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So as a lot of you probably know, Google Photos will no longer be free on June 1. A few months ago, I had an idea on how to prevent it. Kind people on Reddit helped me out. Now, I’ve animated a 10 minute video on how to get free original quality photo/video storage, forever.

So as a lot of you probably know, Google Photos will no longer be free on June 1. A few months ago, I had an idea on how to prevent it. Kind people on Reddit helped me out. Now, I’ve animated a 10 minute video on how to get free original quality photo/video storage, forever.

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42 Yorumları

  1. So everybody is screaming Google knows my location, yet have over 15 GB of pictures under Google.

    Security on my part means I’ve never used a Google Drive for anything.

  2. this works until newer google photos app is not supported anymore by older androids

  3. I’ve been using a loophole that involves sharing it with a partner account and immediately saving it before google has the time to process it. I got over 100GB of raw photos stored safely forever

  4. This is funny.

    By making the video, the chances of this continuing to work for a long time just dropped by a lot.

    Secondly, if Google figures out a way to see you doing this, at a minimum it might just stop working, at a maximum you might lose your data.

    Lastly, don’t overestimate terms like “unlimited” and “for life”.

  5. So great guide! I have a question what would happen if Google potentially disables this in future, would my uploads be there or deleted?

  6. Sounds neat. I have a few objections:

    * What are the terms exactly? For example “lifetime” doesn’t necessarily count as “your lifetime”, but may for example only be “a very long time”, like 15 years.
    * The text in your screenshot says you get “unlimited backups for photos and videos **taken with your Pixel phone**”. So while they might not be enforcing this and making it possible for you to upload any kind of images and videos, I assume it would be well within their terms to expire any files that haven’t been taken with the Pixel camera, correct? Like, say, a video with frame rates or image dimensions differing from the Pixel camera.

  7. Cool find…so glad i started selfhosting years ago

  8. Just set mine up and working great! I changed things up a bit and made my own album for new uploads and edited the shortcut accordingly, putting my Pixel 1 to use finally (:

  9. Wait, do my photos go away if they’re still on there in a day?

  10. This reminds how much of a good deal gsuite unlimited plan is. I can store unlimited linux iso’s and also use the storage for other google services like photos. literally too good to be true.

  11. I have a Pixel rom on my phone, Google thinks it’s a Pixel 5 lol.

  12. cool find and all but why would anyone want to go through this to use a service from a morally bankrupt company.

  13. So is the Op really suggesting we deceive google and risk our precious content being confiscated!?

    And this practice has received 800+ upvotes?



  14. How to give away personal information for free while also turning your family and friends into products!

  15. Just realized, I have one of the last Nexus phones made- so that gets unlimited Photos too, not just pixel 1’s xD

  16. My tax dollars already pay the NSA to pay Google to store my shit so the NSA can spy on me.

    They are double-dipping.

  17. My wife just caught me watching your video with eBay open in a separate window looking at Google Pixel phones.

    She asked me what I was doing so I explained.

    She pointed out I send photos to OneDrive, iCloud, and Amazon and questioned if I need a 4th copy (she forgot about the QNAP on-prem copy)

    Then she noticed r/DataHorder and said “not suprised your into this group”

  18. > Unlimited for Pixels 1-5

    But not my Pixel 3a… Which, there was zero announcement about at launch.

    For the record, I’ve purchased the Pixel 1, two Pixel 2s, and when I lost my last phone, I went for the 3a. This is not to mention all the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 7 FHD (two), Nexus 10, etcs that I have as well.

    Google gives zero f*cks for brand loyalty.

    It’s why I am building my NextCloud servers this summer.

  19. My pixel XL that I bought a while ago has been ready for this.

  20. Hey u/B_Ray18,nice vid, but i belive you could probably optimize this with a docker container running on your PC with [this](https://hub.docker.com/r/boredazfcuk/icloudpd), its a docker container that downloads all the photos from your icloud account to the place you decide in your pc, you could just place the location into the pixel connected to your PC and should “theorically” work. This will remove the need for you to do anything really, you take a picture, the container downloads it after a bit without interaction, and thats it!

    I use that container on my NAS to download automatically all my icloud photos to my NAS and keep a local backup just i case!

    Let me know if it helped! Also if you need help setting it up just drop me a message will gladly help!

  21. Seems like this legit might work for awhile but the same outcome is lurking out there. These phones will die or google will figure there aren’t enough of them out there to support and then what?

    I’d really prefer to self host a replacement service as I’ve, in general, been moving away from cloud hosted services.

    Plex has a photo library feature but I’ve found it pretty barebones compared to Google Photos. There’s also PhotoPrism, which seems promising, but is also lacking. Hoping this policy shift will kickstart interest to improve those.

  22. There are a few good free image host you can upload a few 100gbs of images

    * Item 1 Postimages
    * Item 2 Imgbox
    * Item 3 Imgbb

    Also this image host looks like the best alternative to Flickr https://www.zonerama.com/

  23. Uploading a file as a video would require either google to not alter the encoding, or some major error checking and correction (ECC). I’m thinking you could use a series of QR codes since they are already a visual representation of data, and have ECC build-in.

    Someone else made a different solution that used base64 encoding to make anything into a Google Doc which also gets unlimited storage for the Google Doc format. Those have the advantage of not needing to worry about encoding changes.

  24. Wait so will I lose all my high quality saved images from Google photos if I just let it be and not pay? Wtf I’ve literally never heard of this until now.

  25. Yeah eh… Google announced the rules are changing for the google pixel as well. So… eh. This won’t work from June 1st forward (if the articles are correct).

    Edit: In responds to others, pointing out my error, I decided to do some research for myself as well, and have concluded that indeed, earlier models won’t be impacted. For now.

  26. Google one is $20 a year with 100GB storage. With high quality ( even with original ) you will be all set for the rest of your lives. You are risking getting your account permanently banned. Totally not worth it. I bet the hacks like these will ruin the party for the legitimate users of P1. You can’t have nice things I guess

  27. Thank you for not posting this to /videos, because the prices for google pixel 1 are going to shoot through the roof if this goes viral. Buy them now.

  28. Well with Magisk, you can spoof your Android phone as Google Pixel 1 and get free unlimited Original storage without any hassle. Thats how I do. Module for Magisk is called “MagiskHide Props Config”. Edit: you also need a module called “Pix3lify” (go for slim install).

  29. Seems like he overlooked [https://syncthing.net/](https://syncthing.net/)
    Feel like it would have worked better than using ssh!

  30. I wonder if you could avoid the whole SSH shenanigans by creating a NFS mount on the pixel and just point the photos app to that. Then theres no syncing involved and would be much closer to just using the app to stream to the cloud. Plus you dont ever have to clean up the storage on the device as the files are never copied in the first place.

    Edit, Tried it and so far so good. just needs busybox and a NFS share. Depending on your device you might need a custom kernel but if your rooted already that’s no big deal.

  31. Hey, great video. Loved the animation and your sense of humour.

  32. That reminds me a bit of how people use an old iPhone to use iMessage on their Hackintoshes^^

    I really doubt this “upload files as a video” thing is really worth it. Just way too much work for something that will be rather slow and likely unreliable in the end