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Yahoo and Verizon are blocking Archive.org from archiving Groups. Archive.org is facing up to 80% data loss.

Yahoo and Verizon are blocking Archive.org from archiving Groups. Archive.org is facing up to 80% data loss.

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  1. Sent an email.

    To: info@comms.yahoo.net

    Can you please stop preventing archive.org from archiving old messages?

    Since you’re locking people out, we need a backup for the public.

    Long-time user

  2. Souldn’t the title be changed to Archiveteam, since it’s them who do the archiving?

  3. This is the fundamental way we as the human race will lose our history in the coming years. It is already nearly impossible to find any information that existed purely online from 10 years ago. I’m sure you have experienced going to a site that was a resource to have it simply ‘gone’. Hundreds of privately owned forums have closed due to cost or data issues or whatever, and that history is lost. And as paper becomes ‘obsolete’, paper records that are not digitized or even those that are digitized will be lost or destroyed. Print publications that went out of business due to the pressures of online and their long standing archives will be lost.

    This is the state of human history now. No more permanent etchings on stone, no more paper scrolls. We store everything we know in a digital format that changes every few years and has no backward or forward compatibility.

    And if this keeps up, we as the human race will only know *as far back as our data lets us know*. Think about that for a second. So whoever controls the data controls the fate of human history–scary right? Here we are. And companies are purposely destroying history and data. I don’t know what will happen in 50 years guys–I’m really scared for the rest of you as I’ll be long gone by then.

  4. fuck yahoo… i dont see how it’s even relevant these days, lol

    EDIT: and…. i get downvoted for saying fuck yahoo… lmao

  5. Wow just remember Yahoo Groups lmao but I can’t remember those groups I joined ( must be college related I believe)

  6. Did anyone archive MSN Groups before it was shut down in 2009? I had some childhood crap on there that I’d like to see again.

  7. Sorry if this is a bad question but how are they losing data if they are just being blocked access?

  8. They may be able to delete data from [archive.org](https://archive.org), but they can’t delete our data hoarding!!!

  9. Verizon owns yahoo now, so it’s probably just verizon being verizon.

  10. Yahoo was a dumpster fire. Why would anyone want to archive it?

  11. Solved about 300 captchas already..

    I’ll probably dream about busses, cars, traffic lights and crosswalks tonight.

  12. Time to use technology to ignore yahoo and verizon’s wishes.

    It’s the internet, if you want to restrict it, this is the very last place you want to put it.

  13. I wonder if we could spin up a mechanicalturk script to get reinforcements on the chrome extension filler-inner. Like, we might be able to do at best a couple hundred each but for 20 bucks a pop you could probably get a thousand filled in. Don’t know how you’d verify though….

  14. As to be expected with garbage companies such as Yahoo & Big Red.

    Is anyone really all that surprised?

    Exactly why I started my own ‘archive’ in the first place.

  15. I spent a good amount of time solving recaptchas for archive team… Sad to hear that my effort is completely useless now

  16. Just read in the arstechnica article Verizon put Yahoo and aol together as oath … aren’t they those people which runined tumbler by banning porn with so hypersensitive filters so most users went away ?
    Has Verizon a not so secret plan to kill the usefulness of the internet ?

  17. Wouldn’t massive amounts of posts on all social media holding Verizon responsible for this huge loss ( with those examples why the information is critical to public listed in another thread ) make them consider to unblock or even handover torrents to prevent the “public image” created by huge donations to stadiums from beeing destroyed ?

  18. Why are they doing it (the blocking)? Is it to avoid the cost of large transfers?

  19. Can some ELI5? I don’t understand what they are trying to backup.

  20. Wish we had that decentralized internet from Pied Piper right about now.

  21. forgive me, but whats on yahoo groups? never used em

  22. This is the reason that data hoarding, and data hoarders exist.

    Everytime I turn around, someone is deleting crap I once thought was going to be on the internet forever.

    Let’s do this!

    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jenkins!

  23. Has anyone got a massive server we can back it up to? I’ve seen people who claim to have petabytes of storage; maybe they can help.