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The full English Wikipedia on Kiwix now weighs 79Gb instead of 94Gb thanks to improvements in image compression

I think this is pretty good news (for the record it still took 13 days to generate).

Here’s the link to the super latest enwp version: [https://download.kiwix.org/zim/wikipedia/wikipedia_en_all_maxi_2020-12.zim](https://download.kiwix.org/zim/wikipedia/wikipedia_en_all_maxi_2020-12.zim)

Other languages will gradually roll out with the feature over the next few weeks: you can see all zim files being generated here: [https://farm.openzim.org/pipeline/filter-doing](https://farm.openzim.org/pipeline/filter-doing)

Besides WebP, Zstd was also implemented for the indexing which should significantly speed up search within files.

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32 Yorumları

  1. We live in an incredible time.

    I thought it was amazing that Wikipedia exists at all. The idea that you could download all of it, and run it locally, is mindblowing.

  2. How does one make a Zim file? You mentioned it took a long time to make – what’s the process like?

  3. I previously downloaded the one directly from the app. This seems more extensive. When I download this, how do I add it to the kiwix app? I want to make sure I know before I get started because I have to delete the current wikipedia saved so I have room on my SD card, and Id hate to download for several days and end up not working right.

  4. I saw the smaller file this month and was wondering what they did.

  5. Is there a torrent of this file just so I don’t close my browser accidentally and join the dieinside reddit

  6. This is awesome!

    This is the first time I’m learning about Kiwix. Seems like it would be awesome to setup a little RPi hotspot for like van lifers and the like.

    Also seems like some packages might be cool to put on my EDC flashdrive.

  7. Weirdly I spend all of last week downloading the 94GB torrent, did anyone else’s download come out at 101GB also?

  8. Does it include all the stupid banners and ads that ask you to donate every damn time?

  9. I need to figure out how to get this running on 32 bit Trisquel…

  10. Is this why some of their other ZIM files have shrunk so much lately, sometimes by an order of magnitude? I was wondering if some were corrupt or incomplete somehow.

  11. This looks awesome! Is there a way that I can read wikipedia from this zim file on my local machine? Is there a server that “serve” zim file contents?

  12. Out of curiosity, any pattern to when the Kiwix is updated? I thought it was every month, but looks like not.

  13. Nice! How do you go about keeping this document up to date once downloaded?

  14. Neat! And thanks.

    I will download it just to save in case of the impending blackout of the internet / zombie apocalypse.


    That’s like 2 or 3 1080p ~~Bluray Remux rips.~~ *linux isos.*

  15. Awesome job Kiwix team! You are peak datahoarder material!

    Your work has helped so many people access information, and allowed us datahoarders to archive these excellent resources in an accessible way.

    For those of you that don’t know what this project is: it is a way to archive and access offline archives of Wikipedia, Wiktionary, TED conferences, the Gutenberg library, Stack Exchange, and some others as well. [Here’s their full list](https://wiki.kiwix.org/wiki/Content_in_all_languages)

    This is an awesome project, and if you have the ability, I highly recommend you use the stuff this project has worked on, tell your friends, and drop them a [donation](https://www.kiwix.org/en/support/) to support their hard work!

  16. How do I get this on my wikireader? It is about a fafillion years out of date

  17. Fantastic, well done! Love what you’re doing on the app.

  18. Lately I’ve been taking to downloading the entire history of changes – because I do worry history is being altered – and I’m concerned history might be erased altogether at some point.

    One day I’d like to show the next generation the original text of some articles.

  19. So small the house so much knowledge! Truely impressive.