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Which M.2 SSD to buy?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, feel free to delete this if its not allowed.

I’m looking for a new 2 TB m.2 SSD since the XPG 8200 Pro died after a few months and its not worth doing rma since I have to send it across the globe where I originally bought it. It died after a long plane ride, nothing is recognized when plug in to any device.

I use it as an external drive.

I’m currently looking at 970 EVO Plus and and WD black SN750. Any better options? Which of the 2 should I get if I’m going with those option?

Is the case important? I have 2 random usb c 3.1 housing that I bought, hope its not the housing that killed me xpg 8200 pro

Edit: I have two empty housing, should I go with two 1 tb drive or one 2 tb drive? If I’m getting a 2 TB drive, I will partition 1 TB for automatically backup and the other to store files anyways

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7 Yorumları

  1. The 2TB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2 is on discount on german amazon for 227 euros.

    1TB version is 122 euros.

    dont know if you can order from Germany. anyhow here is the link for easy click


  2. I have a 970 Evo plus and man Windows never felt faster. It literally takes the ssd 10 seconds to load into windows.

  3. I found this resource to be very useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/NewMaxx/comments/dhvrdm/ssd_guides_resources/

    Updated on a regular basis and with very detailed information.

  4. I’m tossing up between 2tb 970 Evo plus and Kingston kc2500 myself.

    Both are pretty similar spec wise, with kc2500 even beating 970 Evo plus in most(but not all) situations (going off tomshardware).

    Price wise they’re similar, with kc2500 being about $20 cheaper for my country.

  5. Mp33 – cheap, no dram, decent
    A80 – inexpensive, dram, very good

    You likely won’t notice the difference no matter what you get, but it’s hard to argue paying more than the price of an A80. If the SN750 or 970 or EX950 are cheaper, go for it. But the vast majority of users won’t detect the difference even beyond a MP33.

  6. Just bought two 970 Evo plus for caching. No complaints.