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  1. That’s a damn nice ISP! I’d keep them just for being reasonable humans. Reaching out to give one a chance to plead your case, recognize your error (maybe you were unaware of the ridiculous usage), rather than just throttling/banning you outright is amazing.

  2. If you are interested, I did a ruby script to automatically download your put.io stuff with Socks and subtitle support!!


  3. If anyone is interested in creating a ‘family’ on the 10 TB plan please message me 🙂

  4. Is this a seedbox? I’m also confused because you said you’re on the 50TB plan but I didn’t see one that high. The highest tier (10TB) also says invite up to 9 friends?

  5. I pay for Unlimited, and by God, I’m going to get unlimited!

  6. I got an email like this once from a host I was using. They canceled my account, stating that my bandwidth use was “cataclysmic” ??? I’ve never been more proud to get canceled.

  7. I tried to ask my ISP how much I had downloaded after a particularly big month. The guy’s response: “it’s unlimited, why do you care? We don’t track that”.

  8. Hellö! Çiğdem here. ?

    I work at put.io and I just wanted to clarify a few things. ?

    We don’t have a 50T plan – the highest storage we offer is 10 TB at the moment.

    We send this automated warning message when a 100G or 1T user uses more than 6 TB of bandwidth. But it’s just a warning, we don’t take any actions unless we think that the user is sharing their account with way too many people. For example, 5 is okay. 50 is not. 🙂

    This is also a check to see if the user is aware of the bw usage – in cases of faulty download manager settings for example.

    I should also mention that 10T users don’t receive this message because 6 TB of bandwidth is in no way realistic for these users, we know that. ?

    And u/MidnightLink if you reply to the email you received, I would be more than happy to look into this for you if you think something’s wrong. ?

  9. My wife works at put.io (and I’ve been a user since private beta days) and AFAIK you don’t get this warning if you are using a plan with >1TB *storage*.
    Could be mistake too since this is partly automated.

  10. To all the haters, egress pricing for 50TB on AWS is over $5000. So $100 is chump change.

  11. Haha wow! This is like the equivalent to unlocking an achievement on the internet! That’s so funny

  12. Honestly that message is quite endearing, it’s always nice to see employees acting humane instead of like a drone who simply cites company policies in pre-made Text modules. And they are giving you a heads up / warning at least. Other companies would have just closed the account and sent a automated mail.

  13. Could I run a plex server locally with this as the file store? That seems… extremely cool.

  14. so i see a lot of people saying “but he’s only using 15TB!”

    he’s got a 50TB *storage* plan. They offer “unlimited upload and download bandwith”

    it’s a ‘downloads folder in the cloud’. You don’t fill up that folder in one sitting, it’s a process. The message he got was about the bandwith, not the storage.

    To OP, send a link to this thread back and ask for concrete terms that they *can* support so you can meet them halfway.

  15. Plot twist:
    You were just downloading Modern Warfare.

  16. lol @ “damn you are downloading the whole internet!”

    Well that’s the goal, yes.

  17. I had to slow myself down this month, I’m about halfway through and have used ~760GB out of my tiny 1TB limit

  18. Hats off to Hasan for honest letter btw. Some others would just shut down account without trying to do any research just labeling it unfair usage/system abuse.

  19. Could you share a little more on what you would use [put.io](https://put.io) for? Reading up, it sounds like it’s halfway between a dropbox and a seedbox – but without the integration you can normally setup with seedbox with your existing services.

  20. To clarify I’m not sharing my account. I’m on the 10TB plan and have been redownloading movies and shows ever since my Plex server decided to have a total failure.

    I absolutely love [http://put.io](http://put.io) and would recommend them without question. Never had this message before lol

    Found out this was automated when I downgraded from the 10TB to 1TB. The largest portions of my downloads were completedand I didn’t need the highest package anymore 🙂 The message makes sense since it’s an active account and considering how much bandwidth I used lol

  21. You should feel insulted that he thinks it’s more than 5 people