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Welp, I did it guys, my ISP unplugged me because I used to much data on my unlimitted plan.

I’m in Canada

ISP is Videotron

I don’t exactly know how much, it’s weird because I probably downloaded 2-3x more each month last year (20tb a month maybe)

AMA lol

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  1. Same for me on Rogers. I used like 10TB a month and they sent me a letter. I just switched to EBOX and the problems went away since their contract with Rogers/Videotron is business-to-business according to CRTC reseller rules. You should do the same, or go with teksavvy.

  2. When I was in college, an IT guy came pounding on our campus apartment door because “this apartment is using 26% of the entire school’s bandwidth”.

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whoopsie.

  3. Seriously? I’m with Vidéotron. Did they give you any warning letters or emails concerning your usage?

  4. Happened to me too, just a few months ago. I was not cut off though. Instead they capped to 80/80mbit from 300/300

  5. I always worry about my ‘unlimited’ plan pulling 2TB per month but I haven’t been stopped so far. RIP

  6. I’ve never, in the 25 years I’ve had an internet connection, ever had a cap and no one has ever mentioned my multiple TB data per month. I’ve never even had an ISP where you could find out how much data you’ve used. It’s such an alien concept to me, and yet it seems so normal to people.

  7. BAHAHAHAHHA. Here in Portugal, they did the same to me, and my connection was enterprise grade.

    I ended up taking them to court – they didn’t respect the per-warning of the contract termination – and i won. Then ended up paying me a hefty sum.

    So, now i have another operator, and 0 issues.

  8. The only thing my ISP ever did was tell me i couldnt downgrade my speed due to my use. And that if i wanted to continue using that much data i had to have a faster plan. decided that quartering my plan wasnt worth the $20 in saving anyways. This was Cox in Virginia. I just moved and have spectrum. So far they arent complaining. we will see how long that lasts.

  9. That sucks. I’m currently limited to 11.4Mbps paying for 40Mbps. I continue to download anyway.

  10. 20 TB a month!? Wow, and here I am downloading about 1 TB of linux isos per month and worrying that it may be too much.

  11. Thankfully i think my ISP is prohibited from even thinking about caps for a couple more years or something as conditions of their merger. I should be pretty good before then, things are starting to taper off… Always be new stuff but im at 8500 movies in plex vs 10500 in radarr.

  12. Do you have an ombudsman or some kind of consumer affairs body in your country?

    In my country, nothing motivates an ISP to resolve issues more than mentioning the word “ombudsman” to their rep.

  13. I thought it’s illegal to advertise as unlimited and then limit your amount? Limiting speed is legal though….you might have a case against them.

  14. welcome to the club!

    i got banned from Cable internet here in Australia for too much on an unlimited plan 18 years ago.
    Telstra Bigpond cable.

    fun times.
    i just signup and got back on again, they were so infuriated with me they sent me a letter im banned and physically removed the cable from the house.


    months later was free install and setup deal so took that up and they installed it for me. haha.

    cat and mouse with telstra for a very long time, just one of many games with them I guess.

  15. Switch to Teksavvy (they use Videotrons backbone for their cable in Quebec anyway) and let them deal with Videotron for you. At the very least it’ll be a band-aid but I figure they’ll have a harder time jerking Teksavvy around than you as an individual.

  16. back in my DSL days I had my 25 down pinned for months. Not a peep. Now that I am on fiber I do more and still nothing

    ISP Sasktel

  17. What a load of… PKP is going nuts these days (PKP is the owner of the company for our American friends, also a failed politician. He also owns newspapers and is frequently in the news).

    Sorry about that. You can go with one of the many resellers if you don’t want to deal with Bell (the other high speed provider in our region)

  18. What was the service you paid for? Is it fiber or coax? What are your options right now?

  19. My god, I barely have 16TB, I wish I could own that much drives, my speed only allows me to download 1TB a day, around 100mbps, and that’s all using rclone remotes, because I run out of local storage available, recently I’m doing more upload than download, that’s a plus of my ISP same speed for both, I see some people with really slow Up speed. The cheaper monthly plan of your ISP is a joke, 100GB transfer allowance, lol. By the way around how many Distros Isos do you have?

  20. I did 17TB and my ISP called me to ask if I was interested in Business internet. Never have I been shut off.

    I was replicating my cloud storage to an external drive and backing up Linux ISOs here and there.

  21. must be 8k 3d porn… j/k

    seriously 20tb, unless you mirroring archives.org lol

  22. What did you download besides ISOs? Do you have that much storage to store it all?