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“YouTube-DL Archivist Scripts – The ultimate collection of scripts for YouTube-DL” now on Version 2.0.0!

“YouTube-DL Archivist Scripts – The ultimate collection of scripts for YouTube-DL” now on Version 2.0.0!

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  1. You seem super knowledgeable about all of this. Thx for all you do.
    Q: why include DASH? It slows the download tremendously, but I’m a noob and I’m sure there’s a reason you added it. Thoughts?

    If there’s a way to exclude it, how would we do that?

  2. hey /u/TheFrenchGhosty , thank you for this! I’m reading the readme (super detailed, thanks!) but just want to make sure:

    The easiest way to backup an entire channel with the “best” format and all options is to first use the

    Archive Scripts -> Channels -> Channels.ps1 script

    then use

    Active Scripts -> Channels -> Channels.ps1 script?

    Thanks in advance and for all you do!

  3. I’m using pirated GUI for it, made by DVDVideoSoft. Downloaded entire channels using it.

    What are these scripts, what are they for?

  4. Everything is awesome. Except how do you download age restricted videos? [Like this one!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6XtdovgZ4o)

  5. Can it finaly download my watchlater list with google 2fa enabled?

  6. Woah, this is the first time I’m hearing about SponsorBlock. Great work including it into your project!

  7. What does this script do ? I don’t understand the point of making those sell claimed complex scripts if there is no simple paragraph on what they do

  8. Amazing work! Do you perhaps know if videos downloaded with youtube-dl also integrate the new youtube feature where you can see “sections” in the timeline? Much like how movies have multiple scenes you can skip to.

  9. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla venenatis eget leo non elementum. Morbi tincidunt non arcu vitae porta. Donec.

  10. I’ve been thinking about installing this. Glad I put it off. Now I can install the latest! Thanks for the good work!

  11. Hey, did you get around to adding the error handling thing I talked about earlier? I’m a jackass and I never got around to adding a PR for it.

  12. Is there a way to download YouTube comments in the same script as well? If not is there another way to download comments, preferably with the amount of likes each comment has?

  13. Sorry for the newbie question, I just downloaded youtube-dl and ffmpeg and tried downloading a youtube video (then the audio). Very newbie stuff. I have two questions:


    * Is there anyway to download metadata along with the video and store it? For example if I download a video, I also want to download the video description and title (as an example), is this possible, so I can save the related info to a database.
    * What exactly does this archivist script do and is it JUST for youtube? I know youtube-dl you can download from multiple sites (porn, etc). But what is so special about this archivist script?


  14. I am still waiting for a easy to use script that can automatically check for when a live stream starts and begin recording it live. To many creators make the video private and delete it right after its done so its gone forever.

    Other than that for archiving this works great.

  15. Any for downloading an in-progress livestream from the beginning?

  16. btw there is a GUI for youtube–dl on linux

  17. While it isn’t hard to remove the datebefore part i guess it would be cool if there was some sort of archive all option which would download everything without a date limitation.
    Another cool feature would be a destination variable, so i could tell youtube-dl i want every output in folder ~/x/y.

    Both things are easy to change yourself, but if ir was already built in it would make upgrading the script easier.

    Otherwise thanks for your effort.

  18. Has anyone made a GUI for this so dummies like me can use it?

  19. yo this is dope, i don’t often use youtubedl but when i do, i spend an hour looking for the script on a post on that one forum i always forget about.

  20. Thanks for compiling this! I’m definitely saving this for later.

  21. https://github.com/TheFrenchGhosty/TheFrenchGhostys-YouTube-DL-Archivist-Scripts

    Associated /r/Datahoarder post of version 1.0.0: https://redd.it/dwhvq6

    If you like it you will surely enjoy my GOG Archivist Scripts: https://github.com/TheFrenchGhosty/TheFrenchGhostys-GOG-Archivist-Scripts (Associated /r/Datahoarder post https://redd.it/cvi6y3)

    Every single known issue have been fixed, every single requested features have been added.


    **Version 2.0.0 isn’t compatible with 1.0.0, you need to re-download EVERYTHING** (this is a good thing because 1.0.0 wasn’t properly supporting 1440p+)

    – Project moved to Github

    – Complete fix for –format, full implementation of 1440p+

    – Sponsorblock compatibility using MPV_Sponsorblock.

    – YouTube ‘429 – Too Many Requests’ possible mitigation.

    – Add Watch on Mobile Devices scripts.

    – Add Audio Only scripts. (/u/Insharn I know you were waiting for that)

    – Lots of fixes for the ReadMe, Add a warning about using the master branch.

    Note: Windows version is untested but should work without issue.

    (PS: Sorry it took so long, at least I did it soon enough to archive Joe Rogan’s channel)