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What, in your opinion, goes in the Data Hoarder toolkit?

What, in your opinion, goes in the Data Hoarder toolkit?

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25 Yorumları

  1. – rhash

    – rclone

    – ansible-vault

    – google sheets

  2. Everything. I mean we are datahoarders afterall.

  3. I am not seeing a duplicate file finder. Which ones do you guys use?

  4. transmission seedbox, YouTube-dl, Nextcloud, and samba. I use nextcloud for more personal stuff like photos and private things and Samba for streaming movies or shows remotely

  5. I use Rar as an archive tool with recovery records enabled to prevent future bit rot. That’s it’s best feature compared to zip, gz, etc.

  6. BorgBackup, Duplicati or Restic for making sure your data is backed up either to cloud, NAS or externals.

  7. A few unmentioned ones

    * Better File Rename – The **best** batch renamer for Windows. Literally have not found something that compares to its ease.
    * SpaceSniffer – This UX is a little nicer than WinDirStat
    * Everything – The best search for Windows. Period.
    * Veeam – Best backup software

  8. Man it’s not really hoarder category. But I have Wasted so much time trying to get an adapter for the new msata ssd (m2? B keyed?) stuff to usb. And of course I bought the one for the wrong key. I’m probably saying it wrong because they keep
    Coming out with newer smaller formats. Such a pain in the butt.

  9. Everyone here is talking about software but you need hardware tools too. I was shocked to discover in a recent post that a member of this group did not have a universal usb to sata adapter. Those of us who are hard core have one that also does IDE, both the bigger 3.5 connector and the smaller 2.5 one.

    A drill press is useful for decommissioning old drives that can’t be wiped.

  10. Disks… lots of disks…

    We can’t tell you what zfs is, you have to experience it for yourself.

  11. [Rclone](https://rclone.org/): A command line program to sync files and directories to and from various cloud storage providers

  12. Hashtab, it adds a tab in properties where you can conveniently get file hashes (with about 30 types of hashes to choose from, which ones are shown are fully configurable).

  13. I’d say a checksuming filesystem like btrfs or zfs is vital for long term storage of important files, like family photos, and financial information. It’s less significant for media, but I’m glad to have it on my storage machine.

  14. It depends a lot on what you want to do. It is a bit like asking a mechanic what they have in their toolkit. There will be likely a bunch of common tools but the really valuable ones that you want to know about are likely specific to the machines and tasks they do. This said there are surely a few tools worth mentioning as they are not well known in the general public.

    * yt-dlp – a more up to date fork of youtube-dl. The Swiss army knife when it comes to downloading videos online. While it certainly can not rip every video it still does support a lot of platforms and works overall pretty well and reliable. Take a look at Tartube when you want a GUI
    * Handbrake. Takes care of most encoding tasks while providing a somewhat comprehensive GUI. There are a bunch of tools that work better for some things but overall it is a solid option for a lot of people.
    * TreeSize or WinDirStat. Quickly see which folders are eating up all of your disk space. Deleting 10.000 small txt files can take hours and it is likely they will take less space than this one ISO you downloaded months ago and that is outdated anyway.
    * Bitwarden or Keepass. It is likely you are somewhat of a power user and you might run a bunch of servers and services that have to be secured by good passwords. A password manager is pretty much the only sane option in 2021 unless your in brain memory is exceptionally good.
    * mkvtoolnix. The smaller sister of Handbrake when you just want to merge a bunch of audio and video files without the need for reencoding resulting in much faster processing time and no quality loss
    * MediaInfo. likely is able to you everything you want about a lot of media files especially videos
    * Veracrypt. Lets you encrypt containers or entire drives and is far more open and likely far more secure than solutions a lot of drive manufacturers ship as a bonus
    * Notepad++ Does everything what normal notepad does but better. Even giant txts are not an issue and it will try to highlight syntax and stuff
    * kitty or putty. Lets you SSH into servers when you have a Windows machine. The WSL can also do this but I still use Kitty.