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The Senate is attempting to end encryption. There’s still time message your senators and ask them to vote against this

We Are Running Out of Time | Congress Has Already Started on the Second Phase of Banning Your Digital Privacy | Speak to Your Senators from technology

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  1. The purpose of the bill is to eliminate “warrant-proof” encryption, whereas a company can refuse to unlock a customer’s device for the government.

    In essence companies don’t do this because they literally can’t. Passing this bill would force companies to create backdoors into their encrypted devices in order to be able to unlock them at the behest of the government.

    Once these backdoors are created, there is no guarantee that only said companies will be able to use them.

  2. I mean… I’m still going to encrypt whether they like it or not.

  3. I know people are stupid, but to be this level of stupid. I guess these people want internet to become back stabbing like politics environment.

  4. Tell your representative that if they want backdoored encryption, that they should do it first. All the reasons the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD and others can’t implement weakened encryption are all the reasons we can’t implement broken encryption.

  5. This would not be constitutional as proposed. It would violate the first amendment of free speech, or in this case compelled speech. Also, perfect end to end encryption exists, and simply does not stop existing because of laws. Open source projects don’t give any fucks about this, again… Their freedom of expression, we could simply put the encryption into a book, publish the book in paperback. I hope the law is passed so the supreme court can smack it down forever ending this idiotic idea.

  6. Here’s my question: What is the extent of the law? Would it require any businesses to cough up their data?

  7. [Check out Issue Voter!!!](http://www.issuevoter.com)

    With this website I tell my reps how I want them to vote on a bill in 2 seconds, literally!!!

  8. Let’s be real here…this will never really happen.

    Twitter, reddit, facebook and all big tech still censor conservatives for things and with all that talk nothing has changed. The republicans really don’t know how to use the power they have.

  9. 97% of bills are introduced knowing they will fail. Legislators introduce legislation anyway because it makes them look productive, and it helps them claim to have worked toward some political agenda. The bills are just theater. This is one such bill. Ending encryption only in USA would cripple the USA economy, and conservatives don’t want that. Banks and big business don’t want it either. Are their lobbyists suddenly missing? The problem isn’t that this bill might pass, but that they’re wasting any time and attention on it at all, when there is plenty of other real work to do.

  10. If they sneak this shit through… one thing I hate about our politics is even after voters mobilize, work with non-profit groups like EFF and ACLU, to put the kibosh on legislation like this there are still assholes trying to sneak it in other bills, budgets, and still get something dangerous and anti-American pushed through into law.

  11. “Lets remove doors, your home is more save without them”

  12. Do we have any ideas what this will look like for the rest of the world?

    If developers/manufacturers have to provide back door access to United States government will that mean the same vulnerability will be shipped/sold to the other countries or will an entirely separate market of vulnerable products have to be developed for US citizens?

    Or am I just not educated enough on the subject?

  13. I was going to contact my senator, but they didn’t have Signal.

  14. If a backdoor exists, it will be found and exploited by bad people.

    Why the incessant desire to weaken the American people to attacks?

  15. yooo dont forget the real issue at hand. The Earn It act does not stop child predators! See [here](https://www.ajc.com/news/crime–law/georgia-man-sentenced-000-years-for-child-porn-gets-parole/Uie7PYeixE4bTkt9nCZJvM/) where a convicted offender is up for/being released from his 1000 year sentence after Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Dennis Blackmon called Mallory “probably the most prolific collector of child pornography in the entire world.” The EARN IT Act does not and will not stop these predictors. It is simply a catch-all on privacy and attack on the 4A. Call your senators, show them this story, and ask them how the EARN IT Act will get this guy. Ask them how they found this guy int he first place too! Its’ not hard at all.

  16. WOOO! Who remembers the Clipper Chip?

    Personal guess: Something completely out of touch with reality will be passed. Insane amounts of effort will be spent on a fundamentally flawed implementation.

    Like DRM the consequence will be 99% inconvenience and sacrificed rights for everyone all-round and a few token cases of “success”.

  17. For anyone wondering, this is about the United States of America.

  18. Even if it does make it past the Senate, it’s unlikely to make it past the House. That being said, contact your representatives!! A backdoor into all encryption is ridiculous.

  19. Since encryption is fundamentally a message to someone in the future, isn’t this a bit like banning a form of communication? You know, like speech? So the federal government is banning a form of speech? Which guardrail do we use for that? I swear we wrote it down somewhere…..

  20. Not to be a pessimist, but senators don’t give a fuck about us. We saw what happened with net neutrality. Even if we “win” they will eventually get it passed.

    We don’t live in a democracy. The rich will always get their way.

  21. We really need to vote the Senate out.

    Lots of dumb stuff going on there.