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The unsuspecting black box. 44TB and growing!

The unsuspecting black box. 44TB and growing!

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  1. Can anybody give an ELI5? I need about 40TB storage capacity. I want to view my media on a TV through a USB connection. I don’t even know what RAID means, so I could use a non-tech answer. I’m an amateur videographer.

  2. Local stored data is so environment friendly! No need for stressing the tubes and cloud for entertainment.

  3. I thought I was bad I’ve got 12 tb on a Minecraft server

  4. Love this case! And don’t forget it also has two slots for 2.5” drives and a slim dvd/blu-ray drive. Really an amazing case.

    I’m running what I like to call a crazy 88 build: 10x 8tb + 2x 4tb. It’s my Plex, personal archive, and daily desktop driver – along with a bit of light gaming.

  5. I love the Node 804. I got mine full with 10 12TB drives. [https://imgur.com/qGoqEvH](https://imgur.com/qGoqEvH)

  6. Love my Node 804. Finally filled it up a couple weeks ago – 5x8TBs, 5x10TBs, 2x1TB SSDs, an mSATA ssd boot drive, and a slot loading optical drive from an old MacBook Pro. 92.25TB raw storage. I run it as a Docker host/Automated Ripping Machine. It’s fantastic.

  7. i have the same case and planning to install windows 10 as a plex server. how did you get enough power ports for the hard drives? a splitter? also what is storage spaces? never heard of it. lol

  8. I have the same unsuspecting black box. 40T and growing.

  9. I think the usage of ‘unsuspecting’ is wrong here.

  10. This is sweet, thanks for sharing! Are you gonna use it for anything beyond fileserver? 2TB NVME sounds like a lot! Maybe you can set it up for caching the spinny disks? 🙂

    Edit: Oh the Super is a GPU, so it’s for games? Then lots of SSD makes total sense 🙂

  11. I have the same case with 10 drives, currently sitting at 78TB.

  12. How do you plan on connecting all those drives? Does your mobo have 10 SATA ports?

  13. What sized drives are in there? It looks tiny!

  14. Nice, I used the same case. It can fit up to 12 drives.

  15. Finally sharing my upgrade from an old i5 laptop hooked up to 3 easystores.

    BBOX has a

    Ryzen 5 1600AF,

    16gigs of ECC ram

    Room for 10 drives natively (Currently 2 x 10TB and 2 x 12TB)

    2TB Nvme drive for the OS

    And hilariously, a way too big 1660 Super

    Hooked up to the TV seen below for occasional gaming. Definitely not as crazy as some stuff I see here but I love it.