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42 Yorumları

  1. Hey did this site get nuked? Where can I get a mirror/alternative?

  2. Hi, thanks for all your efforts with The Eye, much appreciated.

    I’ve been trying to access it for days now but get a 522 error. Any thoughts?


    Thanks once again

  3. Could someone explain how to use .srr ? I tried that ReScene program, but it doesn’t actually rebuild the .RAR?

  4. Just asking, is it possible for me to the hosting too?

  5. Razor 911 courier (early 90s) checking in. Thanks for this!

  6. ok i have literally not the slightest clue what any of this means can someone fill me in ? so far all ive gotten is that these are the arts included in cracked games and thats about it

  7. Noob question, is this safe to download without a VPN?

  8. Holy shit dude, HappyHippo and KopyKatz. That brings back memories.

  9. Is there a list of the files on the video vault? Looking for Daily Show episodes from 1999-2003, not just the clips ripped from the cc.com website. I would gladly donate if there was.

  10. Awesome project ! Thanks a lot !

    I’m disappointed I only hear about this whole thing only now and I wonder why I never heard about it before, seeing the size of the community already quite big.

    So, can it be the unofficial/official discord of /r/DataHoarder ?!

  11. TIL that the-eye.eu exists at all

    vv.the-eye.eu caught my attention, I imagine you have some ancient content from myspleen, I used to be on there ages ago in 2007 and downloaded lots of crazyness, probably have it somewhere on some unplugged old HDD, perhaps even on DVD-Rs (gasp!)

  12. Amazing, thank you!
    Did you scrape srrdb or they shared their db with you?

  13. Have you considered accepting BCH or XMR as a donation?

  14. Fascinating. I’d also want to mention the chiptune songs that came with all these keygens over the years – any chance of including those in this project?

  15. Damn I’m stupid, all that and i still don’t understand what this is about.

  16. >It looks like you are running an ad-blocking script. We’ve got good news for you! We at The-Eye do not believe in advertisements, thus we do not have any. The-Eye operates strictly via user donations, we do not earn any money from your clicks. If you would like to support us financially, check out our Discord Server for details.

    You got my vote

  17. I’m so confused and fascinated at the same time.

  18. Thats simply beautiful. Thanks. Gonna make a donation

    Is there a preferenced way to donate ?

  19. I didn’t know there was a mirror of Beta Archive. Anyone know what happened to their source code section(s)?

  20. Why does the video vault require a discord account? Yeah, I’m good. Discord doesn’t respect their users.

  21. If long term archival and distribution are the goals, have you considered something like IPFS?

  22. Just imagine a 3.5 PB Plex Server hosted by u/-Archivist

  23. I always just delete all that stuff and just keep the actual file I want.

  24. I learned so much today. Everything made so much more sense

  25. I just want to note, that .nfos and related text files contain the whole history of computing piracy from day 0.

    Groups mergers, applications, fights between groups, random comments, shutdowns, FBI problems, etc…

    And all this info is spread in myriad of text files, for all platforms, I only got a PC since 30y ago, but look at the Amiga or C64 scenes, really really huge. Also if you jump in the disk zines bandwagon…

    Fascinating stuff.

  26. Amazing project.

    You are right about:

    >The above may sound boring to most but what draws a lot of people to these files isn’t the info on pirated media but more so the art that often comes along with them

    This is exactly why I like those files, this is something made for no reason other that to be amazing and it is. This deserve to be saved!

    By the way to open them I personally recommend [NFOView](https://otsaloma.io/nfoview/), an open source GTK application for Linux and Windows, that display the art correctly.

  27. I know you have the storage but why don’t you just keep the plaintext and convert them to PNG on demand?

  28. Directly calling the material piracy is painting a huge target on your backs, are you sure your current colo provider won’t dump you if they get wind of this?