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Why Archiving Matters

Why Archiving Matters

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  1. Curious if anyone has found any source of comprehensive data or research on this trend of removed online content en large and on what basis. Who the major actors are doing it.

    I recently read an article about a fellow who had been researching and cataloging the evolution of an older radio technology, (like might be done by the Computer History Museum that [Gordon Bell](https://www.computerhistory.org/pdp-1/gordon-bell/), his wife and Ken Olsen [founded](http://tcm.computerhistory.org/) in 1975) that had been systematically (shamefully) taken out of Wikipedia piece by piece by their moderator mafia, on the basis that THEY felt it was no longer relevant. Can you imagine?

    KB loss (removal) online seems like it may be an increasing problem — and I have recently decided to try to dig into it and learn more about it as a personal research project. Thanks.

  2. Another thing, wouldn’t it be interesting to share torrent files more often so we can seed? Or is it legaly an issue?

  3. Anybody have the cody’s lab uranium processing video archived? He pulled that one down before I thought to download it.

  4. it would be convenient to have a script that regularly checks which videos have been deleted and moves their corresponding local copy to a “don’t delete” folder x)
    also this is exactly why creators shouldn’t rely solely on youtube

  5. I was previously archiving a handful of these channels (along with about 60 others, around 30,000 videos in 7TB). Eventually I deleted them, since they were taking up so much space and I was never watching them again. Before I deleted them I checked all the video ID’s against YouTube’s API, and without fail, every single video I had was still publicly available on YouTube. These were archived between 2017 – 2019. Guess there’s been a lot of deletions and takedowns more recently.

  6. I so wish i started archiving a long time ago some videos are just lost forever now (small french minecraft channel from my youth) all that is left is the nostalgia

  7. What I wouldn’t give to watch some HuskyStarcraft Bronze League Heroes.

  8. I recently discovered that a lot of youtubers I followed years ago sanitized their channels – example: any collab videos with Shane Dawson, which used to be the most hilarious.

    Luckily I already had most of the good ones downloaded but oh boy am I glad for starting the “DOWNLOAD ASAP” playlist that I started years ago. So many videos I have that can’t be found online anymore.

  9. Could you mega/archive these video backups for us?

  10. That statistic would look interesting for my own channel. From 522 videos are just 3 public.

  11. Fascinating. Anybody here have an archive of the removed Case File podcast? It’s Episode #55 – Simone Strobel.

  12. Youtube is a terrible joke as far as both content moderation and copyright enforcement is concerned: IP and cuss-word bots are allowed to do free-for-all flagging content, while low-effort garbage are produced by the dozen an hour and not even touched.

  13. Tangentially, do you recommend all of these channels? I see some in there that I recognize and are some of my favorites along with a lot I’ve never heard of.

  14. Hmm, i see a few that are also on my list. Great taste in content, you have

  15. There’s what I think was a Kurzgesagt video about how they were switching away from that name to In A Nutshell. In the same video, I believe, they had a bunch of educational YouTubers pronounce it poorly, because it’s a word from German.

    I’ve since learned German (or spent a lot of time doing so, anyway), and really wanted to see all those YouTubers butchering Kurzgesagt again, because now I can actually say it. And I couldn’t find the video.

    By any chance, do you have it on you?

    (Also, I didn’t realize there was this many deleted videos. I really really need to start hoarding YouTube videos. This sucks.)

  16. hmm thats intressting…
    what do you use to download ?
    had this weird console batch thing some years ago that was a total pain to use and could only download playlists or whole channels

    is there anything smart on the market ?
    that syncs the videos ?

    also some youtubers also tend to rename some of their videos

  17. I would love to archive them, but how do you do it? Still cant find a reliable downloading method.

  18. u/Top_Hat_Tomato What do you use to download your videos? or did you write that as well?

  19. I don’t see the value.

    Even if there are youtube videos that I might want to watch… if I’ve already watched them, they have zero rewatchability for me (in general). They have no interest for anyone else who watches my Plex.

    If I haven’t watched them, how can I archive them? I’m unaware. And I certainly don’t have any of the resources to archive even a small fraction of Youtube randomly.

