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We did it reddit? Comcast’s data cap has been delayed until 2022.

We did it reddit? Comcast’s data cap has been delayed until 2022.

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47 Yorumları

  1. Not in Tennessee, I still have to pay $30 for unlimited.

  2. I’ve been capped in Florida for years. usually used about 2TB a month. Finally caved and bought unlimited. Now I make sure to download at least 10TB a month. Even if I don’t need it. Just to make sure I get my money’s worth.

  3. Comcast did something else, instead.

    Two months ago there were probably 30 of those “xfinity hotspots” in my building

    There are currently zero

  4. I can’t imagine being capped. I have fios and use about 2tb a month just on one computer. I have at least 8 more devices and can’t imagine hitting a cap, having to wait days to watch something or not being able to do school work. They need a class action lawsuit to remove caps, especially with so many people working and going to school from home.

  5. Here in Californication we continue to live under the repressive data caps. Isn’t it comcrapstic?

  6. In Europe, they pay around 40$ per month, for unlimited bandwidth. Fiber connection: 1Gbp/s down 700Mb/s up.

    Over 14000GiB worth of transfer (down) over 30 days.

    And to think amerikkka is the homeland of so many big tech corporations that eat up the whole world… something is very wrong. Maybe instead of rioting for no valid reason in the streets, amerikkkans should riot to get proper internet access.

  7. I called a month ago to swap to a business line (no business at home, but wfh and my “ISOs” use about 5-10TB a month). Told them the reason why, and a isn’t believe they actually suspended it… until I saw in my account. Yay! NH for reference.

  8. Yay for Comcrap!

    I don’t know why they’re fighting so hard to stay at the bottom in terms of being absolutely terrible to their customers, but then again, At&t is exactly the same way.

    Keep charging forward and forcing Comcast to stay on the unlimited side and leave the moment they start overcharging for their under-performing service.

    Even if it means going to Starlink, that is still going to be better than supporting Xfinity’s warped version of reality.

  9. Too late. I dropped them when they first announced the caps locally.

  10. My brother in CT just switched to them. It was either deal with a data cap, or get dsl with single digit speeds.

  11. Data caps might get terminated entirely by national broadband. No wonder Comcast is paying off certain politicians to try to stop all municipal broadband.


  12. I have an idea: delay it until sometime around never.

  13. So hold on. Comcast is creating data plans in the northeast, but what about unlimited plans?

    Here in Colorado we have 940/35 with Unlimited Data. Though I guess that’s because CenturyLink has moved in and applied pressure to Comcast with their symmetrical gigabit (not fiber) for $65/mo, no contract.

  14. I don’t get why they are so cocky to enforce this data cap. I’m abusing a unlimited data LTE tariff in Germany which “only” cost me 70€/m getting 200Mbit/s and a data usage of around 3 – 7TB per month.

    I’d get why they would enforce data caps on LTE, but not on fixed broadband. Seriously…

  15. Can we have 2gbit by 10mbit up over DOCSIS? I need to be able to hit my cap in a few hours, if my shit upload speed even allows enough traffic to acknowledge received traffic.


    For now my GigSymmetrical FTTH with statics from AT&T (otherwise hate them) for $40 has no cap Also, it has none of their equipment in use either, so the junk gateway doesn’t get in the way. Fiber into my firewall. Their garbage is in a box in the closet if I ever cancel.

  16. If that isn’t a non-apology I don’t know what is. It’s basically saying “while this only affects a minority that doesn’t matter, we’ve agreed give them more time to learn how things work since it’s so hard for them, completely unrelated to the widespread public outrage.”

    Here in Canada, the internet companies – the telecomunication infrastucture in general – are terrible and offer some of the worst service at the worst rates in the developed world. There is a duopoly who don’t actually compete because it’s better for them to just always offer the same insane prices, and they justify charging those rates to those of us who live in the tiny densely populated areas (a full majority of the country) with the claim that we’re all subsidizing the cost of developing infrastructure across a massive barely-inhabited landmass more or less the size of the united states. Which is probably true – it’s definitely very expensive to get the Night King DSL.

