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“Ultimate YouTube-DL Scripts Collection” (previously “YouTube-DL Archivist Scripts”) now on Version 3.0.0!

“Ultimate YouTube-DL Scripts Collection” (previously “YouTube-DL Archivist Scripts”) now on Version 3.0.0!

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  1. Hey /u/TheFrenchGhosty


    Thanks a lot for the scripts.


    What’s the best way of archiving everything from the channel with your scripts?


    Like, I don’t want the 30 day offset. I want everything present on the channel with all medatata, with comments, subtitles and best possible video quality at the moment.

  2. Looks good but pretty useless in Windows systems and windows is king. Unfortunately, I’ll have to stick with youtube-DL for now

  3. Awesome scripts as always. I have a question though: I just tried the 3.0.0 release and saw that it created a .webp file for my test video. What is that file being used for / what is the purpose?

  4. Youtube-dlc does not work, keeps saying ‘youtube-dlc: not found’.
    Installed all required dependencies, and ran ‘make’, all that went through successfully. Followed instructions to place folders and added content to ‘Source – xxx.txt’, but running script, for example ‘./Unique.sh’ just spits out the same ‘youtube-dlc: not found’ error.
    I added the installed directory and even the extracted directory from the tar.gz file to $PATH. Running ‘youtube-dlc -U’ says ‘not found’. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’ve been googling and trying different things all morning and it’s no good.

  5. Is it possible to download comments for already-downloaded videos without them getting skipped due to being in the archive.log? And is there a way to make downloading comments not take several minutes per video without being rate limited? They take forever while the videos themselves take no time at all lol

  6. Can instructions be provided on actually using atomicparsley once downloaded? (Windows)

    As well, how can we use the .json files to view comments? Opening them in notepad++ doesn’t look very nice at all, I assume there’s a better way to view them with presentable formatting?

  7. Quick tip for Windows users: use Cygwin instead of WSL.

    Setting up WSL proved to be quite a pain, requiring you to enable a Windows feature, reboot, then essentially download and install an instance of Ubuntu in order to boot into it just to run bash scripts.

    What I find to be infinitely easier and more efficient is to simply use Cygwin. Cygwin allows you to run Linux commands in Windows as though it were being run natively. I suggest adding this under the Windows instructions and mentioning WSL as a secondary method. I’ve also submitted this tip as an issue so OP would be more likely to see it and implement the edit.

    View post on imgur.com

  8. typo in “Features”

    “Dedicated scripts to download videos destined to be watched on deleted on a Mobile device”

    “Dedicated scripts to download videos destined to be watched AND deleted on a Mobile device”

  9. PSA (not strictly to promote, rather because it can help someone): I’m an author of [Haruhi-DL](https://haruhi.download), we strive to provide the best experience across all forks. Currently, we have a few things patched that don’t work in other forks, such as age-gated YouTube videos, and we constantly add new extractors and fix older buggy ones.

    I’d be grateful if you’d check out our work! :3

  10. This would be great if the 429 errors were not an issue for me. Every damn time i let this script go wild (or any other script i use) i get 429ed. I just want a set and forget option not a set and babysit option. I’ve tried every single fix out there and nothing works. If the script wouldn’t count towards hitting youtube when its checking already downloaded videos then i know for sure the 429 errors would be gone. Why does it need to hit youtube for a video that’s already downloaded since it skips downloading it?

  11. Pretty disappointing it doesn’t support Windows natively. I’ve written my own scripts so it’s not a huge deal, maybe I should host those somewhere so others that don’t use Windows 10 can benefit.

  12. /u/TheFrenchGhosty If you want to really take advantage of /u/pukkandan’s fork, you should update your extremely long ‘format’ codec settings to leverage his ‘format sort’ configuration. He helped me out with this as well and everything is *much* shorter and more readable.

    My playlist settings, for example, are here: https://github.com/undaunt/youtube-metadata-parse/blob/master/config/playlists.conf

    And I have written a script to loop through reverse playlists, playlists, and channels here: https://github.com/undaunt/youtube-metadata-parse/blob/master/bin/youtube-for-plex.sh

    For anyone interested in using scripts such as FrenchGhosty’s for Plex, specifically – and this metadata agent: https://bitbucket.org/mjarends/extendedpersonalmedia-agent.bundle – check out my repo. Bash scripts on hand to populate the metadata in just the right syntax.

  13. Just happened to see this post and tried out your scripts via WSL2. It’s simple and it works. I’ve only tried some simple examples (even an 8 hour YT video) and it seems to do the job.

    Question: Am I missing something or can I specify the file output type for audio only files? I’m assuming OPUS is better than MP3?

  14. This seems like it would be easy to make as a Windows .vbs/.js instead of having to install WSL. And the only reason you would use those vs .bat files would be need to implement the bash functionality you are depending on

    The maxpath limit can be relieved by setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFileSystemLongPathsEnabled = 1

  15. Wonder how these would work with YouTube dl gui? Also any way I could monitor a playlist such as favourite videos?

  16. It took me a while to understand just what this was, and it was only after reading the github “how to use” section… So, to be clear:

    Is this software and a list of videos you think should be downloaded for archival purposes?

