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What’s the biggest archive operation you’ve ever undertaken?

I’m currently going for SuicideGirls.com from 2002 onwards which is absolutely enormous and is made up of images, so millions of tiny files. Currently packing in 2.3 TB of it so far.

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  1. /u/HandScraping might have a story to tell here one of these days. 🙂

  2. I had the entire Eurogamer Forums archived with ArchiveBot when I found out about their impending shutdown.

  3. Tumblr before purge. Plenty of TBs stored, plenty of times it helped people to solve Their problems.

    At the time when we started scraping it, we was not even aware how usesfull people will find it. And how many requests we are going to get for some profiles.

    Then police pointed out files which should not be shared. There was crime evidences which helped with investigations, but should be kept private for the good of victims. Volunteers started to look for more materials which should be ban hammered…

    After a year we was forced by court to take it from public access.

    Fun times…

  4. Moving 7tb of porn to a new 10tb hd and then organizing it took 1 month to do all of it. I was rebuilding my internet radio station playlist of 150k track with higher quality tracks. I downloaded most of the tracks in FLAC then a down converted everything to 500kbps OGG took 5 months to do it. I converted to OGG to save space and no point to have higher quality tracks since I only stream at 160kbps.

  5. I am building a physical media archive, I have most of the movie collection done (756 items totaling over 5,400 files) I’m working on a few books then will start on my 300+ video games. I was archiving images of the DVDs but even with 2 drives going it’s just too much and I lost interest and patience. I’m at 700 ISOs but still have most of the wrestling collection to do.

  6. I spent over 300 hours digitizing an [entire school’s yearbook archive](https://imgur.com/a/RKerbJI) with a homemade book scanner.

    Did some film pictures and VHS for them too.

  7. Digitizing a couple thousand baseball games, first from Betamax and VHS in real time to DVD, then copying the DVDs to external hard drives.

    This project took a cumulative four years to complete.

  8. Moving 3 years of user data to a new array. 27 TB

    Took a while….

  9. all the major wrestling brands, 5 tb just with wwe