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The problem with HDD WD Red Plus – squeak and bad sectors. Need advice on recovery and warranty.

Hello everyone!

Hard drive problems. I need your advice.




>!I bought a WD Red Plus 4TB hard drive (WD40EFZX) from the classifieds site and got the problem. The seller indicated that the disk is new (in the screenshot, the smart was normal), but it emits extraneous sounds during operation. I was attracted by the price of just over $ 40 and decided to try my luck (no). I planned to use it for storing non-critical data (movies, music).!<


When connected, the disk emits periodic sounds (resembles a squeak). The smart test showed good condition and 0 hours of operation. Then I launched the disk diagnostic program (Victoria 5.36) for a quick test – many errors were immediately discovered and the check speed is very low. Typically, a quick test takes no more than 5 minutes, but the test took significantly longer.





The disc was manufactured in June 2021, so the warranty is still valid, but I do not have any documents.

Outwardly, there are no dents on the case, but in one place it seemed to me that something was wrong (side view).





1) Does it make sense to try to restore bad sectors with the program?

2) Should I try to return the drive under the Western Digital RMA warranty? The warranty for this series is 3 years, but I have no purchase documents from the store.

3) Maybe this problem is due to a leak in the case? See side view.


Hope for advice from the community. Thank you for reading a lot of text. Sorry for possible inaccuracies in the text – an online translator helped me.

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2 Yorumları

  1. Getting the seller to refund would be best. But sounds like you got screwed there

    You can submit the SN through the WD website. Apparently they are talking months to process RMA’s.

    You aren’t fixing the drive, just hope you can get a new one or you learned a $40 lesson on ‘too good to be true’