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Why throw away old ~60GB drives? Why not make something to commemorate their service?

Why throw away old ~60GB drives? Why not make something to commemorate their service?

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48 Yorumları

  1. I just put them in a big RAID 5 or RAID 6 array

  2. A good idea would be putting a wooden structure around with a glass on top to protect and preserve it

  3. You mean ‘hang their corpses up as a warning to the others’

    You monster

  4. Seem like something big gamer hunters would adore

    Like look at this sweat TB I caught on black Friday. Even came with GB kids.

  5. I love the way they look. Fascinating to look at the insides an believe they worked at all.

  6. Very cool. You know there are probably a lot of tech geeks out there like myself that would buy tech themed “artwork” like this.

  7. This looks to be an old TV circuit board? Do you know what from? Philips k chassis or something?

  8. tried to open one in my teenage years. Back then apparently the top was glued onto the bottom and i wasn’t able to lift it properly, so i had to apply force. Didn’t look that neat at all after i was finished 🙁

  9. I’m totally making something like this with my old drives

  10. I use old platters to make windchimes. Mix them in with some CDs/DVDs, metal nuts and washers, and little gears and they can make some neat sounds and really cool reflections!

  11. FWIW I still have my 110mb Seagate IDE hard drive…had to keep my first! For years in the late 90s I used it as my boot drive in a linux box, back when a BIOS couldn’t boot off a hard drive bigger than 8GB.

  12. This is great but I would reccomend putting some tempered glass or acrylic over them just to keep those platters clean

  13. Very cool. I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

  14. ive got failing 160Gb drives still in service only 19210 hours online. but there not used in critical areas so im not worried

  15. Neat, needs some sort of sealed case those are gonna be a chore to dust!

  16. If you had flipped one side, you could almost use it as a mirror

  17. I usually turn mine into wind chimes. The platters and bushings ring really well.

  18. I’ve long wanted to do something similar. In mine, I remove the cover and replace it with a plastic one so I can see the drive inside. Then I provide 5V power to it so it spins.

    Always thought it would look cool, like yours, OP. 🙂

  19. That’s one way to look at this.

    The other way is that you ripped them open and displayed their entrails publicly to prevent others from thinking of failing.

  20. I am currently collecting dead 3.5″ drives for a similar reason, I want to cover one of my walls in the hall with them, I think I have around 20 of them now with a few hanging on the wall!

  21. How ironic. I am going through a box of old hard drives … Because I have the time.

    All I really want are the magnets, and maybe I’ll make something shiny using the platters.

  22. Would be neat to arrange and then submerge them in epoxy like all the woodworking videos. You can boast that they’re “solid state” as in the original meaning.

  23. I still have a 60GB drive in service. 1000 hours.

  24. Then someone touches the platters and you’ll never be able to wipe away the marks

  25. Oh my god….. I found something I need in my life.




    Just an FYI, turns out you can buy dead hard drives on ebay for cheap.

  26. At 6 or 8 this is cool, but after you’ve got a few hundred drives, you gotta just let them go.

    Though I do try to salvage magnets wherever possible.

  27. With the lockdown I had the time the other day to plug in 8 hard drives to try and grab all the info off there, all but 2 were dead. I now have a small collection of shiny discs, no idea what I’m going to do with them though.

    I also have 500gb of 1.38gb movies and 250gb worth of Wii games I also don’t know what to do with.

  28. If you rotated the HDDs and put the platters closer together then you could almost have a functioning mirror 😀

  29. What are they mounted on? Is that one of the most useless clipboards ever made?