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This is your regular reminder that Comcast is still a dumpster fire: Comcast to impose home internet data cap of 1.2TB in more than a dozen US states next year

This is your regular reminder that Comcast is still a dumpster fire: Comcast to impose home internet data cap of 1.2TB in more than a dozen US states next year

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36 Yorumları

  1. This is so weird.

    For years We here in Australia would look on enviously at the US with their unlimited data plans when we had heavily restrictive data caps back in the 2000’s.

    Now, we’re the ones with unlimited plans as standard and the US are getting data caps.

  2. Ah yes, in the age of fucking 250gb video games with fiber speeds, along with 4k streaming.

    1TB is ass and they know it. Fuck shitpai.

  3. I’m in Minneapolis, I got rid of Comcast as soon as fiber was available and never looked back.

    I now have redundant fiber Internet access, one through the front yard (US Internet, Ethernet, $65/mo, unlimited), one through the back yard (CenturyLink, GPON, $65mo, unlimited).

    I suggest talking to your city council about why you’re letting Comcast screw the citizens of your city, in many places the city owns the cable infrastructure and Comcast is only the operator. In other places the cable operator is given a monopoly in exchange for certain concessions — all renegotiable if you hammer away at City Hall long enough.

  4. So….watch 5.7hrs of 4k per day on Netflix, and you’re fucked…?

  5. So can anyone who is under a contract that specified ‘unlimited’ sue for breech of contract? Should the state attorneys general be contacted now to start prepping?

  6. So what about in the places that have no other option for internet. I go over that limit monthly. I am on spectrum though so i don’t know if it makes a difference.

  7. Saw this in the fine print when I was searching for a new isp. I pay for gb fiber from CenturyLink and I never get more than 10mbps… usually an avg of 3-8 mbps dl and Upload speed. And super spotty with it disconnecting anywhere from 30s apart to 5m apart.

    Got CenturyLink cause I was tired of dealing with Comcast but theyre just as bad from my experiences with both. CL though don’t want to do any trouble shooting unless I by a new modem which is only a year old but out of warranty. Seems like a shady business practice to pmake crappy modem/ routers to fail just after a year of using, since you can’t use 3rd party modems.

    At least, if you complain to Comcast they sometimes offer discounted rate to compensate but CL are super cheap and don’t do anything.

    I’m thinking of just buying a new modem so they have to fix the issue but the CSR said “if its wiring for your home, we have to charge you.”

    When will internet be considered a utility? Seems like we need it since all schooling is online now.

    I’m sure the govt doesn’t want to lose the tax dollars lost if ISP couldn’t charge ridiculous prices with no competition.

  8. Cox is already doing this in Florida. It’s bullshit. I was in Los Angeles last and there was no data cap for Spectrum (because of a merger they did – but they do want to impose one) – but they suck for other reasons.

    Yea, “first month of going over is free”, but after that they charge $10 per 50gigs. It’s bullshit.

    Why are we paying for data? I don’t understand. It’s not a finite resource at all. So fucking stupid.

  9. Super glad I’m not in a state with that. My house goes through a terabyte every week or two.

  10. “According to Comcast, 95 percent of its customers don’t get close to using that much data per month; over the last six months, the median monthly data use was around 308GB.”

    So because my old neighbors aren’t data hoarders, I can’t be either? Wtf???

  11. I mean this is what happens when a country dismisses regulation on business like the United States does. You can’t even point this out to many Americans because they’ll claim if they regulate business, businesses will go bankrupt.

    I truly feel bad for the Americans who know better and are stuck living in this situation. Unfortunately there are too many middle class and poor Americans that have drank the unfettered free market koolaid to have any reasonable hope tech companies will start changing their ways. Especially when they aren’t international tech companies where they have to face actual regulators in countries that value regulation and protecting their citizens.

  12. You don’t have the cap already? I’ve had one for years with them

  13. There’s not really any way to innovate broadband internet… so to keep shareholders happy Comcast introduces data caps as a way to leech more money out of customers. Capitalist innovation, i guess… :/

  14. so really what it boils down to is prepare to spend an extra 100 bucks a month.

