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Sync IPhone picture and videos

All…I plan to give my kids one of my older iPhones that will only have Wi-Fi access. Anyone know of an app that I could use to automatically sync the photos and videos that they take to a pc on my network? I want to ensure we backup what they take in case they delete them. They are 6 and 4 so I expect to find some gems!

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  1. I do have iCloud subscription but from what I have observed it replicates your photo library onto iCloud, meaning it’ll delete stuff that you delete from your library.

    I’d suggest Google Photos for your purpose. I personally have iCloud auto-backup on and use Google Photos from time to time to upload photos by opening the app and keeping it open until backup’s complete. If you delete something from your iOS camera roll, Google Photos still keeps it. For me though I don’t rely on its background auto-sync as it doesn’t run well in the background after I close the app. But for you, you might wanna keep it running in the background to enable automatic sync.

    Another option would be possibly OneDrive. It asks me to enable auto-backup, haven’t tried it though.

    For getting them on network from Google Photos, I haven’t tried it but there are many 3rd party apps that let you do it afaik.

  2. PhotoSync is well worth it.

    I’ve been using it over SFTP for years now, just force press the App on the home screen and Quick Transfer, uploads all photos that have not already been uploaded

  3. If your PC runs macOS or Windows, use iCloud. It’ll sync them to the computer (either through the Photos app on macOS, or you have to install iCloud for Windows). Then you can use whatever other archival/backup software you use (this is data hoarder so I assume you have something in place already) to make sure you don’t lose anything that gets deleted. If a picture is delete from the device, it will be delete from the computers, too. So just keep that in mind if you go this route.

    My photo/video backup strategy uses this method. I have 2 TB of iCloud storage, and all the pictures i’ve taken over the last 15 years uses about 200 GB of it. Every new picture syncs to my PC through iCloud for Windows. That folder is then duplicated with DrivePool for local redundancy. And it’s part of my BackBlaze backup as well. There are 4 or 5 copies of any picture at any given time (phone, iCloud, PC drive 1, PC drive 2, BackBlaze) and I have 60 days of deletion protection (30 on iCloud, 30 more on Backblaze).

  4. 3utools can sync your phone to your pc vice versa.