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Tokyo Resident who’s been filming scenes in Japan since 1990 has over 12,000 videos on youtube

So, I’ve found myself downloading a lot of historical footage and I stumbled upon this guy, [Lyle Hiroshi Saxon](https://www.youtube.com/c/lylehsaxon/featured). The dude has been on youtube since 2007 and over the period of 14 years has uploaded [12,967 videos](https://imgur.com/fVHSwOI). He’s been a resident since 1984 and has footage dating from 1990-1993 and from 2008-present. It’s by far the biggest channel I’ve ever downloaded.

He even has a [webpage/blog](http://www5d.biglobe.ne.jp/~LLLtrs/) Even if it looks like he hasn’t updated it in a while.

Thought it was interesting enough to share

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42 Yorumları

  1. He really liked the dutch angle back in the day.

  2. Trivia: 1990 is closer to the founding of Youtube than today is.

  3. Ugh! Wow, that could be so interesting, but I watched three of them and his camerawork/ fast splicing literally made my head hurt. Still, I appreciate people capturing “every day” life since we don’t have a lot of that from the past.

  4. Oh man, the light rail sounds make me miss Europe…or really anywhere with public transportation.

  5. If I ever get a fiber connection I might start datahoarding Youtube channels.

  6. You probably do this already OP, but for those new to youtube-dl, there’s a thread (and valuable comments) here that highlights how to best preserve metadata from YouTube: [https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/akgrow/psa_make_sure_you_include_these_flags_in_your/](https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/akgrow/psa_make_sure_you_include_these_flags_in_your/)

  7. I found a YouTube channel with old Vietnamese TV commercials from 2000s to 2015, it has around 27,000 videos with quality is 240p only, idk can yt-dl handle it or it will be crash?
    Update: channel name is NEMO Studio

  8. They could probably sell the whole set as an NFT artwork for half a billion $

  9. Great find. I would love a tour of Tokyo set to vaporwave music haha

  10. Overlaying city pop songs with this video would be awesome!

  11. Reidgck on YouTube has a lot of digitised stuff from 1960s/1970s Australia for anyone else interested.

  12. Very neat! Thanks for sharing. I’m just curious about your experience downloading these videos – how does Youtube-dl handle the Japanese characters? Do you ever come across missing characters in the file names? Or anything similar to that? (based on your screenshot I’m assuming you are computing in an English language system, so apologies if you aren’t.) Thanks!

  13. Awesome. I watch a random video from these yt channel, named “1990”. Its filmmed in a train station and shows people in old Toshiba train carriages. These Toshibas was exported to Argentina for use in Sarmiento train line and others in Buenos Aires city and metropolitan areas. The Toshibas ends his lives after a very sad episode in 2012 where more that 50 people died in Once de Septiembre station in Sarmiento line when a Toshiba train had a brake fail at the end of railways. I never seen Toshibas so new a clean as in that old 1990 video.


    Footage of toshibas in Castelar station in Buenos Aires, operated by TBA (Trenes de Buenos Aires) company.

  14. Very cool. I wish the few I watched weren’t so jumpy, but there are plenty more to check out!

  15. Anyone who scrapes this should try to get the comments as well as it looks like Lyle comments on the videos quite often as well providing extra context.

  16. What do you use to download an entire channel like that?

  17. is it possible to download a whole library from youtube at 1 time? YT keeps deleting or people private music that is then lost forever and I kinda wanna keep a library of things I liked.

  18. What are the best tools to do this quickly? Some kind of addon to automatically do it? I know how to do a one off, but it would cool to grab the videos of my favourite channels.

  19. I’m glad to see other people found this. I subscribed to him a while back since he happened to shoot a place I used to live. Most of his videos have only a few hundred views.

    This is the part of Youtube I enjoy the most: people just making stuff they like, showing us their lives, without any interest in squeezing out clicks.

  20. 2021 – 1990 = 31 years.

    31 years x 365 days = 11,315 days.

    He has close to 13k videos.

    He has literally been vlogging every day for 31 years…

    EDIT: Can you imagine if we could create a virtual Japan based on these videos, and see what the same spot looked like across the years?

  21. [Rambalac](https://youtube.com/c/Rambalac) makes similar videos, only with a 4k UHD cam ? Also check out [Yurara Sarara](https://youtube.com/c/YuraraSarara) for videos specifically covering temples and shrines in Japan.

  22. Interesting. What do you plan on doing with these?

  23. i have about 30,000 videos on my account ! and how do you know he has 12,000 videos ? youtube dont display a number

  24. I enjoy ‘Impressed cat channel’ where a Japanese gentleman posts meeting stray cats at different locations in Japan. He uploads regularly.

  25. I really enjoy (and watch far too many) walking around videos of Japan. The people who enjoy these kinds of videos *really* enjoy the atmosphere (perhaps escapism) that they offer. For example, I have a second monitor and I use it almost exclusively to play these kinds of videos. I also use playlists to divide videos of Akihabara from Shinjuku, for example.

  26. Interesting, it would be cool if you could translate the titles and match them up to do a ~1990 vs ~2020 comparison