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Well now you know

Well now you know

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  1. don’t mind me and my 35 container ships of data just chilling in the living room.

  2. I don’t think this is right.

    A [single grain of rice](https://www.bluebulbprojects.com/MeasureOfThings/results.php?comp=weight&unit=gms&amt=0.0044&sort=pr&p=1) has a mass of about 0.03 grams. So 1024 grains weighs about 30.7 grams. But [a cup of rice weighs about 200 grams](https://www.cooksinfo.com/rice), it’s really around 6700 grains of rice.

  3. Doesnt your brain contain a zettabyte of information?

  4. For some reason this reminds me of that deer meme.

    The rest of the world: omg guys just use metric, it’s so much easier and you can just….

    America: A deer weighs as much as 500 cheeseburgers and is about as big as a bicycle! ?

  5. the jump i always underestimate in these things is mega to giga.

    there’s just as big a jump between *million*aire and *billion*aire.

  6. I WISHED I owned 40 container ships full of rice. I’d probably trade my server for that

  7. So your telling me I got 100 container ships worth of data on this desk over here??

  8. No way a cup of rice is only 1000 grains. Makes me think the rest is just randomly made up.

  9. Pretty sure that’s damn wrong considering we can store data on dna.

  10. I feel like the 3 times part shouldn’t be in brackets…

  11. Now I want to pour my data over manhattan and see how close I get. Going to guess I could get at least 70% of it.

  12. By those measurements, a single 4k VR video with Anna Bell Peaks is going to be a lot of bags of rice.

  13. Maybe I do have a problem….


    I mean, I’m not going to change anything, but still…

  14. This would be helpful if I knew what the hell lorries are

  15. It’s by myriad genetics, one of the most evil companies in existence. The people in this company are disgusting, money grubbing and morally bankrupt individuals. Their patenting of the BRCA1/2 mutations and subsequent lawsuits against pathology labs and universities was the epitome of corporate greed.

  16. Starts counting…. so I need… 140 container ships… I’m screwed

  17. Everything hometechjunkie 10x 14TB White labeled WDs, shucked from WD Elements and some 5TB WD Blue, Also roughly 6TB on SSDs

  18. Linus Tech Tips be like: Imma occupy the whole universe

  19. Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat 2,000 bytes of something…

  20. This will be very useful for when I’m trying to sell hardrives along the Oregon Trail.

  21. My apartment certainly doesn’t feel like 280 container ships.

  22. Couldn’t they find a country that was 3 times the size of the UK?

  23. *laughs in terabyte microsd*
    who tf stores data in grains of rice?

  24. Oh well so i could darken the day of 10% of peoples who live in Manhattan *evil laugh in 8-bit*

  25. LOL SO i was right to use a Shipping container icon for my 10Tb External HDD

  26. What size bags? Covers Manhattan and the UK how deep?