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Which 16TB for NAS storage (synology)

Which 16TB for NAS storage (synology)

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  1. Another guy ordering from Newegg to UAE here. I think now all 03 drives have almost the same price.

    I have preference for WD, but Seagate can give the 03 years Data Recovery Services for 79Dh if something happens to the drive in the warranty period.

  2. Wouldn’t a NAS focused drive be best? I’m in similar situation ordering from the UAE. IronWolf NAS drives are a bit more and 14 TB is the best bang for the buck. Maybe I’m looking at this wrong should pick up that Seagate 16.

  3. FWIW, Best Buy has a sale going on (today only). 14TB WD Easystore external HDD for $199. The drives are shuckable WD Red.

    Just got one, and used their recycle promo to get 15% off. 14TB for $182 after tax. Hard to beat that.

  4. Make sure they are CMR and not SMR!
    Some Manufacturers secretly changed to SMR because it’s cheaper. The problem is that although storage is used slightly more efficiently, they crash under a too high write load. So for example when restoring a Raid. Also restoring a RAID takes way longer. I’ve seen a test where the CMR RAID took 14 hours to restore while the SMR RAID of the same size took 230 hours to restore, so more than a week!
    WD secretly changed for some drives. Toshiba has some SMR and some CMR drives, Seagate has its Ironwolf series which is made especially for use in a NAS and uses CMR.

  5. I just bought a synology nas and x16s to replace two aging file servers with tons of old disks in them.

    Price per tb for comparable performance is the only way to make the choice now: since they are going to be deployed in some sort of fault tolerant fashion…and backed up.

  6. Buy the cheapest $/TB/year-of-warranty you can find. Reliability comes from parity/mirrors and backups, not hoping any particular model of drive you buy won’t die.

  7. Buy whatever is cheapest. If you can get externals like WD Easystore or Seagate External drive for a lot cheaper, go that route and shuck them.

  8. Since everything else is almost equal, check for the company’s local presence in your region— in case of an RMA, how easy is it (specific to your region) to initiate a warranty request?

  9. Verify from the source:


    Personally I have been using four Seagate EXOS 16TB ST16000NM001G, four Seagate EXOS 16TB ST16000NM003G and a singleST16000NM002G SAS variant that I ordered on accident and they have been rock solid.

  10. Just try to find the cheapest drives to shuck.

    From my point of view the added warranty years don’t justify to spend so much on these drives…

    Anything above 30$ or 25€ /TB is a no go for me

  11. I personally like Seagate Exos.

    Seems to be an unpopular opinion on here, but WD has been doing a bunch of shady crap. And, I guess seagate had issues years ago people have not forgotten about. But, my 10x 8TB disks keep on ticking.

  12. I’d go with Exos or Toshiba. No thanks on Western Digital.