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yahoo answers is shutting down

yahoo answers is shutting down

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  1. I know everybody’s first reaction is to dump on this place and say good riddance to it, but as much as it was a haven for trolls and stupidity, it was also a place for a lot of useful answers in a pinch. I have a record that dates back to late 2000s on YA, asking very specific or esoteric questions to things you couldn’t simply type into Google and expect to find information about. Sometimes I’d get stupid or trolling answers, sometimes I’d get the just the information I was looking for.

    But beyond this, my YA history is an aid to my personal memories. A look back into my life of the past 15 or so years. The questions tell a story about where I was in my life, and what I was thinking about at that time. When I read an old question, I can remember that state of mind I was in, and why I asked that question. Without that stuff, it’s all just evaporated and gone with all other life experiences you could never again recall. I’m sure the same is true for hundreds of thousands of people who’ve used the platform at one time or another.

    That’s why this place is a treasure trove of exchange in information, feelings, opinions, reactions, etc. As much cringe as there might be there, there’s also a lot of interesting and even useful content for future reference.

    They used to say that “everything put onto the Internet is forever”, but that isn’t holding true. As trends of Internet usage change, older corners of the web do quietly disappear, taking all of their content with them. Remember Myspace? At one time, it was THE place to be on the Internet. Everything was on there. Then one day, all of that user generated content was just gone.

    There are at least a dozen or so similar websites with content that I’ve quite valued over the years that have suddenly disappeared from the web. YouTube channels that disappear along with their entire catalogs with years worth of video content. It can even happen to Reddit, and it does. Entire subs get removed, accounts get banned, posts are frequently deleted by moderators. In general, I think we as a society are a bit hasty about erasing things from the Internet while assuming a website is just meant to be a service used in the present moment.

  2. I’m grabbing stuff too with a custom script that saves everything into a json file [formatted like this](https://gist.github.com/rebane2001/9fa96690d1cb9c853eb882233c3ad059), which can be easily processed later on. My plan, if I manage to gather enough questions, is to create a website that lets you replace the domain to see the archived content (`answers.yahoo.com/question123abc` -> `answers.example.com/question123abc`). We’ll see how it goes.

  3. Wait… wait. It’s a crowdsourced service, for which Yahoo provides equipment but little else in resources. Why shut it down?

    On the other hand, Yahoo has blown one chance-in-a-lifetime after another, so maybe it’s not such a surprise.

  4. Yahoo is so good at shutting down stuff… I hate them.

  5. Oh no! Where will we go for horrible advice from snarky, uninformed teenagers now?

  6. Question: How do I…

    * Answer 1: “Why are you doing it that way? You should….”
    * Answer 2: Irrelevant answer
    * Answer 3: “I don’t know”
    * Answer 4: Inaccurate answer
    * Answer 5: Partial answer leaving out key information

    Good bye, YA. You were more entertaining than helpful and more annoying than entertaining.

  7. Yahoo, LiveJournal, Altavista, Tumblr, a bunch of Google things nobody used, Flickr. All dregs of the Internet past. Who’s next?

  8. Why can’t they just host the site in read-only mode? Is it *that* unbearably expensive?

  9. I was a fan of yahoo and an active member of this platform, until one day something bugged out and it double-posted a comment. Immediately I got banned and no matter how many times I tried to explain, they didn’t accept to retrieve my account. So yeah burn in hell.

  10. Scraping that sounds like a monster. If it wasn’t shutting down right at finals I might had thrown a wrench at it just to get frustrated lol

  11. The knowledge of babby forming will be lost in the sands of time. ?

  12. Hm, does anyone know if this applies to the Japanese Yahoo Answers (Chiebukuro) or not?

  13. We’re losing quite the repo of decent homework help here. An example:


    It certainly helped me quite a bit with chemistry, physics, economy, and a lot of other subjects. It was often googles top hit for a lot of searches, and it has served me well. RIP yahoo answers, I owe you a few good grades.

  14. Archive Team had an effort to back up Yahoo Answers in 2017. I’m not sure how much they archived, but there’s a GitHub page with software to allow people to assist in scraping everything:


    More information here: https://wiki.archiveteam.org/index.php/Yahoo!_Answers

  15. Damn. I used to get answers for my chemistry homework there.

  16. How is baby form?

    The world, may never know.

  17. Wow I haven’t stumbled upon a yahoo answers post from a google search in years. I wonder how much googles algorithm changes affected its lifespan. Nonetheless it’s sad its finally going down.

  18. I used to search questions about relationships a lot back in 2009. ???

  19. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of dumb and stupidity

  20. Short of entertainment value, is there really anything lost here?

    Yahoo answers effectively just became a meme of asking poorly worded stupid questions and unfunny people trying to answer with the same templated ‘funny answers’.

  21. I used to answer questions on yahoo answers… One day someone decided to report me over and over. It ended up not only banning me from yahoo answers, but also blocking my entire yahoo account. I had an email address with over ten years of emails saved. They refused to restore it or even give me a backup. I have refused to use a single yahoo product or service since then.

  22. Thog don’t caare

    Seriously though that’s pretty unfortunate, albeit unsurprising. At least they gave a decent notice ahead of time instead of it just going down and taking all its content with it. Like (among countless others) the YT comments on auto-generated song videos.

  23. RIP MBMBaM (it’s a podcast that gets a lot of their content from ridiculous Yahoo Answers posts)