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Talk me through it like a 2-year old.

My husband passed away a couple of months ago. He was a data hoarder lol. For my kids and I, he used to “rip” dvds and save them on a shared drive so we could watch them later.

Now I want to do the same. On his desktop, I found HandBrake and MakeMKV software.

I have been trying to google how to use these together. He also has a file called “To Convert from .mkv to .mp4” which has movies in it I can watch, but I don’t know what is up with it.

When I attempt to “rip” DVD’s from either software, it creates and goes to the file I want, but it is like 1 second long with the title and like one flash of movie and that’s it.

Can someone explain to me like a 2 year old how to use these two pieces of software so I can get this working again?

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  1. Good on you for making such an effort to learn this. I’m curious, how did you know to find /r/DataHoarder? Was it something your husband talked with you about?

  2. >. He also has a file called “To Convert from .mkv to .mp4” which has movies in it I can watch, but I don’t know what is up with it.

    I believe that is a script which will automatically convert videos without having you worry about the settings.

    Post a screenshot of it. I believe you can open that file in notepad. Maybe your husband actually thought ahead about you, if you were to ever use it

  3. Hopefully this will make you laugh… I suggest just getting an actual 2 year old and having them do it.

  4. I will throw in my 2 cents. I have a special needs son who loves his movies and DVDs. Every birthday and christmas and thrift store visit he got more and more. He also like to eat and throw them. He has a big collection that has went through hell. I had to come up with a way to preserve it. I got me a desktop for my birthday and started making copys of everything. At first we started with a blue ray player and a hard drive connected to it loaded up with Blues Clues. Now I have almost 4TB of stuff, and here are some of the tools of the trade:

    EMBY/PLEX – both are media players that run on a server. Plex is more polished but I prefer Emby. They allow for an interface like Netflix but for your own stuff. I will only delve into how to do all that if you ask specifically because it is a lot

    Bulk Media Player – When you download in mass, you need something that can rename 40 files at once. Renaming a file properly is part of the Emby/Plex bit, but this program is free and does just that.

    Filebot – A lazy-mans file renaming and formating tool that now costs money, but older, free versions can be found. This and bulk rename utility are only relevant for Plex and Emby

    Since you play straight off of a shared drive, you have no need for all that. Also, you could technically not bother using handbrake because VLC and other players play MKV. I have never used handbrake except for AVI files.

    Anyhow, Handbreak and MakeMKV are essential. One encodes and one rips. Now, MakeMKV costs like 50 bucks but will work for free as long as you enter in the monthly code from the forums.

    A note on naming: at some point, you may start being more particular on how you size up your library. Say for instance you have your main folder “Media” and within it you have your “TV Shows” folder and “movies” folder. For movies, most will name them as follows:

    Name of movie (2006).mp4

    Pretty simple, right? For tv shows:

    name of show – 1×01 – name of episode if any.mp4

    that 1×01 is season 1 episode 1, you can also use S01E01.

    Now, if naming and servers and all that jazz are not in your future, disregard all that.

    As for branching out and finding more stuff:

    Archive.org – Lots of stuff on here! Just find something you like, left click on the link where the download arrow is and “save link as” and drop the file where ever you save stuff. 2 whole seasons of the wiggles, many episodes of bear in the big blue house, and lots of other things exist on archive.

    4kvideodownloader – a program that is free but can be made ad free for very cheap. It rips stuff from youtube and allows you to pick where it saves and pick the quality of the download if possible. There are many programs that pull videos from youtube (and some that pull just audio) and there is so much free and paid content on youtube. Almost every episode of Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Friends, rolie polie olie, plus many other shows are on youtube. This program allows you to pull in piece or in playlist. Say you find a playlist of 20 episodes of an old show…copy that link, open the program, paste, pick quality, and let it do its thing!

    If you ever need any tips, pointers, or links on how to grow or just maintain your library, let me or the people here know.

    Note: things I purposely skipped over include anydvd/slysoft, cloning, pirating using torrent with a VPN. If you have any questions, let me know!

