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Would a crowd sourced database like this be legal?

I’m thinking the point of data hoarding is always be able to access the data you own. There are plenty of people with very good internet connections and a lot of storage out there. So why couldn’t we build a crowd sourced database so each people has access only to the files they own but there is only a percentage of people who needs to store the data, the ones with the widest and most stable connection for example.

There would be a program that reads the data you give it, and if that data is already in the database it grants you access to it. If the data isn’t in the database they upload it but only they have access. Every person needs to choose another one to give possession of all his data when he stops being active. That way if there are lets say a 100 people with a copy of a file and one stops being active for a period of time the possession passes to another person (who also is between the ones with stable internet). So there would still be 100 people with a copy of the file, and every body else with access can see the file.

Would this be legal or would sharing the data with only people who has access to it be somehow illegal?

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  1. You have to figure out what type of metadata you wish to share.

    If for instance there is a sample of the file (think snapshot, or 3 sec audio track) most certanly NO because the data is protected by copyright.

    Also there is no way for you tge platform owner to know if an individual has rights to redistribute said content.

    Sometimes even the description may be released with the intent of publishing without consent for copy or redistribution.

    The only legal loophole is public domain and fair usage.

    However since you are granting the posibility to copy the file…. you are kind of violating copyright.

    Legaly you would have to prove that each file is in the public domain, that involves a lot of work on your part.

  2. There are already implementations of similar ones like this around several technologies: i2p, priv torrents, blockchains over tor, (syncthing but all have same copy) etc.
    one thing that isn’t there is the similarity checks. Images suffer greatly for this (globally)
    Things like https://github.com/neatdecisions/detwinner can easily be ran but big hosters don’t seem to give a shit that users upload crappier and crappier copies of the same images/videos over and over again.

    your post almost exactly describes private trackers though, at least for the media genre of files..

  3. Possible. The legality is dependent on the data itself. You just have to be intentionally ignorant and, if your service becomes popular, ready to hand out information about everyone who has certain illegal datasets to the feds. Which I’m sure you’d be happy to do if it were CP but perhaps not so much if it were other media.

    It sure makes it easier for them though!!