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Flood göndermek, insanların floodlarını okumak ve diğer insanlarla bağlantı kurmak için sosyal Floodlar ve Flood Yanıtları Motorumuza giriş yapın.

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When your boss is an insurance agent… ioSafe 1019+

When your boss is an insurance agent… ioSafe 1019+

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  1. I’m more impressed people have enough valuable possessions for multiple photos. All of mine can fit into one.

  2. »This is the LockPickingLawyer and what i have for you today is an ›ioSafe 1019+‹. Nothing on 1, 2’s binding, nice click on 3,…«

  3. BRB, filling out applications for some insurance companies

  4. Am I right in understanding that this is third party hardware running Synology DSM?

  5. I mean, it only resists fire for like 30 minutes. Better hope you’ve got speedy firemen or a small fire. The waterproof for 72 hours is more useful, at least if you live in a flood or hurricane prone area.

  6. If you spend that much money on the NAS why do you pair it with VN0008?
    Why not NM0008 or NM001G?

  7. Couldn’t you just put firebrick around your server rack? Yes, hillbilly computing…But for $2500 I bet I could build a pretty nifty solution.

  8. Wouldn’t the trapped heat cause just as much risk as the bare server?

  9. Love those units, I have one with an extension unit at work

  10. I mean, fireproof and waterproof makes sense for business critical storage. If you anchor it properly it may even be mildly theft-resistant, though chances are excellent the thieves can crack it and steal the drives, at least.

    Obviously still need the 3-2-1 backup regime.

    I wouldn’t buy one on a bet, obviously, but the idea is fine for some uses.

  11. Linus made an unboxing and a test of an older version of the ioSafe. They seem to want you to send in the NAS in case of a fire so it wouldnt really be faster than an offsite backup.

    The test with the fire department: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm4J_1jFxik

  12. I had a look at this thing, but it’s too expensive for home use. I would rather buy a offsite NAS and locate it 16000km away in Australia.

  13. Fireproof and floodproof, but I assume not drop proof?

    Hope his office isn’t on the second floor

  14. > Fire Protection
    Up to 1550° F, 30 minutes per ASTM E-119

    Is that really enough time? I would think a house fire would be burning for hours.

  15. Why not just have…offsite backups? Surely would be cheaper than this solution and safer in case of a fire.

  16. What management system do you use? I work in insuretech, and am just glad to see people making backups!
    Nothing worse than losing data and opening yourself to E&O exposure.

    This is probably a little overkill, but still sweet!

  17. This post and the title make no sense lol, cool pic friend.

  18. We use these in our small environments and the larger rack mount version in our larger ones. They are fanfuckingtastic.

  19. So wait, does he actually generate that much data in his work?

  20. Just looked this thing up because I’ve never seen it before. You can pay $2,399 for just the unpopulated NAS, or upgrade it up to five 14TB drives, paying a mere $2,520 per drive. That’s $180 per TB.

    A fool and his money are easily parted.

  21. What’s so special about it? Is it fireproof/tamper proof or something?

  22. I have always wanted one of those, but DAMN they are expensive.