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What’s your internet speed and price?

I’m having about 4TB of storage, and i’m likely to download about 1TB more from my school’s GDrive, due to recently reduced storage for school, and try to have some cloud backup. While i’m pleased with my speed (300mbps in country, and around 100Mbps for international unlimited, just as 10 bucks per month), i realized that some part of the world have much slower, as slow as 5mbps for a sh*t price.

Let’s share your speed and price!

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  1. 100 down 40 up, unlimited data AUD$109 per month.

    Just a couple of years ago it was ~12/1 with 1tb data for not much less money, so at least we’re moving forward.

    Upload bandwidth is what is stupidly overpriced here in Australia now, with most plans topping out at 20 or 40 mbit, the fastest residential plans for those with fiber are (up to)1000/50 for around $150-170 per month. I’m getting upgraded to 250/100 sometime in the next few months but it’s going to cost me over $200 per month.

  2. 768kbps download and 160kbps upload for $50 a month by Frontier Communications. Downloading nonstop for multiple days or attempting to upload any file larger than a few megabytes results in the internet connection failing and having to wait until it works again.

  3. Comcast- Bay Area USA. I took the Comcast equipment late last year and upgraded speed to 600/15 with unlimited data (the 1.2 tb cap was becoming a problem). Costs $85/ month although I think that is a promo price that will end soon. It’s expensive but worth it as I no longer worry about blowing the cap or gating downloads or streaming etc.

    In practice it actually runs faster: more like 800-900 mbps on Google speed test (ethernet) and 17-18 mbps upstream.

  4. $53/month for 1Gbps up and down. Unlimited. I upload almost 100TB every month and my ISP doesn’t say anything.

  5. In Spain, DIGI offers unlimited symmetrical 10 Gbit for 30€, although it’s only available in a few areas.

    Edit: Orange also offers 10 Gbit (in more places than DIGI), but it’s bundled with TV and two mobile phone lines for 65€

  6. Netherlands, 1gbit up and down, €42 and I get this speed any time of day.

  7. I’m cheap so I just have 100/50 mbit down/up for 35 euros a month. But it’s fiber, so if I wanted to pay 60 euros a month, I would have 1000/100. 80 euros a month would be 1000/1000 symmetric. It’s too expensive, really. It’s doable, but it should be lower than that. But, at least it’s fiber and reliable, and the local provider I deal with has sufficient uplink capacity.

    And we don’t have horseshit like “in country/international unlimited”… it’s just a pipe to the Internet that’s the speed it is, nobody’s counting where the packets wind up, that’s ludicrous but I guess that’s what net neutrality used to prevent.

  8. 1000mbps up/down. Bundled with television I pay $260 CAD/mo. Stand-alone I believe it is $160/mo

  9. $54.99 for ‘up to’ 3mbps. I regularly get like 150KB/s. I once worked for our ISP and they burn through so many employees because of the kinda stuff they pull. They’ll want you to install a customer that won’t really even get what they pay for. If they can barely connect to the tower then they’ll want you to install them which is BS because you’re paying for the ‘up to’.

  10. It’s horrible in the US as ISPs like mine blocked Google Fiber in my state from making 1Gbit/s up and down more affordable by lobbying and other legal gymnastics…

    >Up to 150 Mbps download
    >Up to 10 Mbps upload
    >Unlimited data plan
    >$138 a month

  11. 25 mbit down and 6 up with 25€/month. But in reality both of those never exceed 3mb/s

  12. Not enough, and too much.

    Hoping that’s going to change when FTTP arrives in the next few weeks.

  13. I pay $70 USD for 1200 down and 45 up in Illinois. With not current setup speed tests are usually around 1400 down.

  14. 70 US dollars per month for 100 Mbps cable internet.. cheapest option out here in Rural Oklahoma… Most only get 50 Mbps for that price..

  15. I am paying about 46 USD per month for 1000Mbps down, 500Mbps up.
    But I reach that speed only late at night.. usually it’s around 600/700 down, 300/400 up. But I am not complaining..

  16. **1 Gbit/s** up and down. Unlimited.

    ~250 DKK = **~34 EUR** = ~39 USD

    And my company pays for it.

    I never heard of a connection that differentiates between national and international speed. At least it’s only speed, not cost.

  17. 50€ for 50down 10up with international calls included

  18. Average Kosovo residential prices are about 1€ for each parallel megabit. For example 50 up & 50 down is 50€. Most people here have a 10mb/s connection for 10€ in month. Anything over 100mbps the price goes down until about 1gb/s and then it stays same no matter how high you go, leveling our at 75c per Mbps.

    Most connections here are fiber or WISP (wireless ISPs). DSL has been mostly phased out and cable based was never popular.

    Most people use their phone for faster internet things as 4g is usually good speed and cheaper but with limit of data. For example for 2€ we can get 40mbps 4g with 2gb limit.