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Sense-checking my NAS plan

General thoughts and advice sought on my short-term NAS plan, please.

**BACKGROUND** – My medium-term plan is to build a home server or two to cover standard storage and media server needs plus some other bits, plus a small NAS to keep at a family member’s house for remote back up.
This plan has been in the background for too long and I’m drowning in loose drives but I’m not in a position to build the big servers yet. I have multiple back ups of critical data in different locations, so what I’m after is short-term consolidation for easier management.

**THE PLAN** – With the Black Friday sales upon us, I wanted to sense-check a couple of things in case there are any holes in my plan that I’m missing.

* **NAS** – Planning to get a 4/5 bay Synology (eg DS1520+) or similar for now – I want to set it up quickly. In the fullness of time, this could become the remote backup NAS.
* **NEW DRIVES** – Buy 6 x 18TB WD Elements drives, shuck them, and load the NAS whilst keeping one as a cold spare in case of drive failure.
* **OLD DRIVES** – I have a bunch of 8TB WD My Book drives that I bought a couple of years ago and I’ve been using them as USB drives. I’ve since read about hardware encryption on them which initially worried me but when I look [**on the WD site about this**](https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1837/kw/my%20book%20encryption), it suggests that my model (WDBBGB) will work outside the WD enclosure if no password has been set (I’ve never set a password on them or run any WD software).
Am I right in understanding that it’s probably not an issue for me?


Many thanks for any and all thoughts.

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2 Yorumları

  1. All in all, that sounds solid. The encryption of WD isn’t an issue, just wipe the disk completely in windows/Linux after inserting in pc, before it goes in a Nas.

    That being said, if money is an object and it really sounds like it, you would maybe be better off with using some cheapo dell optiplex from ebay or similar to just put drives in and organize your data. Just put openmediavault or freenas on there and you good to go.

    Alternative would be to buy the radxa taco, with a raspberry pi cm4 4GB. It will probably be around the same price as the used pc, but is smaller and more energy efficient. Throughput is around 100MB/s sequential read/write. Jeff Geerling made a video a few days ago. Have a look. Downside would be, that you would have to wait a bit longer, as they probably ship/are buyable in December this year. Either way, it will cost a lot less, but will take an hour or so to setup. After that, it’s done. Openmediavault is also available for the Raspberry Pi.

    In my opinion these two options are better than just buying of the shelf, if money is a concern and if that’s just a short-/mid term solution. It’s ofc up to you, these are just my two cents.

  2. I’ve had WD My Books that even while not encrypted when I shucked them it was not recognized by Windows. A simple `diskpart clean` fixed it although deleted everything on the disk. It seems they did some shenanigans with the partitions.

    I would just make sure your data is backed up off the drive in case it doesn’t work.

    Are you planning on using the 8TB My Book drives as backups then?