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Watch Party without Streaming Media Services?

I was hoping to set up a watch party for a few movies I have in my collection, but I noticed most offerings online only allow movies from streaming media sites everybody has to be a member of.

Other services require a movie to be uploaded, but seeing how I obtained these movies, that’s probably not a great idea. I’m aware of options like SyncPlay that work with VLC, but then I have to send a copy of the movie to everybody watching, and most of them aren’t computer nerds; they’re not going to know how to set up SyncPlay.

Discord *should* work, but I’ve tried just about everything – for whatever reason, Discord will not capture OpenGL video from my PC whether it’s in VLC or playing in a Chrome window. All I see is the screen border and the mouse moving around; everything else is black.

I don’t mind technicality if I can just pass the people in my watch party a simple URL, but I don’t want to make my laptop net-accessible to do that. Does anybody know of any alternatives that aren’t going to get me ISP flagged, or is this just all-around a terrible idea?

I know this sub isn’t for app recommendations, but considering this question would likely get me bounced from any other subred for the sake of trying to share pirated media, I’m asking here.

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  1. This is a late reply but for the discord problem, you would need to turn off hardware acceleration on Google chrome and discord or Google chrome itself for discord stream to work.

  2. I upload to my place server, then invite my friends with their email. Plex has an option to watch with others.

  3. Everything I’ve seen is more complicated and less efficient then just sending everybody a link to the same stream, getting on discord(voice only not streaming), and counting off “one two three play” and using timestamps to sync back up manually when someone needs to pause. No apps or services or accounts or VLC plugins or trying to explain to grandma what a torrent is.