  5. Try MagicDVD. It is a simple dvd ripping program. It cost a few dollars but it is easy to use and a one stop rip.

  6. Sorry to hear about your husband. Best wishes with the ripping.

  7. Lost my wife in January. I can help you figure this stuff out if these guys can’t – and for the rest, hit us up in /r/widowers.

    Sorry to hear you’ve joined our shitty club. Feel free to reach out for anything.

  8. The file he left might be a script to this automatically.

    Download Notepad++ and install it. Right click the file “Convert from..” and click Edit in Notepad++. When the file is open, look for login credentials. Put **** where the password is to hide it. Select All and Copy. Paste it into a code formatted comment in your original post or as a comment here.

    We can help decipher if he automated this process.

  9. Because no one has mentioned, data hoarder also involves having multiple copies of our stuff “just in case”. Was your husband an expert hoarder with multiple copies? If not you might want to start also considering backing up what he did and what you will do in the future.

    The quickest way to start is using a service like [BackBlaze.com](https://www.backblaze.com)

  10. Sorry for your loss. If i died my kids would be in for a shock. They go to school and tell their friends to “get Plex’. They don’t know what i do, just that everything they want is always on Plex! Magic!

  11. IDK if this was mentioned yet but sometimes the mkv program will take a long time on a DVD and then eventually fail to rip it. Don’t give up and try again. Sometimes a DVD might take a few trys until the rip works.

  12. Fucks sake…

    I would be that dad if something happened to me.

    Uhh, any pointers on what I should have left behind for my wife and kids? You know… in the datahoarding department.

    Not sure how this is read, I’m not dying. Just thinking about what the deadman-switch should contain….

  13. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ll try to explain it like I’d explain it to my girlfriend, who has 0 interest in learning about these things (I guess since I got it covered.)

    So, .mkv files are video files that sometimes won’t open/play nice with certain video players, but they can do a lot. For instance, my girlfriend has me put together movies in Italian audio but add English subtitles into it to show her classes. With software like MakeMKV, I can add subtitles from a separate file and tell it to always show them (force subtitles.) I can also add multiple audio sources (so you can switch from English to Italian, etc.), append video files together (like if I wanted to make a multi-episode Simpsons best-of video), all sorts of stuff.

    BUT if I want to be able to play these videos on all/most video players, I’ll have to convert it into something more friendly, like a .mp4 or .m4v file. Those can be played on iPods, iPads, QuickTime player, etc. That is where HandBrake comes in. HandBrake makes light, fast-to-load .mp4 and .m4v files. I drag my .mkv file into the HandBrake window (or choose it using Browse…) and then HandBrake will convert it to a .mp4 or .m4v file, depending on the settings I choose (opening the sidebar gives you all the presets you can choose from.)

    You can use HandBrake to rip DVDs, but need to download a special file to be able to rip copyright-protected DVDs. That is probably why your husband used MakeMKV; it likely can rip copyrighted DVDs. [This](https://lifehacker.com/how-to-rip-a-dvd-to-your-computer-5809765) (from Step 2 onwards) is a pretty good guide of how to rip directly with HandBrake. If that doesn’t work or is difficult to follow, let me know; I’ll look into how to do it with MakeMKV.

  14. MakeMKV will extract the video and audio from a DVD or Blu-ray and save it as an MKV file. MKV’s are very popular but not many devices support playing them.

    Handbrake will take a video file (such as an MKV) and encode it to generally smaller filesize and save it to an MP4 format, which is what most devices are compatible with.

    So your processing pipeline will be DVD/Blu-ray -> MakeMKV -> Handbrake -> copy to shared folder.

    Based on the folder named “To Convert from .mkv to .mp4” I presume these movie files have been extracted With MakeMKV, but still need to be encoded with Handbrake, and moved to the shared drive.

    #Using MakemKV

    Open MakeMKV, and insert your dvd or bluray in to the drive. MakeMKV should recognize it and present you with a DVD or bluray drive icon in the center left column when it is ready to scan the disc. Press this icon and it will read the disc, finding all the video streams within.

