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Synchronizing a Folder that others work in?

I work from home and access a Server via VPN. Since that is to slow to work I copy the project locally and work in that Project and than later sync it back to the Server.

I tried different approaches like Rclone or FreeFileSync.

None of those solutions is ideal.

The problem is that the Folder on the Server is used by others and those might delete or move files.
So if they delete files and I synchronize my project they will be copied back to the server.

even worse if they move something it will copy it again and there will now be 2 identical files.

Also I don’t want the Software to write files to the server that are needed for the sync. Like Databases.

It would be fine if the Software has a local Database to store all the needed info.

FreeFileSync does pretty much what I need but it creates a Database on the Server to achieve that.

Any Ideas how I could to this?

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4 Yorumları

  1. From what I see you need functionality similar to Offline files and folders https://dailysysadmin.com/KB/Article/3155/enable-offline-files-and-folders-between-windows-server-2019-and-windows-10/

    Is it Windows or Linux server? Is it a file server or just a host with some data anyone upload to/download from?

  2. I don’t know of any sync software that is smart enough to do this. You have two copies that are both working copies, when changes get made there needs to be someone that determines what is the truth.

    Fundamentally you need a file or code repository that is primary source of truth. Then some way to lock or commit changes so that two users don’t overstep each other. One way is a document manager like MS SharePoint. Or a more for code development would be git.

  3. It seems you need to use some version control software.

    Git, subversion or similar. But then all need to use this.

    Or possibly you could use a new practice where the person working on the project read/write protect and perhaps even rename the project folder to show it is in use.