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Yet another DIY rack – a work in progress

Yet another DIY rack – a work in progress

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36 Yorumları

  1. Curious…what did you do for the rail mounts? did you buy a set or make them yourself? Based on some of the other comments…it looks like it could easily fit a dell r710 on easy rails

  2. First of all, I find this excellent. Great work! Thank you for sharing!

    Do you have any pics of how you dressed the Cat6 from the wall to the cabinet? I see the cabinet is on casters, so I’m curious what approach you took for maintaining mobility and slack.

    With that kind of cable plant density, be sure to turn on STP!

  3. What OS / hypervisor are you running on your hardware?

    So you have a separate file storage?

  4. Did the cabinet come with that mesh on the door? What would that be called?

  5. What is this type of thing used for? Bunch of virtual machines, media server, what else? Just curious how building this type of thing would benefit the average person with a lot of data, if at all. It definitely looks great!

  6. This is exactly what I’m looking to build. Do you have any plans or an estimated cost of parts used for the cabinet?

  7. Did you quiet the 5548P down at all? I’ve got one and it’s stupid loud; it comes from the power supply, which is a 1u supply Dell uses elsewhere. I can quiet down the switch, but the power supply is much harder to keep quiet and still have airflow.

    Awesome build though. The cabinet is very nice and clean.

  8. I hope there is a lot of cooling with this it does look like it but you never now

  9. Man imagine having that rack filled with all UniFi gear. Would look sweet

  10. Explain why there are so many patch cables and ports on router switch?

  11. I really like how it blends in. Now that people are leasing smaller office spaces, this type of piece will fit in very well in an open concept office space. I tend to like seeing where my data is.

  12. Beautiful work.
    Also, we’re perforated metal [twins](https://i.imgur.com/FhDOVxk.jpg) (though your build is a little more polished than mine.)

  13. Looks great! Do you have a link for the front grill? I’m working on a similar rack now and I was planning on having a window in front (with air coming from holes in the sides and bottom), but now I may have changed my mind.

  14. I’d love to try to do something like this soon. Kudos.

  15. ELI5, why do you have so many ethernet cables connected in 1 rack. No familiar with Network switches

  16. The 3rd and 4th thumbnails look like they have clothes hangers in them… I thought for a second I was in DIY or something custom wardrobe from MaleLivingSpace.

  17. Looks very nice, but I’m a bit confused as to why all the patches are plugged in? Is it just for aesthetics or do you actually plan on connecting 50 outlets to this portable rack?

  18. That looks Great! It’s builds like this that make me want to get rid of my metal rack in the garage and build something much more appealing.

  19. Looks cool! But also looks like it does fit more into a kitchen than a lab

  20. My “quarantine project” was this custom scrap wood DIY 12U rack in a Shaker style Frame and Panel cabinet that I built for my home office. The butcher block top matches the desk I have planned as my next project. The rack is complete and the equipment is loaded. I hope to start loading software this weekend.

    This is my current rack inventory, starting from the top. I have 2U of space to grow.

    * **Cable Matters 24 Port CAT 6 Patch Panel**
    * **Dell PowerConnect 5548p 48 Port PoE Switch**
    * **Cable Matters 24 Port CAT 6 Patch Panel**
    * **Dell Precision Workstation T7600 (ESXi Host)**
    * Dual Xeon E5-2687W
    * 256GB RAM
    * LSI 9260-8i 8-port SAS Raid Controller
    * Four 256GB SSD Drives
    * Four Seagate 900GB SAS Drives
    * Quadro 4000 GPU
    * **Eaton EX 1000 RT 2U UPS**

    I used Cable Matters RJ45 Keystone jacks and Monoprice 6” CAT 6 patch cables.

    My plans for the rack are “fluid” at the moment. It’s a work in progress.