    When complete you will be presented with a list of possible titles from the disc to extract. This list will include all the special features, trailers, etc that are on the disc. Only select the tracks youre likely to watch (the feature) this is usually one of the first listed, but its important to note the number of chapters and file size. If you are unsure, the track with the most chapters and largest filesize is most likely the feature. Once you have selected the tracks you want to extract, on the right you can select where you would like to save those files. Once you’ve decided where to save, you can press the MakeMKV button to the right to initiate the extraction process, ater a few minutes, boom. You’ve got an MKV of the movie. This file will play well in programs like VLC, or Media Player Classic on a PC, but does not play well with most streaming boxes, phones, etc.

    For that, we will need to re-encode the file using Handbrake.

    #Using Handbrake

    Open Handbrake. Near the top of the application is an icon marked “Open Source”, press that and locate the video file we just extracted using when we used MakeMKV. It should read the file and the **title** dropdown will change to show the duration of the file, and it’s filename. To the right of that is the **range** section. Set this to “chapters” and make sure the first number is **1** and the second is set to the very last chapter available. (I usually just mash the plus button to make sure it’s at the very end.)

    Underneath that is the “preset” selection. There may be a custom preset in the “my presets” section that he created already to make these new files the same as the old. If there are custom presets my advice would be to stick with those unless you want to strike out on your own experimentation.If there are no custom presets you have a few options. There is a lot of varying opinion on the preset choice by different people, for many different reasons. So Ill be suggesting the basic, fail-safe presets that aren’t likely to cause you any troubles and produce decent quality files and file sizes.

    “Fast 1080p30” or “HQ 1080p30” would be good choices if you are trying to rip a Blu-ray disc, for DVD “Fast 480p30” or “HQ 480p30” would be equally sufficient.

    (I am assuming these are North American discs, if you are ripping PAL discs (UK) you would want to select the presets marked “576p25” for DVDs)

    Selecting your preset is the last major thing you needed to do to convert the file. There are many more options available, including cropping the video, noise reduction, and audio format conversion, but you shouldn’t need to do any of that. The defaults, or the previous selections on these options should be fine. You can also change or verify the location that it is saving the file to by going to File->Set Destination.

    You are now ready to press **”Start Encoding”** on the top toolbar. Handbrake will begin encoding the file, this can take quite a while depending on the original file and the encoding options.

    Once concluded, you should have a complete movie file in MP4 format, ready to by moved to your shared drive.

    Just be sure that the “Range” section in Handbrake is set to chapters and you’ve included the full range of chapters to be sure you get the whole movie included.


    I think this is enough to get you on the right path with this process, [I found a good MakeMKV tutorial with pictures](https://helpdeskgeek.com/free-tools-review/%EF%BB%BFhow-to-rip-your-dvds-blu-rays-effortlessly-with-makemkv/) if I wasn’t clear enough in my response.

    Hope this helps out! I’ll be sure to check back later today if you have any other question I can help out with.

  15. Hey, first off, I’m horribly sorry for your loss.

    Second, without seeing his setup its going to be hard to help you out a lot.

    What I will say is google is your friend and while most of us won’t be anywhere near you, you may be able to find someone that is willing to help locally or travels to your area.

    I would suggest you start by taking some pictures of the hardware and posting them and we can go from there as a starting point.

  16. MakeMKV will show you a list of “Titles” on the disc. Check the time stamps next to each title. One will be obviously longer than the others; that’s the main feature. Uncheck all the other titles.

    Once you save the title to disk, use Handbrake to compress / convert. The built-in presets are a decent place to start, but keep in mind that movies have a frame rate of 23.976 / 24. If you encode with a preset that says 30 fps, it will look jerky on playback and waste a lot of space.

  17. I’m sorry for your loss. If you’re new to all of this and want to keep up his hobby, the best method for you to learn might be to look up some videos online via Youtube. There are several good tutorials about the process and software, and you’ll find that there’s quite a bit of a rabbit hole to go down, but things get very useful early on.

  18. When you insert a disk into the disk drive, Open MakeMKV, then you should see the disk show up in the program, click that to “Make an MKV file” It should have to select out output folder. After the DVD is done ripping you are left with an MKV file. From there open handbrake and press file -> Open, then select the MKV file you just made. From there you can see presets on the right side. If they are just basic DVDs you can use the DVD 480p preset and hit start. this should give you an mp4 file which plays nice with most video players.