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Think it’s time to start archiving all my cd/dvd

Think it’s time to start archiving all my cd/dvd

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  1. Some people dread this, but I find it incredibly relaxing and therapeutic 🙂

  2. I got rid of my random DVD spindles a long time ago, I threw most of them in my recycling bin as they were just operating systems and other non important stuff. Now all my optical media is in proper cases and mostly consists of retail pressed discs like music, old games, and other media. Side note, has anyone here backed up their stuff to Blu-ray? M-Disc or otherwise.

  3. Stuff like this makes my heart beat!!! My summer job is digitizing people’s VHS tapes and stuff, but DVD’s are my favorite.

  4. torrent the movies. Chances are you will find HD versions. DVDs in general, suck now.

  5. I’m personally do not describe myself as a data hoarder but I do subscribe to this subreddit because I want to learn more. I have about six large bins full of dvds just sitting around and a ton of music CDs that I never use anymore. I guess nostalgia has prevented me from giving them away or the fact that I might use them *someday*. But now that I know I can do this, I have just found my new summer time project! Thank you to everyone for getting me started down this path, which may frustrate me at some point learning all this new stuff, but I love a challenge!

  6. I have a Rubbermaid tub full of discs and hard drives.Dont think I will ever get through it all.

  7. Good luck. I did the same a few years back and damn was it time consuming but so worth it in the end as i got rid of several binders, a few stacks and a bookcase of DVD’s

  8. I moved about 1000 of my old CD/DVDs trying to get rid of them.

    If you don’t want to go nuts, I STRONGLY suggest automating the process with scripting.

    > Open CD Tray
    > Manually close CD tray
    > When disc detected -> Copy All contents from disc to drive
    > Back to start

    It turns it into a pretty passive experience with the bare minimum of interaction on your part.

  9. I’d say it’s more time to start cable managing than anything.

  10. Any advice for handling slightly damaged CDs/DVDs? I stared archiving myself and am running across a lot of micro scratches. Any software that can brute force read them? Something is better than nothing…

  11. Sorry its a bit off topic but the lighter side of the mountain in the wallpaper looks like a hand especially if you zoom in.

  12. Whew makes me glad I did all my cd/dvd and BLU RAYS! lol. Glad I have extra External HDs.. I havent used my BDr burner in a long time, been lazy, only using 8tb externals and internals. I do prefer my BD tho, harder for them to ruin/corrupt or damage but a pain in the ass to burn slow speeds for 25gb each.

    Have a lot of plastic cubby foot longs filled with dvds/BDs. Still work too out of all these years, only my dvd – rws rewriteables are a bit shoody, not like I expected much from these, was fun to test with.

  13. I recently decided to archive my blu-rays. Its currently at ~700gb and im only a third done

  14. True Crime: Streets of LA… I see your a man of culture. To bad CXBX-R doesn’t run it as of now. I think the chances are going to increase though as the devs are planning on rolling out a big release in the near future.

    Ripping DVDs/CDs is a painfully tedious, good luck!

  15. Willing to share some interesting stuff on those CD/DVD’s?

  16. Put them all on a pair of M-Disc 100GB BluRays for extra confusion 😛

  17. I did the same thing a few years back – Thinking there would be some hidden gems…I thought wrong.

  18. You do that mister before we lose access to our DVDs and CDs. I did that with my entire BBC documentary set and I am grateful to my younger self.