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storage not increasing according to how file size are increasing, why?

10 years ago. good movie quality was 720p. around 1gb. AAA game average size was 10-15gb. 512gb hdd was enough to fill space. Download speed was slow.

But in 2021, I think average consumer need is in tb. but hdd is not cheap. I am talking about average consumer not data hoarders.
Will we see 100tb storage for cheap price in near future? How long will it take?

[forgive me for my grammatical mistake]

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7 Yorumları

  1. Most of users does not keep plenty of files – where i live most of people is happy with Their 1TB HDD for data and 256GB SSD. Actually, most of them consider 512SSD as enough. It’s system (around 40GB), one or three games They play (100GB) and then plenty of space for movies and TV shows. And i fully understand it, even when Their whole drive is smaller than my mailbox.

    We are collectors here. Most of us does not even use what They collect, there was many pools about it. If not my love to databases and own video camera, most likely i will not land where i landed.

    My friends often asks, what’s the point of hoarding the movie, if They watched it? There is no many movies which is worth of second time. If it’s tho, it’s usually on some else computer – pirate streaming platform or P2P. They have me, but honestly, there is no much point in keeping old files for average Joe.

  2. I think you may have fallen for the bubble thought process.

    Years ago, when broadband was still relatively new here in Oz, I had a plan with 1gb data allowance, with unlimited download during off-peak. I managed to make do with that, leaving my PC running overnight.

    Then, Telstra released their 200mb plan, and I laughed heartily at it’s stupidity.

    I was visiting my brother, and he was telling me how he finally got broadband, and revealed he was on a 200mb plan. Had been for a couple of months, and had not gone over the limit.

    The point? If you’re posting in a data hoarding sub, you’re likely to have lots of storage. Most people who download movies are likely to keep them until they need the space, or just delete them after watching.

    Given most new PC’s will come with a TB of storage, that will be more than enough for the vast majority of users.

  3. >10 years ago. good movie quality was 720p. around 1gb

    Hmm, I guess it depends on what someone considers good. 1GB seems awfully low to me.

  4. Nah, we’ve stagnated file sizes too. Blu-rays are still only 25GB in capacity (ok there are multi-layer, but that’s not common for video), 1080p is pretty normal, 4K is there but not commonplace, even then a 2 hour 4K film consumes less than 25GB in most cases.

    Only a few AAA game titles use a ton of storage space, most AAA new titles are still in the 25-50GB range.

    I can pick up a 14TB for $200 and that will store hundreds of 1080p videos and hundreds of games. My Steam library is over 1200 games and is “only” about 10TB capacity, an average of 8.3G.

  5. 10 years ago a quality movie was 1080p at around 8GB. Now with HVEC you get the same quality at around 6GB. A good quality movie today is 4K at a minimum of 30GB.

  6. No. New revolutionary AI compression methods will make 2D movies much smaller and higher resolution than they are today. So you will be able to use much less storage for these movies in the future. You will even be able to scale up and sharpen those old 720p videos. As well as swap faces on actors. And change clothing and setting.

    However, advances in live full 360 3D video content will mean that you will need that freed up space and much more, to save even short 360 3Dvid clips. Most will not bother, just stream.


  7. Average consumers will just stream.

    17 years ago I started using 100Mbps network. 12 years ago I got fiber optic network access, and I got about 10TB HDD space at home to store Linux packages. But as of today, most non-data-hoarders will just stream. And HDD is not as expensive. 14TB at $199, not cheap but not expensive as well. Now I have about 250TB HDD space at home.