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Transferring 100s of TBs from one cloud storage provider to another?

Maybe this isn’t a perfect fit for this subreddit since we mostly care about physical storage here, but I have a perdicament. I have 100s of TBs of data stored on Google Drive through a business G Suite account with “unlimited” storage. Recently, Google contacted me to tell me that they’re changing my plan into a Google Workspace account with only 5tb per user. I’m absolutely shocked, shocked I tell you that they’d do this. Well, not that shocked. But I digress.

While I continue pulling all this data offline onto physical drives I’d like to keep it online as well so I’ve signed up for an unlimited space Dropbox Business account (which I’m sure will one day also become limited).

I plan to use rclone to sync the data from one to another, but I’m running into an issue with bandwidth costs and transfer caps. Does anyone have any suggestions for services where I can transfer all this data within a couple of months? I’m considering spinning up a Hetzner server from their auction since they seem to offer unlimited transfer.

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  1. Try storj.io is you don’t need to download it regularly

  2. Cloudhq is a service for syncing between cloud providers. Not used it enough to know if it can use this level.

    Also try Google takeout – it has an option to export directly to some cloud platforms

  3. The new google drive workspace is $20/mo with 1 user for unlimited. Just make sure to transfer to the enterprise plan.

  4. What i would suggest is to explore Allway Sync and you might store your data to s3 or wasabi.

  5. [https://www.multcloud.com/](https://www.multcloud.com/)

    Have used them for smaller transfers, looks like the annual plan has unlimited data and can use 10 transfer threads at once.

  6. Get a cheap VPS, something like `rclone copy -P googleremote: dropboxremote:`

    should work.

  7. Have Google transfer your data to a physical transfer appliance. Arrange with Backblaze or Wasabi to receive the device and upload your data, then return the transfer appliance.

  8. Honestly, I never get the online cloud storage thing. Hasn’t this experience with GSuite taught you a lesson? Why not have your own offline storage? Hard drives are not that expensive these days…

  9. A few bulk providers do have special pricing for moving very large amounts of data from other providers with a one year commitment. But they’re going to be cost-per-GB.

  10. Spin up a server with provider who has peering with Google and AWS (Dropbox uses AWS?), maybe gets around the transfer issues.

  11. [https://www.cbackup.com/pricing.html](https://www.cbackup.com/pricing.html) says you can back up an unlimited amount to a single or combined “Public Cloud” including Dropbox, GDrive and OneDrive (maybe others?) for $9.99 per month. It sounds as though the files will just end up in your DropBox. You could try their free trial to make sure the cloud-to-cloud transfer works as you expect.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong; I was under the impression you could switch to a plan like “Google Workspace Enterprise Standard” which offers “As much as you need” in space. Though with a min. 5 users at $20/mo each. Although I’ve read accounts having only 3 users, using well over the supposed 1TB limit per user. Perhaps you can’t or don’t want to stay with Google, then I would agree with other posts a seed box or VPS that’s unmetered though not particularly quick.

  13. Downloading things from Google Drive is quite painful. While I have nowhere near the amount of the data that you have, I downloaded Google backup and sync on the computer that had the necessary storage. Then the cloud is automatically downloaded to your device in the background.

    It would probably take an eternity, so you may want to find another solution but I thought it might be helpful.

  14. Maybe look if there is a tool to transfer files from Google directly to Dropbox w/o having to go through your connection?
    Otherwise renting a VPS is probably next best

  15. ” I have 100s of TBs of data stored on Google Drive”

    Youre the reason we cant have nice things lol


    seriously though, fuck em.

  16. Uf all you want to use is Rclone, then personally i’d get yourself a seedbox on an unlimited plan… something like feral hosting.