    On top of that, the channels that are the most at risk of being cockblocked are those that I have zero interest in. While copyright strikes and so forth can affect anything really, the channels that keep getting threatened are those that are attempting to be controversial for views (or have creators who are just repugnant from a personality standpoint).

  20. I feel like source code, books, forum discussion’s and the like are far more important to make sure they don’t disappear than youtube videos.

    Also, everyone go delete your tweets from 3+ years ago. It’s a frustrating world out there these days.

  21. What are some of the removed CGP / Kurzgesact videos, if you don’t mind me asking?

  22. Oh man, this sucks. It is knowledge that is either lost forever or hidden away so that nobody can have access to it. Just yesterday night, I was looking up a forum which had been around for over a decade, just to find out it got deleted by the site owners last year. It was a medical forum, with thousands upon thousands of patient experiences and treatments data.

  23. What is your setup for maintaining an archive?

  24. What has CGP grey removed??? I know he unlisted 1 video that he corrected…

  25. Funny, the only one I hoard in there is Accursed Farms, the least affected.

  26. In fairness, most of Accursed Farms unlisted videos are his old monthly chats with fans, but he has a link in the newest one (at any given time) to a playlist with all of them.

  27. 100% agreed. If you guys think OPs picture is traumatizing, you should see the vlog and prank channels. Not saying I support, or am against cancel-culture, but many many videos have been removed from top vloggers from the OG days of YouTube in fear that what they said might come back to haunt them, perhaps rightfully so but who am I to say. Regardless, if you have the space, archive it. Even arching, compressing, then saving to Google Drive/etc. is better than not doing anything for content you might deem historic, or have future value for you.

    There were a few big channels where even the original poster didn’t even have the content backed up, yet I did. Although they were restored by YouTube eventually. But it goes to show you that just because LMG has 3 backups, does not mean all big YouTubers even have 1 backup.

  28. I want to know how you do this, so that I can do this. I have a bunch of channels I want to backup too 🙂

  29. How did you compare your download list to what’s still online to make this list? I’d like to make my own for the channels I backup.

  30. You got a download or torrent available for any of that content? I’d love to see Seananners old stuff

  31. Very pressing thing you found here. I thank you for this.

    But my real burning question is, why were videos from literal STEM channels removed?

  32. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to open a YouTube playlist and have a bunch of them show up as deleted. I could still retrieve them if I they at least provided the uploader or title.

  33. I miss the Husky Starcraft videos, he just deleted the channel for no reason.
    If I find I’ll backup them.

  34. exurb1a, 3Blue1Brown, Kurzgesagt and CPG Grey? I see you’re a man of culture as well

  35. Dang, I didn’t know Seananners had removed so many videos. I guess it makes sense with some of his older content (Eg. The Hidden), but it’s surprising nonetheless.

  36. **Click the image to view the full resolution one, I don’t know why the preview is such a low quality**

    In summary, I’ve been archiving youtube content for around 3 years now and primarily archive what I consider to be high risk content where the channel may go offline at any time. I decided to see how much of the content was no longer available so by using google’s Youtube API, I checked.

    I expected many channels to lose tons of content, but I wasn’t expecting what I considered the “low risk” channels to be the ones with all the missing content…

    Relatively popular STEM related channels such as **3Blue1Brown, Cody’s Lab/Cody’sBLab, Kurzgesagt, CGP Grey, and The Thought Emporium** all lost content when I thought there content was relatively safe.

    Then on top of it there were popular youtube channels (primarily **Seananners**), who had made unavailable or deleted nearly 100 of their videos in the 3 years since I started archiving their content.

    Then there were all the legally made and distributed arts/film creation/music channels such as Evan Royalty (SCP short film guy), Gryphus Meli & Brotad/TGH (composers & arrangers), and **NovaSilisko** (Game dev well known for early work on Kerbal Space Program) who had large portions of their content deleted for one reason or another.

    *TL:DR It turns out that what I thought was going to be low risk content ended up being the things that were most often deleted*