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WD EasyStore drive not showing up in bios. Help Please

Due to the recent sale, I snagged 3 of the 14TB easystore drives from best buy (WD140DGZ). I shucked them and put them in an old computer to make a nas with trueNas however the drives never showed up. After some more troubleshooting i’ve been unable to get the drives to spin up at all, so i’m thinking there is some kind of power issue. Below is an exhaustive list of everything i’ve done so far. Help solving this would be much appreciated.


1. try new power power cable, sata cable and sata motherboard slot
2. tried moving known working ssd to same slot and cables as above this works just fine
3. tried again with the same known working layout in 2, still nothing
4. tried different WD drive in known working layout, nothing
5. tried putting the WD drives into a different computer (my desktop), still nothing
6. tried steps 1-4 on the new computer nothing
7. maybe drives are bad? tried putting the easystore controller board back onto the drive and plugged in power and connected usb, works just fine confirmed drive is not dead.
8. maybe there’s tamper detection on the screw on the drive? took off controller board but put the screw holding it in place back. Still doesn’t work in any pc
9. internet said there may be a power saving signal being sent over SATA to the drive so it never spins up, tried booting with power cable only and no sata. Couldn’t feel the drive spinning or the arms moving. Drive simply never turns on.


At this point im running very thin on ideas.


Edit: Thanks for such a quick response, 3.3v issue seems like it’s likely the culprit ill look into it

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8 Yorumları

  1. If the drives work in the enclosure(s), but not in multiple workstations, it’s almost assuredly the known 3.3v problem. I have heard people approaching this different ways and I’m going to cover the 3 ways that I think are the best, in the order I would do them in, if I were having this problem. 1) replace the PSU with a non 3.3v PSU; 2) use SATA cables that do not pass through the 3.3v pin and (if you have a steady enough hand, you may be able to cut and remove the single pin with an x-acto knife) 3) put electrical tape on the SATA connector cut to cover the 3.3v pin.

    The following is an article on moding the cable (option 2): [https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/sata-drive-3-3v-power-cable-mod-tutorial/2817](https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/sata-drive-3-3v-power-cable-mod-tutorial/2817)

    I might also consider buying an inexpensive SATA extension/splitter cable that allows me the flexibility to CUT the 3.3v wire only: [https://smile.amazon.com/Benfei-Power-Y-Splitter-Cable-Inches/dp/B07ML447FG/](https://smile.amazon.com/Benfei-Power-Y-Splitter-Cable-Inches/dp/B07ML447FG/)

    There are some SATA power cables that do not have the 3.3v cable or you can remove it. I found this Reddit post where the 1st reply from AllMyName talks about this some: [https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/f8npgm/850w_psu_without_33v_issue/](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/f8npgm/850w_psu_without_33v_issue/)

    Finally, there’s a video that I saw some years ago when I first learned about the problem. It shows option 3 pretty good: [https://youtu.be/1YqMn1pCRd8?t=132](https://youtu.be/1YqMn1pCRd8?t=132)

  2. Exactly what u/Lord-Carlos said. Also tip of advice, always test the drive in the enclosure before shucking them just to make sure they power on and you can read and write data. It can be as simple as dragging a JPEG to it and removing it to confirm it isn’t restarting and there’s no issues. This way if you do have issues you can return it before you decide to shuck it and get a replacement. If you confirm it works, then it’s something to do with the power delivery.

    Glad you were able to get the answer from the community that you were looking for.

  3. I’m amazed google didn’t give you the answer. There are countless videos and post about the 3.3v pin

  4. Hi, try some Kapton tape (pretty cheap and reversible mod)
    I had to use this for some drives I’ve shucked in the past.


  5. Its probably the 3.3 pin but one time I had an issue with a shucked drive not being recognized on an hp z420. I had to format the drive via usb then connect it by sata cable. I can’t remember what the drive format was from the factory but the z420 wouldn’t recognize it.

    Good luck.

  6. This might be the 3.3v pin issue.. Try a molex to sata power adapter.

  7. The drive restart everytime it gets power on the 3.3v rail. Which Desktop PSU often have on all the time.

    Search for “Easystore 3.3v” and you should find at least 3 different solutions.

    I used a sata power splitter cable. On an older build I just clipped the 3.3v PSU cable. Some use tape.