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Ultimate Cloud Media Server Build Guide [bonus: multiple gdrive upload script]

Ultimate Cloud Media Server Build Guide [bonus: multiple gdrive upload script]

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37 Yorumları

  1. When you mention “configure multi-gdrive transfer”, how can you archieve this? Is it the team drive trick? Am i missing other method? Im stuck with the 750gig limit

  2. Why use Medusa for Anime? Sonarr/Radarr works just fine for that

  3. Why is ruTorrent recommended for private trackers and Deluge for VPN connections?

  4. didnt use a burner/cash for visa gift card for gsuite and its not encrypted. meh

  5. Awesome and very well put-together flow-chart.

  6. So how does this actually work? You just download stuff onto the Google drive and you watch from there? How does it work with copyrighted content, etc?

  7. I’m a little confused by the last step. What is “Actually Watch Something” and where do I buy it?

  8. How dare you assume I actually want to watch, listen, or read anything I download.

  9. Encrypted rclone requires you to be a linux pro, seriously? It’s a really easy extra step, requires nothing that setting up the main rclone remote doesn’t.

  10. GSuite help! Actually, I’m not there yet, but I’ve got a burning question. What are the opinions of you folks about using my work GSuite account as a cloud backend?

    P.S. Awesome graphic! People here are so helpful.

  11. I’ve been working on a 100% open source mediaserver for while now.
    Maybe anyone is interested in using or helping?

  12. But why not just Transmission -> Samba share -> Kodi on a RaspberryPi…

  13. Unlimited cloud storage is not possible anymore right?

  14. I was under the impression gsuite was rather expensive (min $50 a month), am I missing something?

  15. The one thing that does confuse me at the start is the “Fast Home Internet” question, and if No, then rent a server.

    Surely the issue will be if you have shitty home internet the sensible option would be to have a local server as streaming off the net may be an issue?

  16. What does Medusa do differently than sonarr for it to be good for anime?

  17. I wouldn’t necessarily force everybody on to Linux. A lot of people can do all of this but will be more comfortable with any troubleshooting, installing, etc. on windows or mac. The only thing harder than learning and setting all of this up is doing it while simultaneously fighting with an OS you don’t know very well.

  18. Why would you do this, when you can just copy and paste all the things you want to a portable harddrive? It looks like way too much work and money for what you get out of it.

  19. Can ty explain the gsuit? I live in Philippines and I get 150gb mo they limit. I can buy more. I’m from the states and will be setting up a Linux server there when I go back to visit in April.

  20. A wiki describing a lot of these would be awesome. Especially in the “configure your cloud storage” section.

    Also, GSuite is mentioned a lot. I think I have Gsuite on one of my domains but I’m not clear what you are using yours for – just the google apps like mail and calendar?

  21. What program did you use to make this? Good guide as a long time plex user and closet data-horder.

  22. I want to know more about Deluge vpn. Right now, I have a cumbersome setup using a xubuntu vm, openvpn, gufw, and Transmission with ipv6 disabled in the vm.

  23. There is also a fork of subsonic called [Booksonic](http://booksonic.org/) for audiobooks if you have a larger audiobook collection.

  24. Flicker-rate, you kill me with this; here is an easy link to zoom in on! You have too many jokes built in it!


  25. came to see if something more popular than mylar showed up 🙁

  26. Looks great. I haven’t tried Medusa before and because I have a lot of anime, I may test it out.

  27. Computer skillz ?
    Yes –> Read this beautiful infography !
    No –> VLC my friend !

  28. The “How do you feel about the cloud” block is missing the “Oh fuck no” option.