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Woodworking and servers combined into the DIYrack

Woodworking and servers combined into the DIYrack

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36 Yorumları

  1. This is totally amazing work, great job! Especially on keeping the faith to keep moving forward with it and not caving to call it finished at 3/4 done (or even 1/4 haha). Really awe inspiring, and appreciate seeing the whole journey.

  2. This is really cool but I have a question… it was my understanding that racks are generally made out of metal because it dissipates heat and well isn’t very flammable. Making a server cabinet out of wood seems like it would insulate everything and not let the computer cool very well. How are you managing the heat and are you planning on adding anything to keep the wood from catching fire if the cooling system fails?

  3. This is the content I subbed for.

    I’ve been wanting a rack but the price for even one made of shitty sheet metal has kept me away. This looks great and is really tempting to do myself. Awesome job!

    Plus the noise I’m sure is low with the wood. Not as much resonance

  4. Beautifully done!
    Could you tell me what cases you’re using for your bottom 2 servers? I’ve been looking everywhere for a great rack-mounted case to finally transplant my desktop over to my rack and those look absolutely perfect!

  5. I’m doing the exact same thing… Except I got to the 2*4 rack and stopped….

  6. Your second photo, 2×4’s and rails, is what I have put together for my equipment. The finished product looks amazing!

  7. Beautiful! I built a rack from the same plans and ended up doing some of the same things you did. The AC INFINITY fans and controls are awesome. Great work!


  8. Awesome project! I happen to love woodworking and servers as well. I’ve been evaluating making my own rack as well, since these cases can get quite pricey.

    A brad nailer and some wood glue would have done you well for the MDF sides. All the weight of the hardware is being supported by the 2×4’s in any case, and the holes would have been _much_ smaller!

  9. Nice build, but what’s the reason for the enclosure vs leaving it open?

  10. I see so many points along this that I would have called this good enough, with ambitions to finish it at some point. Take for example picture 2. “Done!”

  11. That is AWESOME!!! This is what I envisioned building but I don’t have nearly the woodworking skills so never started it.

  12. I eventually plan on doing the same for my home setup. Except smaller, I focused on small gear over raw power.

  13. Great looking build! Thanks for taking the time to document!

  14. Dat paint finish!- makes it look like its a metal cabinet. Amazing.

    I’ve been debating building my own. 22-24U cabinets, even on fleabay are $500+. Your build definately inspired me to look into building one.

  15. This is really well done.

    Mega props.

    The color is great. Subtle and more unique than black/white/gray. The organization of the rack and craftsmanship used to build it is fantastic. Really incredible stuff.

  16. Super awesome! Well done, 100% crafstmanship.
    Silly question, what are those multiple thin strands SATA cables we can clearly see on server #2 (blue wires)?

  17. You should crosspost this to /r/homelab if you haven’t already.

  18. This is super pretty.. Really near 100% a dream cabinet for me. How does one convince you to build a second one of these? 😀

    Do you have a estimated cost on your parts for this? (not the server goodies, just the cabinet)

  19. This is awesome! I’m looking to do something similar at my house soon, do you have any plans you used?

  20. For a moment I thought I was on /r/techsupportgore and was going to see the effect of storing a server rack in a woodworking shop. I’m disappointed and impressed at the same time. I guess I’d be that even if I was right.

  21. As someone who is currently going a different way with this (and will also post my project when done), superb work, mate!

  22. This is my take on a homemade rack, built it out of 2×4’s, mdf and a whole lot of time. Wanted a nice design that is functional and quiet so I added lots of sound deadening features.


    From top to bottom:

    DIY kvm with a motorola lapdock

    Arcade server: 32TB raw running unraid

    Ethernet organizer

    Aruba s2500

    ethernet organizer

    DAS for main server

    Main media / VM server: 150TB raw running unraid


    UPS located on a shelf in the back of the rack but looking for a 1u or 2u ups that fits my needs to make it cleaner.