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What is the best, easiest way to backup photos and videos?

I’ve lost a lot of photos and videos in the past and am trying to avoid that heartbreak again. Right now I manually transfer media from my phone to my computer and to a hard drive. I also have Amazon photos backing up photos. However, the vast majority of my phone storage is taken up by videos of my kid.

I’m looking for an additional layer of backup with these requirements in mind (in order):

1. Easy to use. I’m not super technical and don’t want to have to figure out some complex system.

2. Set and forget. I don’t want to have to rely on manually backing up everything because if my phone breaks, I’d lose (and have lost in the past) anything I haven’t backed up since last time. I would like something that automatically backs up any new photos and videos I take on my phone and on my wife’s phone.

3. Something that gives me confidence that I can delete things off of my phone. I’m tired of my phone being out of storage and needing to choose old photos or videos to delete that I’m ok with potentially losing. So I don’t want something that just syncs, I need an actual backup service.

4. Preserves live photos from my iPhone instead of just reducing it to one frame.

5. Good value. I’m willing to pay what it takes to get the above requirements. Ideally it would be cost effective though. Right now I probably have a few hundred GB that I’d like to backup and that will obviously keep growing.

With all that said, anyone have a good recommendation that fits the bill? Thank you so much in advance! I’ve been researching this for a while and can’t figure it out

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3 Yorumları

  1. just follow this post if anyone can give advice how to backup photo with timestamp

  2. There should be a .mov file associated with the photo to give it the animation for a Live photo. Not sure how iPhone stores it, I’d assume in the same folder as the image file.

    I’m not real familiar with Apple, but can’t you just use iCloud? It should support live photos and immediate backup of your photos.

    OneDrive also does this, I believe it also supports Live photos. I use OneDrive, but I have an Android/Samsung phone. As soon as I take a photo or video it’s immediately uploaded to my OneDrive account, and doesn’t care if I delete it off my phone or not. It’s a one-way sync.

    Otherwise if you want local backup, Synology offer a great Photos app, which can be used to backup your photos and videos. You’d need a Synology NAS for that to work though.

  3. Easiest & simplest is just going to be iCloud photos for apple. I’m personally using docker images of Nextcloud for my camera roll backup and Photoprism combined with Backblaze B2 for cloud backup.