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This is why datahoarding is important

There was one music cover I absolutely loved, it was on youtube. I think now you already know whats this story about right….


Anyways, after some months later, I wanted to listen this amazing cover again. And guess what? It’s not on youtube anymore. Jesus. It was just one harmless, perfectly covered song, there is no way its about DMCA or something. Its just removed for no reason. I checked my liked videos list (it includes 5000 videos btw.) No luck there too, tried to check web archive links of some deleted videos in my liked list , still cant find. And I don’t know how to search that video on google too. I just know the song name and thats all… I dont even know the artist name, so I can’t make a deeper search. But If I search the every keyword I know, it still doesn’t appear in google. Its like it never existed lol. Its just gone. And there is probably nothing I can do now. And once again, it was one of the best music videos on youtube I have ever listened. I really wish I could find it.


So yeah, you think backing up youtube videos are stupid? You think “once something is on internet, its always on internet” ? You think everything will be okay?


NO IT WON’T. Anything can be deleted in internet. Literally anything. Unless you backup it yourself, it has a chance of going forever… So yeah just keep your backups alive guys. This is horrible experience. And pretty annoying too.


Sorry for english, thanks for reading.

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  1. i know the story well. There was this cover of the Ariana Grande song named “lovin it” done in 2014. I watched it and really enjoyed it at the time. Recently I went through the efforts to archive videos that were dear to me and gave me memories of the 2010s, for historical purposes, given that most people don’t bother to do this I figured it would be a great way to capture something that would be valuable to preservationists in a few years… Turned out the entire channel was gone and any evidence that channel or that particular video existed is gone. This is also coupled with youtube’s new horrible search system which seems to recommend the same videos to you over and over again after you get past a certain point in the search results, making any possibility of finding a reupload near impossible.

  2. The only thing that is on the internet forever are those nude selfies… 😉

  3. I had the same with a YouTuber called UnclassicalPiano. He one day deleted his chance for some reason. I spent years searching for his videos hoping someone might have them. Finally, someone managed to find few (not all) of his videos and posted them on YouTube.

  4. Chocolate Rain – the two Coreys edition has also been scrubbed from existence

  5. As long as we’re here, whats the current best way to rip the audio from all videos in a channel?

  6. So over the past year and a half or so I’d been saving YouTube videos to a list called “History”. The kind of videos that I’d want to show my future kids – or videos that were so relevant to the current day that they truly were history in the making.
    Well you can imagine my pain when I found that at least 1/3 of these videos were taken down. That was one of the main reasons I joined this sub.

  7. YouTube is part of Google. Use alternate search sites like Bing, Yahoo or Duck Duck Go.

  8. After one of my favorite youtubers deleted almost all of her videos, I’m hoarding the stuff too.

  9. Same thing happened a couple years ago with the song Circles by Machineheart & Vanic. It basically got wiped from the internet, and aside from a few low quality reuploads of it, you can’t find the song anywhere. Except for my NAS that is. ? I get to keep enjoying the song.

  10. Absolutely agree, save everything you love!

    Recently I noticed that nearly 20% of all the videos in my YouTube playlists were dead links, either due to DCMA’s or simply the account being terminated. I was shocked to see some of my favourite videos from the last eight years disappear suddenly. A few months ago I decided to begin backing up all videos of importance to myself, and now have just shy of 600 videos archived. About a dozen are already gone from YouTube itself. The rate at which videos are disappearing seems to be forever climbing.

    Don’t ever just assume it’ll be there forever. Grab yourself a personal copy today while you still have the chance!

  11. it’s a huge issue. I’m currently in the process of archiving a lot of youtube uploads about a specific artist (aka unreleased songs played over Instagram, screen recorded and uploaded to youtube) and there’s so many deleted videos, causing entire songs to be lost. a lot of unreleased songs I listened to in 2017, 2018, 2019 have all been nuked with no public backups. it’s sad tbh

  12. Had my Google Music account filled to the max (all 25000 songs) in full FLAC, and missed the fucking download window to pull all my data from google before they shut it down, and now its lost forever. So many local bands, hard to find underground groups, and a shit ton of other music that will be hard/impossible to find, all because i trusted google with my hoard and didnt pay attention to them closing the project down. Slowly we rebuild…

  13. That’s why I download the all the music videos and AMVs I like, if it’s available I download super high quality version if not a youtube rip is Ok too.

  14. I habitually save videos off YouTube that I enjoy – wether it’s music, video game reviews, old TV footage – almost anything I know I’d enjoy watching more than once. The only annoying part is when YT changes its video delivery back end and breaks the plugins I use to save the videos, and then have to resort to using those sketchy websites. That’s annoying for a while until they update or fix the plugins.

  15. I downloaded a video off YouTube once, it was an AMV I believe.

    This was back in elementary school, when I had gotten my first iPod and had no money to purchase songs and the like with. So I’d download songs and videos off the internet and would upload them through iTunes.

    Tried to find that same AMV a while back and it completely vanished. It was such a good one, too. At least I still have it on a USB somewhere, lmao.

  16. An example of this is a song I loved as a teen. Remember the dance song Pump Up The Volume? Remember how it started with “Yo all you homeboys out the Bronx this one’s for you?”

