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Flood göndermek, insanların floodlarını okumak ve diğer insanlarla bağlantı kurmak için sosyal Floodlar ve Flood Yanıtları Motorumuza giriş yapın.

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Thanks Backblaze!

Thanks Backblaze!

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  1. Back when “Petabytes on a Budget” first dropped, I followed the guide and sourced the parts had protocase make the case, the whole works. I never got it to function properly. Either the mother of choice didn’t fully enjoy SATA port multipliers or, most commonly, after some # of drives, forget how many now, it would start to be a power issue. I attempted to solve that w/less runs on a give rail, multiple supplies, but it just never really worked. Ended up being less of a hit to my sanity to just go w/some Norco gear and roll my own SAS, w/SATA drives endeavor.

    I still have everything to build it out (sans drives/mb, ps), even the pretty fire engine red case. Anyone that wants to embark on it would just need to pay shipping (probably quite costly as it’s large and weighty). Or maybe a meet/unload/pickup if in the Seattle area.

    tl;dr- free if not shipped. Pay actual shipping otherwise.

  2. How do I find out about this in the future? I just got started in doing server stuff and live in Sacramento this would have been huge for me.

  3. Did they give those out populated and wiped?

    Edit : read down further and they’re empty.

  4. This just reinforces my decision to use Backblaze as my off site backup solution. Such an awesome company to do business with. There are very few companies in the world that give me a warm feeling doing business with, and Backblaze is definitely one of them. Thanks Yev!

  5. I thought people were told to stop posting pics like this?

  6. Did it come with drives installed or just the chassis?

  7. I know a guy that has lasercutting equipment. so I managed to get the caddrawings to a format he liked and he made 2 bottoms and one front. then I had another guy that shaped the bottom. the 2 sides. after that it was just me dissasembling old server chassis to make the back side. all the holes were made by the lasercutter. so I bought a bunch of backplanes and set things up. been running for years now. rarely online though since the original fans according to the specs are so damn noisy. they move alot of air though 🙂

  8. I wonder how long before we start seeing these things show up on ebay

  9. Yeah who would one of those.. I sure AF wouldn’t.. ☹️
    (I’m very jealous..)

  10. Nice! I was wondering if someone would post this before me. I also got two!

  11. Can’t wait to see these in a few racks. The splash of red will look great compared to the usual drab colors.

  12. Jealous. Saw the post before they did the RSVP. Missed it by 15 minutes. 🙁

  13. You lucky son of a gun! Let us know how it works, I am curious.