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There are many NAS Killer 4.1 boxes, but this one’s mine

There are many NAS Killer 4.1 boxes, but this one’s mine

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26 Yorumları

  1. cases with more than 2 HDD drive bays are so rare (at least in my country)

  2. I’ve taken these stickers to Defcon, BSides and Derbycon the last few years (RIP Derby). You need to add Fecal Sample and Vagina Use Only next.

  3. Is that the same Mobo in the chenbro nr12000? I was looking at those on ebay today. I like the idea of buying one and gutting it and dropping it in a case like this. The Green Sata cables are a nice touch too.

  4. like the case, the way your drives are neatly mounted, love the rectal sticker, props of xeon and the 32gb of ECC RAM…neat that u put a USB3 card in .. i did with mine too even though I had absolutely no need for it as I had free USB 3.0, 3.1 and even a free Thunderbolt port on my ASUS Prime 270A motherboard. Inspiring me to wanna clean out some of the dust, polish her up and post my NAS Pics. I mounted an old Acer AL1716 17″ VGA monitor with a swivel arm on the side of my beast. I like your setup all around but one major head scratcher.. WTF my guy, where are all the PCIe controller cards? I have 2x LSI 9207’s, plus a 10GgE dual port fiber card, the useless USB3.0 card, and a couple unused PCIe x1 slots to spare! LOL.

    Why are on earth are u using the piddly on board SATA controller?


    EDIT: Thought about how u mentioned Xeon and made me wonder if you had a semi decent onboard controller. Re-read and missed the part where you said u had LSI 2008. With all your specs listed, you failed to mention the qty/model/speed/specs/protocol disks you used. I see what looks like maybe 2x 14TB, 2x 12TB & 1x 16TB SATA drives? What are those little USB lookin guys hiding up there? They small WD passports used as mirrored boot drives, over USB?? Doesnt seem like you have any M.2 tech in there eh? Ever considered putting in a SSD for caching (read or write)?

    Last adderal fuelled question… Why only 1x 16TB when u got the rest right with mirroring my guy? Or u got another 16TB hiding somewhere? Damn that was 2 questions! 😛

    EDIT EDIT: $385USD for that system sounds ok.. but given that u didn’t mention anything about drives.. how much did u spend on storage?


    Also, Curious what everyone thinks of the idea of buying used disks off ebay? Seen some real sweet enterprise SATA and SAS disks that would normally be $500-700 for around $70-100. Ive heard some people say that buying used disks are like buying used underwear… but I would argue that while it might be uncommon to buy used underwear, if there was a very sexy, pair of silk knickers that u ol lady wanted you to wear, and in return you got a boundless benefits, I would double, triple wash/disinfect them, buy em off ebay. lol.

  5. Only 500W for your rectal use? I guess you’re not a power bottom…

  6. That looks so good!

    I wish I was able to do something this pretty, my setups are always messy, to say the least. 😀

  7. What’s this group’s thoughts on individual drive connections versus a pcie sata controller?

    I used an 8-port pcie sata controller for my last storage server in order to avoid the individual sata connections like OP has.

    Upsides? Downsides? No differences?

  8. Is it just me or does the “retro” green PCB builds always look way cooler than RGB puke?

  9. Could this be used as a Plex server with backup /redundancy?

  10. posted 4 hours ago and no-one commented on that sticker yet?

  11. II don’t know the hype with this motherboard , don’t flame me but this thing is end of life for quite some time isn’t?

  12. Nice one bro, this reminds me of my first NAS beast… Q6600, 8GB RAM (max) + 4x3TB WD RED… sadly no longer with me, but I donated it to a friend who uses it daily as a server.

  13. that is some fine setup with some fine wd external shucks too.

    curious if you find the 16 TB wd shuck much louder than the 14 TB shucks.

    i found that the 18 TB shuck i had was unacceptably loud with its 5 second idel head noise, while the 14 TB ones are acceptable.

    but i guess you’ll store this nice machine far away from your main system anyways.

    also i should really get some stickers for my drives too. wasn’t a problem, until i went from 1 to 3x 14 TB ones. so now it is looking at manufacturer dates and remembering which is which, which is not ideal or quick 😉

    also cool ecc motherboard.

  14. Centered around a Tyan S5512 MB, this build features:

    * Xeon E3-1240V2 3.4GHz
    * 32GB Kingston ECC UDIMM
    * Tyan S5512
    * Cooler Master N400
    * ThremalTake Gravity i2 CPU Cooler
    * EVGA Bronze 80 500w Power Supply
    * Antec P12 120mm fans
    * FebSmart PCI USB3.0 Card

    The LSI 2008 onboard controller was easy to flash to IT mode using FreeDOS USB boot.

    Runing Ubuntu Server 20.04.2 for now.

    Total cost around $385USD (excluding HDD).