    “who exceed 1.2TB in a month will be charged $10 per 50GB of data, for a maximum of $100. “

  15. My city is having Ting rollout slowly. Comcast lobbied my state to make it so municipalities can’t setup their own internet but it said nothing about building out fiber infrastructure! They just can’t provide the service. Ting is okay, I get 1 Gb/s Down/Up. Its just my latency is higher than it was with Comcast, like 115ms compared to 40-60ish.


    Anyway this makes me so mad. With the push for work from home and having school online there are lots of towns in my state that are left in the dust. So many places rely on DSL but Comcast and CenturyLink are doing everything to make sure that individual counties can’t rollout internet service to those having to rely on satellite internet.

  16. Damn, a company in my 3rd fucking world country (Chile) tried that shit and they had to go back because of the backslash (other companies did not follow and used that to attract new clients), strange shit that in the 1st world you have to put up with that kind of bullshit.

  17. I had a data cap with Cox. I paid to remove the cap, but it was $50/mo. I sucked it up because I didn’t think I had an alternative. At least when I moved in I didn’t. I saw a neighbor post that they just got AT&T Fiber. No cap, gigabit, and half of what I was paying Cox.

  18. Damn. If I had to redo my machine, Id break the limit just reinstalling my Steam library

  19. I live in MA. Have loved this while it lasted. This month I’m terabytes in. How do you get unlimited?

  20. I’ve had this for a while, they lifted it over COVID but put it back like 2 months later.

    My only other option is Century Link, and I can literally see one of their hubs out my back window, yet only qualify for 40Mb down through them and 1Mb up.

    I just want fiber and no data caps.

  21. So just some perspective. I’m a high school video teacher. I’m doing some live stuff, some zoom, some uploads, some YouTube. This is in addition to normal web traffic in my house – an Apple TV and a Fire Stick, three computers.

    I’m using 2.5-3TB a month right now. I’m not torrenting. My daily live show that my kids produce remotely only accounts for 5-7GB/day, four days a week.

    Just my data usage.

  22. wait, you have a cap on internet in US? Is it related also with plan you paying for? Just asking I’m for NL where we dont have any cap I guess in EU there is no cap at all on data you transfer, but for example I have monthly ~2.5TB data so I wonder how much I have to pay in US for fiber 100/100 without data limit

  23. LPT because fuck Cumcast. Cancel every year and sign up with someone else in the household. You get 2 “pardons” for exceeded data caps and you get better rates. Remember the reason these assholes are in control the way they are is due to lobbying. Fight these guys tooth and nail.

  24. Internet cap in the 2020’s? Age of HD and 4k internet streaming and internet of things? Come on now.

  25. I’m just starting at the Starlink subreddit hoping that *they* don’t get any stupid ideas. My ISP is literally a pirated full copy of PdaNet+ with Cricket. Absolutely terrible, but Starlink would be so awesome if it was truly unlimited and super fast.

  26. We’ve (Chicago) had this cap in for a year or so. We go over it every month and end up paying $10 for every 50Gb. I would like to find a truly unlimited plan, but there isn’t much competition in Chicago.

  27. Meanwhile, in my country, the top provider’s most expensive bundle has a cap of 750GB. (Belgium)

  28. My city subreddit is all mad about this. No one cared that there was a data cap in most of Comcast service area but now suddenly they are all switching to Fios

  29. Two things:
    1) I’ve had the 1tb cap on Comcast for years. Both in Chicago and the Bay Area. Yay no competition.
    2) what do you think the upside to renting their modem is to them vs letting you bring your own device? Think they assume you’ll ditch your router too and they can pipe you to their DNS and build the robustness of their ad and tracking network?

  30. *looks at the 195 GB torrent I’m downloading*

  31. This has been true for Northern California since the start of the pandemic (good timing, Comcast!)

    FYI: if you opt for their “unlimited” package ($30/mo), the CSR may tell you

    1. you must use their hardware, and
    2. don’t worry, you get it for free!

    **Both are false.**

    You don’t need to use their hardware, and they charge you to rent their router if you don’t opt into an additional tv or streaming package.

    Edit: just to clarify, after speaking with the customer service person for almost an hour, I was able to get them to enable the “unlimited” package and not use their hardware (just my existing docsis 3.1 modem).