    If so, you should explicitly state as much in your future posts.

    Your top comment is: the name, and ad for your other software, the change log (of that I do not know what it does) and special thanks.

    On your github page, its not until the Usage section that I get a clue as to what this is.

  17. The 260 character limit in Windows file paths hasn’t been a problem since like Win10 1511, no? Pretty sure Microsoft fixed that.


  18. Sorry for asking here as I haven’t had time to examine the scripts or install it yet (I’m on Windows and haven’t setup WSL).

    – Does this support downloading playlists for an entire channel/user and keeping them in separate directories?

    – if so, how does this handle videos that are in multiple playlists in the same channel?


    The reason I ask is when I worked on my own scripts, I would download an entire channel, which gets all the videos, but then the playlists would duplicate the videos, so I had to work around that and never got a good solution.

  19. Dude. I have been using your scripts for a while now. It’s awesome. I used them during the Capitol riot too. BTW, any plans on creating a automated rclone script?

  20. Cool. I’ve never heard about this before. I had a quick look at the source of two scripts. How come they’re oneliners?

  21. So is there no way to get this to run on versions of Windows that don’t support WSL?

  22. These scripts have been a huge help for me. I have an automated task that runs every night and downloads any new videos I’ve added to my playlists.

    Don’t be afraid of the command line! Just read the documentation and look at the scripts. It’s pretty easy to figure out.

  23. Hey, I use your script already, so thanks for that. Considering I don’t care to save comments, is it really worth updating considering I already modified it to suit my needs?

  24. Can someone explain how this is different/better than youtube-dlg other than the gui interface? Honest question as looking for a better solution as the dlg version seems hit and miss lately.

  25. somehow related question:

    is there a youtube-dl fork that makes it possible to download encrypted videos? I don’t need it to he able to decrypt it, just downloading the encrypted streams would do fine.

  26. Just when i was about to setuo the archivist script to wait one month before downloading.
    Thanks for keeping this script “up to date” but my wallet hates you for it since i need to re-download everything because i never thought about the yt processing time : )

    modernnecromancer-team: if someone reads this, you could update the sidebar to the new comment.

  27. first time i hear of this, and when i do i read it removed srt support ?
    looks interesting! will give it a shot (also if there’s a way to get the srt support back)

  28. https://github.com/TheFrenchGhosty/TheFrenchGhostys-Ultimate-YouTube-DL-Scripts-Collection

    Associated Reddit /r/Datahoarder post: [Here for 2.0.0](https://redd.it/h7q4nz) and [Here for 1.0.0](https://redd.it/dwhvq6).

    If you like it you will surely enjoy my GOG Archivist Scripts: https://github.com/TheFrenchGhosty/TheFrenchGhostys-GOG-Archivist-Scripts (Associated /r/Datahoarder post https://redd.it/cvi6y3)


    – **The project has been rebranded to “TheFrenchGhosty’s Ultimate YouTube-DL Scripts Collection” (from “TheFrenchGhosty’s YouTube-DL Archivist Scripts”):** Rebranded because the project it’s now more than just an Archivist-focused project.

    – **Drop the native Windows version in favor of WSL:** Dropped because it was too time consuming to maintain, because it was partially broken because of the path length limit Windows uses and because when it existed it was untested.

    – **Move to yt-dlp, a youtube-dl fork:** Changed because yt-dlp allows downloading comment, and because youtube-dl is maintained in a bad way (see: https://github.com/animelover1984/youtube-dl/issues/18#issuecomment-761820321 )

    – **Most of the documentation has been rewritten, splitted to multiples files and massively enhanced**: It isn’t a wall of text anymore, and it’s now more user-friendly.

    – **Remove –sub-format “srt”:** It’s useless

    – **Make the Archive scripts download comments with –get-comments, also make an “Archivist Scripts” that doesn’t download comments.** NOTE: Downloading comments is currently flawed and comments will get downloaded even for videos that are skipped, see this Github issue: https://github.com/pukkandan/yt-dlp/issues/94

    – **Skip live-streams currently running in every scripts except Watch and Listen:** Downloading live-streams currently running is really buggy, so it’s better to not archive them.

    – **Make the Audio-Only Scripts follow the same logic in naming as the videos scripts**

    – **Use AVC for 240p and 144p since it looks better at those resolutions**

    – **Output stdout and stderr to output.log:** Ideal for debugging purpose, and useful for automation

    – **Change the datebefore-dateafter to have 1 months separating them:** One month is the bare minimum to have since YouTube can sometimes take days, to weeks to process an high resolution video.

    – **Rename the “Watch” script to “Watch on PC**”

    **Special thanks:**

    @pukkandan | /u/pukkandan for making yt-dlp

    Hulk6931-infinity for testing the scripts on WSL

    @floriplum | /u/floriplum for reporting issues/asking for enhancement since version 1.

    @b0pol for catching some typos

    Everyone who opened issues / asked for enhancement: This is because of you that the scripts are *that* good!