    Canada lives in the alternate timeline where AT&T didn’t break up (one of the two companies for us is Bell) and instead it acquired the FCC in a hostile takeover. But even with these two companies (plus telus, sitting in the corner by themselves) owning *all* of the infrastructure, we still end up with choices. I can opt to get it from a small company that rents lines from Rogers or Bell and charges less because they cover a smaller area. I can opt to use Rogers’ largely identical system if Bell is being particularly terrible to me and vice versa.

    And somehow, America *still* manages to be worse, by allowing a handful of companies to become more powerful than God and letting them just divide up the country into their own territories where they can do whatever they want. The last time I even met someone who had a data cap on anything but their phone was 2012; for my phone with functionally unlimited data (24gb full speed, unlimited kind of slow but still usable) and my home internet without any cap (250mbps down) I pay about $105 CAD. While the conversion really isn’t valid because wages and bills have not adjusted with the devaluation of our currency, that’s $84 USD. Maybe that’s a bad rate for comparatively slow internet, but there is no cap and will never be. Even though I’m getting mine from one of the smallest internet companies in the country.

  17. Of course they pull their bullshit of “it won’t hurt that many people!”


  18. I’m getting GoNetSpeed fiber in my area now with asymmetric speeds and no data cap.. couldnt be happier

  19. There’s a new competitor coming in to our market. My ISP not only dropped the data cap, but the also increased speeds and lowered the price. My bill is half of what it used to be, my speeds are doubled, and I don’t have a data cap.

  20. I actually prefer Comcast – no problems – but their cap and annual contract forced us to Century Link: $70/month for gigabit fiber, no cap, no contract. Sounds better, but video stalls for no reason, tagged VLAN doesn’t work well with Google Wifi, separate 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz wifi nets, and customer service is reportedly (local poll) the worst of all.

  21. Moved from then to zipley. Had unlimited on xfinity, but because I paid for it… Directly, but with a router swap. Paid for the xfinity router but never even took it out of the box. Bought an immutable router (mostly, some small things can be changed), an Archer CR700 AC1750. Usage every month was 0 bytes, while I downloaded about a terabyte or 3 per month.

    Would have stayed but… Comcast sucks. And I like having gigabit upload speeds.

  22. Yeah, here in chicago I have to pay 30$ a month. 1TB is unrealistically low and they should be sued. COD updates alone are hundreds of GB. Unbelievable how fucking scummy these companies are.

  23. I can’t believe ISPs are implementing data caps in 2021.

  24. Next step is to reclassify high speed internet to 100 up/100 down.

  25. Wait. Hold on… Non-mobile internet has data-cap in the USA? WTF?

  26. The cap isn’t going away. Atlanta has had them for at least 4-5 years. At least when they did move to make it national the unlimited fee dropped to $30. Back when I had them it was $50

  27. Misleading title. Almost started downloading my bookmarks of 100+ 4K HDR Linux ISO’s

  28. This hit a guy I know in Conencticut. he checked his router’s logs and realized that the Roku box was streaming, and eating bandwidth they needed for4 WFH, WFH, remote school, and remote college.

    In Ye Olde Days, television came across the coax, and everyone left it on all the time.No one thinks about how the streaming services send their programming as *data*, and suddenly it counts against the cap.

  29. I live in Washington, had to up my plan to unlimited data months ago, keep getting hot with overages after 1TB.

  30. This isn’t the case in Midwest market sadly. I’m in Minneapolis, exceeded cap towards end of last month, called to move my account to full unlimited data for additional $30/mo. So they are fine with getting rid of a cap as long as you pay for it….

  31. The fact that this is delayed and not cancelled tells me that they’re just waiting for the next chance to have this lost in that news cycle.

  32. I called them about 5 times myself to complain/ask questions, and cancelled my TV package telling them I did not wish to support them any more than I had to… Maybe the barrage of questions and/or intentional over-use of internet by unhappy customers did something.