    The version found everywhere now has a different opening. It’s nowhere to be found, unless you own the soundtrack to Bright Lights Big City. Go try to find it.


  17. Man I have so many vidoes on to watch later and songs and favourite that now says video privated or removed. I don’t even know what the vidoes were.

  18. Everyone should have a [RecoverMy.Video](https://www.recovermy.video/) account.

    I have an anime music playlist that regularly has videos deleted from it and I do _not_ want to forever miss out on a song I used to love.

  19. It’s almost as if Youtube isn’t some perfect repository of human culture, but just a short-expiration marketing machine designed to sell shit to you without you even being aware that is what it’s up to.

  20. There’s a Death Cab for Cutie cover for I’ll follow you into the dark that I was mesmerized by. I don’t listen to the actual song, so it was hard for me when it was taken down. It’s been almost 10 years. I still think about that man singing with his eyes closed cause he was just enjoying his own artisty. Good stuff. Wish I had downloaded that when I had the chance.

  21. I need to start. My wife and I are starting a new business and I saw a super helpful technique for supporting silicone sock molds while they cure full in a video on YouTube. Gone.

  22. FYI, don’t discount DMCA. The whole premise of that law was “take down now, ask questions later”.

  23. > It was just one harmless, perfectly covered song, there is no way its about DMCA or something.

    Actually could be DMCA – due to the way copyright law works: the writer (or whoever acquired the rights from the writer) is the one with the copyright on the work – regardless of who performs it.

    Meaning, if they covered a song without permission from the copyright holder, it could easily be taken down under DMCA (or taken down to avoid any other complications with copyright law).

  24. Hate to get all philosophical on y’all, but, in a gross oversimplification, I believe that the “purpose” of consciousness and sentience is to fight entropy.

    Datahoarding is VERY important in the grand scheme of things.

  25. I had a playlist on YouTube that were all short harmless sketch style clips from mostly no name channels. I had hundreds of videos on the playlist.

    One day out of no where YouTube emails me saying a video on my playlist was reported for some reason.

    Well apparently that was enough for the entire playlist to be removed. So I had an entire playlist deleted because of one video. I can’t even see what the other videos on the list were. It is simply gone.

    It makes me feel like even your “favorites” default playlist isn’t safe, if you accidentally save the wrong video.

    I have since set every playlist as private hoping that will help. I am not entirely confident though.

  26. What was the title of the video and last known date?

  27. I haven’t really thought about downloading youtube videos before, but I think I might start looking into it.

  28. This is why I like data hoarders. They keep things archived so they don’t get lost to time ?

  29. Its like seeding a torrent if no one’s seeding the torrent will die so i just dedicated some funds to put my server online which has nearly 14tb of 4k Bluray and keep it running 24×7. sone of the 4k aren’t even available in any private Torrent let alone normal torrents sites.

  30. 100% true. My policy is if I go to watch a video on YouTube for the 2nd time, I get my own copy.

    So sad when something so harmless gets removed. While in many cases there is a reason why, quite often people just purge really old videos when they now have much ‘better’ content.

  31. Similar story about a mixtape. I ended up finding a super low quality version of it on soundcloud. Met one other person across the globe who is desperate to find the original

  32. And this is why my scripts exist: https://github.com/TheFrenchGhosty/TheFrenchGhostys-Ultimate-YouTube-DL-Scripts-Collection

    Always archive what you like, because it will be gone someday, even if millions of people also like it.

  33. Yes, that’s why I download with youtube-dl anything I find interesting or funny enough.

    I remember a hilarious translation to Spanish of a newgrounds animation that was gone but thanks to hoarding I still have it and someone has reuploaded it to youtube too.

  34. You could check your browser history and try to find the artist’s name. Your search will be easier then.

  35. > You think “once something is on internet, its always on internet” ? […] NO IT WON’T. Anything can be deleted in internet. Literally anything.

    Here are two rules that I came up with (I wonder if they could be appended to the “Rules of the Internet” list) :

    – Anything *you* post on Internet will remain on it forever
    – Anything *someone else* posts on Internet will be gone in a short time – so damn save it

  36. I agree, right before Covid I was going through some of my youtube bookmarks and a ton of them where gone, so I decided it was time to invest in some external hard drives and make sure I don’t lose anything else.

    Little did I know this past year would be a very hard time in my life and looking through my bookmarks and favorite youtube channels would give me a nice project to work on and get my mind off what is going on.

  37. Can we agree on keeping the YouTube id as part of the hoarding, it goes a long way to find it again

  38. There was this youtuber i loved when i was young but he was kind of small and french.. years later i wanted to watch his series again but he deleted all of it pretty much and well.. Now it’s just lost forever and every time i dll something i think about this show i will never be able to enjoy again.

    Store everything.

  39. I use jDownloader almost exclusively for this purpose and reason.

    Once I like a video, I’ll download it.

    If I subscribe to a channel because most of their content is awesome, I’ll use JD to download the whole channel.

    I’ve even setup JD to have custom naming conventions to help organise the videos better in Plex.

    I treat almost all streaming content like it’s the last day it will exist.

    “Here today, gone tomorrow” type thing

  40. Rule of thumb, you can’t trust Google not to purge