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Seagate Expansion 10TB shucked, are the new expansions using 10TB SMR drives?

Hello, i recently bought a Seagate Expansion 10TB to add to my NAS and after shucking it turns out this is a BarraCuda(?) drive. Checking the serial number on Seagate’s website shows it as an IronWolf drive.

I am trying to figure out what this drive is and if it is an SMR or CMR drive, as I’ve never seen the model number ST10000DM005 before. It seems to be running at 7200rpm but that’s as far as i have gotten with the testing.

I will put it in my NAS and do some file transfers to test the speed, but this drive is really confusing me.

It says BarraCuda on the drive itself but the serial number shows up as IronWolf.

Here are some pictures of the drive and a screencap of the warranty website: [https://imgur.com/a/39d4qWX](https://imgur.com/a/39d4qWX)

If anyone have any more details about these drives i am all ears, but as of now i will get it into my nas and do some testing.

Edit: did some speed tests and it seems to drop off over time like an SMR drive but i cant confirm this without doing full write cycles on the drive. Saw someone report high temps on this drive but mine seems to be pretty much normal, but it is LOUD, much louder than my other drives.

Edit2: did some quick benchmarks on my server and here are the results: [https://imgur.com/a/UBTnjv4](https://imgur.com/a/UBTnjv4) i did both 100mib and 10mib benchmarks, both with 200 samples.

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4 Yorumları

  1. Yep, this looks to be a new drive, possibly indeed with SMR.

    10TB+ used to always be helium-filled CMR drives – whether Barracuda, Ironwolf or Exos – but looking at your drive’s enclosure, it looks like a regular air-filled drive (it even has a breathing hole).
    Are the mounting holes on the bottom in the “traditional” locations (like on 3.5″ drives since the ATA days) or in the new spots (middle holes moved further to the back)? Conventional holes would mean this drive has fewer than 7 platters, therefore would mean SMR (or increased density to 2TB per platter? Seeing 18TB CMR drives do exist, it could be possible).

    Concerning the speed, my 10TB IronWolf Pro shucked last February consistently gets >225MB/s over the entirety of the disk. The strong drop-off in your test strongly suggests SMR.

    The new external enclosure design could very well coincide with new, cheaper 10TB archival drives. I suspect it has SMR but I cannot tell for sure. It is certainly not helium-filled anymore though, so you’re probably going to see more heat and noise in comparison with the older 10TBs.

  2. A white label drive that writes Barracuda but is a Barracuda Pro but is marked as Ironwolf on the website. LOL what a mess.

    Pretty sure it’s CMR though. What test have you done? Can you please share some test results / graphs?

  3. The barracuda drive is listed as 8tb max on the Seagate website. Only barracuda pros go above that capacity.

    Now the interesting thing is barracuda pros are no longer listed on the Seagate website. It appears they have stopped producing these drives.

    A google search finds a reddit post about the exact same drive and after contacting Seagate they were told it was indeed a barracuda pro drive.