them the opportunity to address the claim and restore the repository. 
    >Even after a repository has been taken down due to what appears to be a valid claim, we will ensure that repository owners can export their issues and PRs and other repository data that do not contain the alleged circumvention code, where legally possible.
    >We will staff our Trust and Safety frontline team to respond to developer tickets in such cases as a top priority, so that we can ensure that claims are resolved quickly and repositories are promptly reinstated once claims have been resolved.
    >All of this will be done at our own cost and at no cost to the developers who use GitHub. We believe this represents the gold standard in developer-first 1201 claims handling. Like we do with all of our site policies, we will document and open source this process so that other companies that host code or packages can build on it as well. And we will continue to refine and improve this process as our experience with these types of cases inevitably grows.

    This is why it was important to hold Github responsible and to push for them to make changes. The DMCA claim was not valid, and they were overly-aggressive in removing projects that didn’t deserve to get taken down. They were just as much to blame as the RIAA and MPAA.

    It’s good to see they realized their part in this and are making real substantive changes to their DMCA notice resolution process.

  11. Lesson learned: Never use copyrighted materials on public code even on tests.

  12. honestly it was stupid on their part to let whoever include instructions on how to get copyrighted music right in the source code
    very weird because usually these devs are very anal about anything remotely touching piracy and they don’t want to be associated with it
    you would have thought big celebrity names were a huge red flag already

  13. were these taken down? I can’t get to them



  14. Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll see from the RIAA on this issue. Might make sense to start mirroring now in anticipation.

  15. Speaking from experience, since a company tried taking down my GPL’ed fork with a copyright take down request. Github was a pleasure to work with, and really tried to help to restore the repo.

    I don’t doubt something like that happened.

  16. Anyone know the story behind how it got restored?