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WD Blue for Pro video storage?

I am really getting sick of buying LaCie rugged drives, I have about 10 in a box in my office, and even though they are cheap it takes a lot of time to go and get a new one, unbox, format, copy paste, repeat (maybe I’m just lazy but that’s besides the point). I’m thinking of moving to one of these options:

1. 24 TB Raid setup thinking just 0 or 1
2. 12 TB drive and 12 TB clone

This is for backup purposes only. I usually work off of my 2 TB ssd then do a dual backup. I’m looking into getting 12 TBs of working storage. The extent of my knowledge is that I will lose total space with RAID and you cut it in half with cloning. Would any of you recommend buying 24 TBs of WD blue for raid? Or maybe 24 TBs of WD red? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. If you’re doing pro video I would be looking at pro solutions. Wd blue is a cheap desktop drive meant for regular desktop use. Personally I only go with enterprise drives for work situations, they have a 5 year warranty, way better estimated lifespan and can withstand more daily writes. Wd gold, wd red pro or, hgst ultrastar or Seagate exos. Since you’re talking about using this unit for backup purposes I would go with something like raid 6, this gives you two drive failure and better storage to price ratio then raid 1. You should be running an incremental daily backup of all your files on the editing ssd using some kind of backup software, i use veeam. Using a backup software lets you version, compress and automate the whole process so you don’t have to do it manually. Obviously you should also be backing up the backup unit either to another one in the office or better yet off-site. At minimum, my suggestion would be to buy a four bay nas and fill it with 12tb drives in a raid 6 configuration which would give you your 24tb space. The nas unit can do off-site backup during off hours to something like Amazon, backblaze or wasabi.

  2. Never RAID 0, no redundancy. Lose one drive, or heck one drive just farts and the whole array is gone.

    RAID 1 is another issue. If you accidentally delete a file or a file gets corrupted that’s mirrored to the second drive.

    I would look into WD Red Plus if you can afford it. Otherwise if you go with Blue check out this list and avoid SMR: https://nascompares.com/answer/list-of-wd-cmr-and-smr-hard-drives-hdd/

    12TB drive with 12TB clone works. But I’d do a backup not just a clone. Doing a 1:1 backup/clone is basically a delayed RAID 1. Heck right now get the 14TB WD Easystore from Best Buy for $199, shuck the drive from one and put it in your PC, use the other for backup. Use a backup program with snapshots or version history to backup your files so that you can reach back in time if needed for a previous version if one gets deleted or corrupt or locked out for some reason. You can use the LaCie drives to do a periodic cold backup of your most important files.