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Seagate’s flex – 3 ZB shipped

Seagate’s flex – 3 ZB shipped

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  1. How much storage do you reckon has been made in the history of digital storage? Do you think we’re approaching yottabyte levels?

  2. They say 60 billion games but we all know there’s only one or two we will actually play

  3. I remember when Gates or Jobs tried to say that 1GB is way more storage than anybody could possibly ever use.

    3ZB doesn’t sound that outlandish.

  4. It always annoys me how people don’t define what they mean by things like songs or images or games. Like what bitrate/how long are the songs? What resolution/format are the images? How big is the game? These things are so variable that “60 mil games” means almost nothing because a game could be less than 1KB or more than 100GB

  5. Don’t you just hate it when your 3 ZB Seagate decides to do a “play dead” on you

  6. searched both seagate website and google.

    not even one search hit for 3 ZB.

    could you provide some sauce ?

  7. “How could anybody actually USE that.”

    *proceeds to fill it in 6 months*

  8. And i’d still not buy seagate. They burned themselves with the firmware fiasco years back with me. People can buy their stuff but I’ll never trust my data to them ever again.

  9. What does Z even stand for?

    Edit: It stands for Zetta which means 1000E (Exa which means 1000P (Penta, which means 1000T (Tera) ))

  10. Yeah, but for a *real* backup system, you’d need three of these

  11. I’m quite impressed it’s 692041 video games per lifetime.

  12. I’m guessing WD flex would be double that seeing as their drives didn’t die as much

  13. Barely enough for one ark survival evolved download

  14. Have you been buying those dodgy USB flash drives from eBay again?! ??

  15. I’m responsible for over 5TB due to warranty replacements alone.

  16. For about two years of operation time. Hello Seagate bad sector, my old friend. Last time your spindle crashed on the plate, very fun eh?

  17. How do you calculate hours (or apparently lifetimes) of gameplay from a game’s install size? While i have the latest CoD installed, i only get to play 2-3hrs a week, whereas there are people with the same exact installation who play 10-12 hrs a day…

  18. I thought first they made a 3ZB drive. like holy fucking shit god damn nelly!!!

  19. [China used more cement between 2011 and 2013 than the U.S. used in the entire 20th Century.](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/03/24/how-china-used-more-cement-in-3-years-than-the-u-s-did-in-the-entire-20th-century/).

    Can you imagine how much data China has hidden since?

  20. Unless I did my Math wrong, that is only 12 Billion copies of the newest CoD.

    Let that sink in.

  21. so a few copy of the whole world of flight sim 2020

  22. After the 1 and 2 Tbytes HDD disaster I faced 10 years ago I will never trust seagate with anything.

  23. Now I just need some more life, to play’em games.

  24. maybe they should flex on how much personal user data they destroyed by producing known utter garbage drives, that are the known bread and butter for data recovery companies.


    >seagate rosewood. it will kill your data and we know it! signed seagate

  25. What resolution are the selfies? What bitrate/vbr profile are those mp3’s at?