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SoundCloud may only have 50 days left – save your faves

SoundCloud may only have 50 days left – save your faves

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27 Yorumları

  1. Couldn’t someone scrape the data and upload them as individual tracks to youtube?

  2. Are you guys sure they are going down?

    > Due to the extensive number of inaccuracies, we will only comment regarding funding and layoffs. To clarify, SoundCloud is fully funded into the fourth quarter. We continue to be confident the changes made last week put us on our path to profitability and ensure SoundCloud’s long-term viability.

    This isn’t the Trump administration. I don’t see a reason why we should doubt them. I don’t think the investment community will let it die. Someone will pick up the pieces if funding runs out. There is too much value in the platform and community.

  3. You gotta be shitting me. I JUST bought a premium account not to long ago for my podcast. FML…..

  4. Wtf? My yearly Pro account just renewed. Am I gonna get that money back?

  5. What about like, podcasts? Can you download those? Will there be an app?? I’m partially lost..

  6. Where will I listen to Vaporwave anymore? :’-( On YouTube I suppose. They should have adopted Bandcamp’s business model and allowed artists to sell individual tracks rather than subscriptions. Too much competition in subscription music space.

  7. Just another tip: I dabble in music production and Soundcloud is a great source to scrape artist/music industry email contacts(lots put them in their bio text, regex time) as well as easy links to their social media profiles, tags to segment by genre, listen/like/share counts to gauge importance, etc. I’ve mailed lists from my SC database and had listens, heard from labels, blogs wanting to profile me, radio stations playing my shit, DJs and other big artists in my genre sharing my shit, etc.

    I make no money off music, but marketing music for artists actually looking for a break is a huge industry and this data is valuable.

  8. Anyone know of a higher end scraper. Currently I use Youtube-dl. Pm or link would be appreciated.

  9. holy shit i’ve tried 3 different sites and 2 different extensions/addons and they either pop up a list to download individually or I get a “error getting file from sound cloud” msg. Really wish I could pull my bros song list cause ive been using it as my defacto music for a long time.

  10. Anyone know a way I can download a users playlists?

  11. Maybe they should move to Backblaze B2 instead of AWS S3. Then again, the retrieval fees would figuratively rape them. Worth it? Who knows.

  12. The [Original Article](https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/12/soundshroud/) corrected itself. It says 80, not 50 (until the start of Q4, which is when they will run out of money).

  13. I’m no big datahoarder (my only drive in my main system is a 120GB Sandisk SSD), but I’m gonna do my part in this archiving. But I hope they get someone else to handle their servers.

  14. First eroshare, now SoundCloud? Sad year indeed 🙁

  15. Let’s all hope some major like Google / Apple / Microsoft or whoever buys it.
    Better in evil hands than dead.

  16. Check out [https://github.com/flyingrub/scdl](https://github.com/flyingrub/scdl) if you want to download music from SoundCloud

  17. You guys got anyway to download more than 200 tracks at once? All the apps get stuck at downloading after the 201th track. There is a soundcloud likes to csv exporter python script, if someone could get it working (I keep getting an error-module 6 can’t be found) it would be great.

    Edit: I forgot youtube-dl could download more than 200 songs at a time. (most online sites that allow downloading playlists have some error due to sound clouds pagination.

    Also, there’s a soundcloud likes/playlist to csv exporter, which can be used to download a list of your soundcloud songs and then run them in youtube-dl to rip ek from YouTube at maybe 320kbps. Soundcloud limits it to 250 or something similar.

  18. I have a sudden urge to start scraping everything i can, even though i won’t get far in 50 days. I hope archive.org has a mirror, my archiveteam warriors are running so i would love to help them out.

    They will be missed though.. i fondly remember finding many good songs in my younger years, and their interface is really well done as well.

  19. Any way to auto scrape soundcloud? Their servers are gonna die for these last 50 days