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Tool for downloading all your youtube subscriptions.

I recently tried to download all videos on all channels I’m subbed to but didn’t find a way better than manually getting links to channels from my subscriptions and running them through youtube-dl. Also some channels I wanted to skip (for example podcasts).

So I made a little [tool](https://github.com/anatolykopyl/youtube-cdl) that makes the process easier.

It gets all of the users subscriptions via the youtube api and goes through all of them prompting if you want to download or skip a channel. After you’ve marked each channel it starts downloading. I’ve been downloading all night and I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

Hopefully some of you will find this useful.

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28 Yorumları

  1. Not sure if this tool does this but I’m trying to just grab a list of all of my subscriptions to manage everything I’m subscribed to (I have hundreds of subscriptions). I don’t want to download every single subscription just certain ones (that’s why I need to obtain a list of my subscriptions).

  2. My fork of youtube-dl, [yt-dlp](https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp) can do this. You just need to pass logged in cookies

    yt-dlp :ytsub –cookies cookies.txt

  3. Ive seen a reddit post that does download your subscriptions, using `./youtube-dl –download-archive downloaded.txt -i -o “%(uploader)s/ – %(title)s” -f bestvideo[ext=mp4]+bestaudio –batch-file=channel_list.txt`. Other than you having to input your channels in a list as a txt file it have seen it work pretty well.

  4. This is great! Any way to filter subs or does it grab everything?
    I think I’m subbed to over 100 channels.

  5. JDownloader is what you’re looking for. It may be detected as Malware but it’s not. Been using it for over a year.

  6. Now we just need a proper offline version of youtube to self-host. Plex does not cut it for me.

  7. could you create a file where i can list all the channels i want to download the videos from, I dont want to have to press n for 700 channels. My current work around is to just create a new google accout.

  8. I just created a blog in blogspot where I write all the channel’s names and their URLs. That way I can know what they are all about.

  9. It’s all fun and games till you fav content creator starts deleting old vids (looking at you madiasmr!) thanks!

  10. This project, also does subscriptions, [https://github.com/Tzahi12345/YoutubeDL-Material](https://github.com/Tzahi12345/YoutubeDL-Material)

  11. If I had the space I would 100% do this.

    …I need more hard drives. Also a NAS to put them in…

  12. Thanks for the great tool. It would be great if you can add a function to download only missing videos. My idea is to have this plugged to a cron job, running once a day/week and keep downloading automatically my prefered channels.

  13. Nice job. I love how youtube-dl does not throttle the download speed as opposed to jdl2.

  14. Can this be used to download a playlist of over 100 videos at all?

  15. I love YouTube-dl for everything related to download from YouTube (and some other video platforms).
    It’s amazing, easy to use and easily scriptable.

  16. Holy shit bro thanks! I have been searching for something like this this a while now! My next free award is yours.

  17. Alternatively, if you use jd2 you can copy a play all videos link address and it will copy links for all files in a channel versus just a playlist, you can in fact manually modify the channel’s address and change any channel into a play all.

  18. Amazing, im not very good with technology so hopefully I can get it working.

  19. Jdownloader also works. I download my courses on yt to watch at work posts with crappy wifi

  20. Didnt know i wanted this. But there aint shit else aside from my wifes movies on that 4tb plex drive rn. 🙂

  21. Yoooo this is awesome can’t wait to try it out!